Friday, November 30, 2007

Just a note...

I'm now announcing that there is no possible way for me to complete my NaNoWriMo in time.
I would like to thank those who supported me in their thoughts or in my own.
Special shout out to my sister who had fun translating my handwritten notes into a finished typed copy. I had fun trying to figure out what she typed to make sense once more when it was placed in the final copy.

I would like to say that it was an experience in many ways and I'm better equipped for another try next year.

Over December and January I am going to try to "edit" this monster and paste it up on my story blog. For those who care to read it look for it there. For those who are worried about my story getting stolen from there, don't worry I know myself better than that. What is posted there will be nothing compared to it if I publish it. Perhaps I will paste the NaNoWriMo edition on there. That will screw everyone up. If I forget about editing it, the manuscript will be locked away with the other ones I have done. Gah.

NaNoWriMo Word Count at the end of this blog: 21,631
Point in story: About 1/3 of the way there, unless I get into a real long scene
Chapters: 12 to date
Species: At least 8, with mention of more with more to come
Blondes: 2
Redheads: 1
Paragraphs: 364
Characters with spaces: 114,413
Backstories: At least three, maybe four at this point.
Brain & Body Status: Dead.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Controlling outside forces and deadlines

Many things have happened over the last few days including the fact that the story I have been writing for NaNoWriMo has gone haywire and created a life on it's own. I'm trying to steer it in a direction that I want it to go but it's like directing a wayward horse.
However I had many ask me why is it doing so, Why do I let things happen when as the writer I control what happens in the story. That may be true and I might just turn around and make all the good characters turn against one another and kill each other and have the debonair bad guy be the inventor of tatortots in his realm of reality. But I do not think that way. And I do not let my characters let me know how the story will end. True everyone reading books like to think that there is a pretty ending, where everything will work out but sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes the bad guy wins, this isn't Disney after all. I rather write it how I would watch it on television, where the characters and the viewer have little idea what is going on. Well in some shows anyways. Common if there is zombies in the film almost all if not all will be zombies at the end. Sorry those dumbasses who didn't know this already.
I don't know how it ends and I rather not until it is spewed forth on the type. Bite me.

As for deadlines, I have found out that outside forces play havoc on them, no matter how much I tell them to shove off and leave me alone. The people that I've told this to occasionally read this blog and therefore in big written type GET THE FLIPPING PICTURE BEFORE I SHOVE IT IN YOUR NOSE!!!! Running behind is not something I particularly enjoy and I expect that things in the future is not going to get any easier all ways round. November is almost finished so it's the mad dash to finish NaNoWriMo and the January release date (pending sanity and funding) of Sinclair, combined with other side projects makes it so that this season is horrible. Excuse any bitchiness that should arise.

Outside forces: Looking for a third or higher paying first job, friends and family, time of the year, weather and health. All in the grrness files.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh My Gosh It Snowed!

So slow down and stop driving erratically you morons!
I swear every time we get just a sniff of snow that is when all the stupid moronic drivers come out and then have the nerve to blame the weather as they fly off the road into the ditch. I usually wouldn't be saying this if there is a real wet or thick dump of snow. True this one polished the roads a bit but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that bad. We already had a taste of snow a few weeks ago and that was far worse, since the snow was heavy and wet and made the roads into one nice thick ice block. THAT was an interesting drive.
But on the way to work I saw someone who had completely lost it. I'm not meaning the normal lose it where the 360 come in, or the lose it way that they couldn't stop no matter what through an intersection. This case had air time, and a ride of a life. I wish I was able to pull over and snap a picture but already police was swarming. But it did an endo and turn. I must be impressed at anyone who does that and have the vehicle sitting, quite stable, on its side. What is most impressive if one ignores the scrapes on the nose and probably side one probably couldn't guess.
That wasn't the worst of it all. The worst was that when passing the accident one person slammed on their brakes and did a half spin in the middle of heavy traffic. Could it be slippery? Possible. What do you not do when it is slippery? Not accelerate or break heavy/quickly. Either way it could've been a lot worse very quickly but thankfully someone in the other lane went onto the shoulder to give the one out of control some more room to get under control.

Word Count: 7506 + 59 pages

Monday, November 19, 2007

Very Cool

This could be the next short song:

I'm a sucker for those types of songs.

Current NaNoWriMo word count:
6532 + 57 hand written pages. Grand total ?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fortune Porogies

Yes the Garner Andrews Show presents Fortune Perogies!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Yes, I have been back to writing again. Unfortunately not to the speed that a NaNoWriMo champion needs to be at. A lot of my time is split between driving and working so I have two major excuses as to why I am both coming up with a crappy story and not getting as much done.
1. I am typing it on the computer at work. Therefore the file is at work. To type at home is redundant because I don't have the file there and my sister is stealing the computer 90% of the time this last week and a half.
2. I am therefore writing much of the story out long hand. Which is for me a lot slower and not time effective. It should be interesting to see where I end up in another three weeks.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Changes...And Some help needed!

I have noticed that there was some Links mixed in with the comics so I have fixed that.
Also I am on the hunt for new and good web-comics, if you know of some please let me know.
Thirdly, I am also on the hunt for well written interesting blogs for the reason that there is no new posting from people in almost coons ages (save a handful and to those I apologize.)
Number Four: I'm a noob and I freely admit it, but does anyone know of where I can find get a or address or even information on how to do so?
Five: I need opinions on the Sinclair story. For those who don't know where to look click here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A good old time

What could that possibly be? hmmm... For one is finding the old Transformers movie and watching the good cartoon goodness once more. Kim was unsure of how well that the movie would be, but now she knows that Transformers are cheezy to the max. Either way it was enjoyable except for the few random scenes. Also the cheering for the decepticons and the dinobots.Which of course followed with a half hour of making fun of the cover. 1. The pink robot looks so much like princess Lia off of star wars it isn't funny. 2. The green robot on the opposite side looks like he's going to "oil" himself. I know bad pun. 3. One of the main robots in the movie isn't on the cover, or is transformed and is tiny in comparison, all things considered. 4. The autobots logo is crying. Decepticons logo is a lot better in that way.
And making fun of the cover warped into making fun of the movie, which was more interesting on how we tied most of the things that was happening in the movie to other movies that were being produced at the time.
Which brought us to the main screen, which had the Transformers hair band scream (too cool) and the special features of the guy who wrote the sound track. Mainly I wanted to know what they used to make the transformation sound but it ended up making fun of him too.
Good times good times

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This makes me laugh

Any gamer out there has heard of Zelda. If you haven't Please remove yourself from under that rock your living and remove yourself from this site until you know what the hell Zelda is. Here is a Comical Issue that I never really thought of.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Left or Right Brian Orientated?

Test it right here
Very cool
I'm right brained....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Think you're good at Rock, Paper, Scissors?

The world championships are being held in Toronto this Saturday. Man I wish I had known so I could've tried my "hand" in the $10,000 purse. Go here for more info ---->

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


There is so much people can do on the internet that is halarious and disgusting at the same time

Later there is guys dressed up as used ones for Halloween. Excuse me I now have to burn some of those images out of my mind before I throw up.

Monday, October 01, 2007

More about me...

For those who really try to know me I was having some fun with more personality tests I found...

Click to view my Personality Profile page
Click to view my Personality Profile page

Friday, September 28, 2007

The boredum of blogger

With every craze out there it has its hayday then gets thrown to the dogs. It seems like the people I used to follow their blogs to find out their everyday lives have posted less and less and even one of the links no longer work. With the multiple interactiveness of facebook it is hard to imagine that something so text heavy like blogger has a chance. Some people may not like the simpleness of pure text and pictures, but it is easily pulled by the multitude of apps like Warbook, Pirates, (fluff)Friends, Ilike and more. Also it seems easier to find people of past and present in order to make more interaction in the day to day lives.
Of course I really cannot say much on that for this own blog may be one of the most simplest, boring blogs out there, visually speaking, and in some ways intellectually speaking as well. It's not as if I'm highly educated and debate physics, economics or other subjects in a precise manner that makes this a blog of interest with multiple hits per day with readers all over the world. Unfortunately all my readers are pretty much repeats or ones that accidentally click here and never return.
Oh well I'm blathering again.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It seems I have no luck these days

All in all my luck has been just horrific. Especially when it comes to vehicles and coming to work on time. I've had everything from break downs to battery failure to the mother of all falling crap that happened today, a freaking road closure. I'm not talking a minor road I'm talking main artery Hwy 16! I thought hey I could be at work early and everything. Man I'm wrong again. *sigh* If anyone out there knows what it was this morning that why the police closed down two lanes of traffic can they tell me for nothing more than interests sake.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dollar at Par

Well it's the day that online Canadian shoppers will rejoice, the Loonie is at Par with the Yankie Greenback. This will make the shopping experience cheaper for Canadians online, but it will probably not effect those who are living further north of the border or do not shop online. Why you may ask? I shall give an example: Over the next few days I doubt that the price of the dollar will effect my buying power in the local market, like buying a loaf of bread.
But I shall pass on that issue, for the one that I wish to ask and look up is that is the Canadian Dollar really gaining speed with the rest of the world or is it that we are staying the same and the yank falling in the world scale. I have noticed this more in the imported and translated text. For instance when I was first buying my manga comics, they listed 1000yen = $12.88USD since then it dropped to 1000yen = $10.00 to 1000 yen = $9.88. This may be a mistake in the translation, but what if it is not? I thought at first reading they went to the 1000 yen = $10.00USD for ease for mental conversion for the younger readers but slowly I have noticed that it is becoming out of proportion with this easy conversion.

(A few research moments later)
As of this second 1000 yen = 8.65776USD. I only used the yen for it is a conversion that I have gotten used to using every day due to my manga addiction. If memory serves me correctly, however, a few years ago the euro was very simular to the American dollar and that has pulled away to almost $1.50USD = 1 Euro.

All in stating it is food for thought,
or I might be speaking from my ass again.

Friday, September 14, 2007

If I had the drive...

I would personally rob my computer technician here at work of his very soul. Then eat it.
Why I say something so bizarre even for me? Well with the comings and goings of a new computer system, while trying to get a paper out has made it quite interesting, none the less. First of all I would like to say that we are still down one designer and I still cannot see all the greatest, even to the point in trying to catch things are not there. Honestly. Second, I was stalled for an extra few days due to the fact that it does take a few days to switch over the servers and the computers and squash a few bugs that are taking over the systems, one of which is in the fonts database. Anyone who works with the great number of fonts out there should know that there is a billion and one fonts out there and one can use each and everyone of them for a matter of a million projects. The problem with all these fonts, especially in a database that spans years and multiple programs that it could become a huge headache if even one of those fonts would so happen to disappear. Unfortunatly for me a few has gone AWOL. It is almost an impossible task to wonder the internet and find the fonts again, especially when I didn't load them in the first place. So with the computers giving me grief I'm sitting around thinking "Two days Sunday, No computers tomorrow, Two Days Sunday..."
Unfortunate for the people around me and you dear reader, is that in the mists of all of this, is the multiple whinings of myself, which is usually compounds to one thing. The techy is getting paid way too much to be holding up people who only dream of making even half of what he is charging.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Is it not funny that when one has the time to actually get the rest and sleep one really needs one cannot sleep worth a hoot? I am saying this due to the fact this weekend was set aside for sleeping. Yes now I actually have to schedule sleep. In the end even though I stayed in bed for almost half the day in most cases I have not gotten more sleep than I usually do. Life is funny in that way, when I have no time for sleep or I'm bone ass tired I sleep like the dead, unfortunately times like that I have no time to actually have a long, deep sleep.
Oh well me go to sleep now... ... ...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Internet Woes

Probably by this time I lost anyone who had any remote interest in this blog and for that I'm saddened. But at the same time I am compelled to write more here than anywhere else on the internet.
Perhaps it is a loss of my old internet habits are hard to die. For those who may not know I was one of those internet losers spending a lot of my time in chat rooms looking for attention and yet in the same token, being able not to be singled out, something that was difficult in my school life.
Many who never got hooked onto internet chat sites never really know what it means to people, why people would ignore their families and friends in the real world to try to become one that is pure fiction. I must admit the thought of being someone else is easy to conjure, especially for those who already live with one foot firmly planted in fantasy (myself included in this statement). How so? Very easy. An example of this is the image that people have in their heads that is themselves in the physical state. It is my belief that it is how far off we are from our mental picture of ourselves is how much we (as a society) hate how we look. This image that we have of ourselves is often distorted by the media, which makes us think that we will achieve this perfect body, even though genetics, diet and other traits of lifestyle will prevent us from doing so. The further apart this mental image is from the truth, the more we hate our bodies.
Mine for example is further and further away from the mental image by the day, but I already know that my mental image is impossible to achieve. It's just really depressing to look at photos and even though people may say I'm pretty, even to the point I'm beautiful, I know that I shall not be happy with the picture no matter what. And other than whitening teeth, ridding of uber white spots of the face and red eye, and lightening dark photos (little etc things like that) I'm not a true believer of photoshop to the point of absolute beauty. Even still I should try one once to see what I can do and see who comes out, me or someone that vaguely looks like me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My appologies

Whoot I made it to 101 posts and yes the little punk girl is to celebrate, yes see the little 101 on her belt buckle? I had something much much cooler planned out but like the rest of my plans something is left out and had to be redone on the fly, therefore crap.

A lot has been going on since my last post and it would be criminal to try to shove it into one post but perhaps that wouldn't be a bad thing. So watch it humour ahead.

Never try to walk when both yer leg and knee are asleep. I did and walked right into a shower door. True story. When black and white collide it doesn't make grey: it makes spare parts. (on a accident I saw that had the exact same minivans, one black one white)

It has been a rough few weeks, aside from being overworked, underpaid and under appreciated I had a wonderful task of a wedding in the middle of it all. Sorry not my own or it would've shown a lot sooner in my postings. My friend requested that I should be the MC of her wedding. Sure why not. Reason why not, I stutter, I am forgetful and I never spoke before a large group before in my life. Reason why, she's my friend and that blows away everything else.

But I had to fly down to Victoria and travel north.

I once again say that Ford Focus cars are out to get me. At the rental agency we received one for our trip north on Vancouver island. We packed up and began to take off when we braked, squeeled (metal on metal) and nosedived. I don't think that car really had any rear brakes on it at all. If we didn't notice it or didn't go back I would hate to think of what would happen if we had to stop at one of the red lights on our trip, and didn't stop. So we got a little Nissan instead, which made me happy. There was a bunch of things that made me want to look at the Nissan lineup for my next car but we shall see.

The wedding was wonderful, despite the weather being absolutely uncooperative. It rained off and on about 4 times during the day and it was decided to be moved indoors, just in time for it not to rain. Bloody weather. The couple was wed, I goofed up badly a few times in my speeches, and past that it was quite short really. Everyone was gone almost an hour and half before expectations. Note to BC government: Why is it that you need TWO pieces of ID to get into a bar? It's not as if they can't forge another set of ID! ie we went to the bar and couldn't get in because one of the ALBERTA peoples had only one ID. I would figure that places like that would give some slack to those who are traveling from a different province, and may not know the rules of that province, past the age limit of drinking there. the grrness.

Oh well it was fun, save for the getting up at 4 am and going to the airport to get bumped onto a 9:30 flight, spending 5 hours at the airport, trying not to spend over $15 for a drink and simple breakfast, which for $6 we got some dried out carrot sticks and a pop. Thieving bastards. After that was said and done we got to Edmonton after a horrible flight. My left ear refused to pop all that time we were up in the air, so lost my appitite, which was monsterous, and made me cry all the way home. Only after we started to desend that it finally popped and I was better, and hungry. Damn I shoulda picked up the cookies, which they defined as "breakfast". So I was almost 4 hours late for work, since our bags went on the 4am flight and were already been picked up by the baggage officers. Why we couldn't go it was beyond bizarre for me.

So back at work, mentally throttling the brat that is here, he whines worse than a little girl, combined with late nights and such. Unfortunatly there was also a death of a good friend who's funeral was on the Saturday we were in BC. In many ways I was glad that we didn't find out before we got back or it would've been a very dark day for a wedding.

I'm done for now. Hopefully I can get the pictures ready for posting soon, but I've been so lazy that I haven't unpacked and I got home on Monday ^_^ bad me bad me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


In a Past Life...

You Were: A Lazy Executor of Sacrifices.

Where You Lived: North Canada.

How You Died: In Childbirth.

I am somewhat afraid of having kids for the fear of dying in childbirth.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nearing 100

Posts that is. I cannot say exactly for sure due to the fact that I have saved a bunch of stuff that was ideas for posts as posts and they were never published. If one ever does this it is kind to remember that the posts do save and is added onto the total.
I had to say that I separated my links into two much longer links. I have visited Applegeeks today and noticed that they have many other online comics and galleries on one of the rants. Taking this opportunity I scooped them up seeing that the rants disappear on Applegeeks site and I have ran out of episodes on Megatokyo. Anyways just on the simple browse I would recommend Bunny on the online comics links for those who love the one liners like far side. I know I'm still missing quite a few that I enjoy reading but this will do as a start.

As for me my eyesight is still somewhat crappy so it's still a work in progress trying to get back into the groove of things, also I'm trying to balance everything on a fine pin point before it comes crashing down on my head. (Hopefully it stays up there)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

God Hates IPods

You think I'm joking?
Check it out here

Friday, July 06, 2007

The grrness part something

I know that I rant and rave about stupid drivers, even though I may on occasion be one myself but I beg and plead with people not to blow through construction, and pay attention to the people working on the site as well. Lately I have seen a construction worker dive off to the side as a motor vechile blew by going the regular speed limit which was a full 60 km over the posted construction zone signage. And not that long ago a car was almost crushed by a semi that was coming out of a pit because the driver chose to ignore the worker holding the stop sign. Now, they have the speeding fines doubled in construction sights which work well in the cities due to the fact they have photo radar and the punch by the drivers will be felt eventually but without police presence in these areas, there is a percentage of people who will go through as if there is nothing the matter, and many more who passed the majority of the construction will speed up and go through the "safe zone" of the construction at unsafe speeds.
But I must admit some of those construction zones are far larger than they need and that is a fault that some motorists are getting impatient with them. However over the last two years since they did the double the speeding fines I have noticed that they are no longer miles and miles of construction that one doesn't see much less a shovel or other being of life.
But I have noticed that the pace of life for people has increased tremendiously around Spruce Grove and Area. I never used to see anyone run red lights, leap frog in front of someone for no apparent reason or other rude behavior. Over the course of this certain boom there has been an influx of people who are a. unknowing where they are going and not paying attention b. not caring about others c. getting to be lazy drivers. For instance I almost got into another accident last night due to the use of two other drivers. I was about to go onto the highway when I notice a little red car and a white truck in the slow lane. I started to go but then the white truck peeked around the red car and so I thought it might change lanes without signaling so I hit the brakes and decided to let them pass just in case, when some deeb in a Ford Focus almost ate my ass cause they didn't realize that I stopped.
If that car is in long production it will be the death of me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

On clicks...

I would like to extend many words of thanks to those around the world who read this little life every once in a while. I have recently looked up on my cluster maps and counted 42 dots from around the world! I'm quite impressed. I rarely have something that is up and running on the internet that has even half of the people either a. interested and/or bored enough to read some of the items. Or b. mis click on a link so that it registers up. Either way it makes me happy.
Sad and pathetic no?
I wanted to have some sort of artwork posted for this occasion that is to happen soon, (when there is 50 different dots on my map or 500 people visited) but I am unsure if there is enough healing time in between. Having so many dots does not mean that there was only that many people visiting the blog here, I would like to thank those who are doubling up on the dots, for I know that the numbers really should be higher.

Previews for blogs ahead:
100 questions: oh goodness yes, someone emailed them to me and I have yet to get through them all.
Wii's Rayman Raving rabbits review: I want to be able to check out some of the extras before posting it.
Band Names: Oh yes, very good.
Other crap about my day: As par usual.
The attack of the surveys: I think I might bring back my surveys, unfortunatly I don't know what about yet. Ideas appreciated.
Return of the Story Blog: I have to relate this to everyone, I have put the story on hold for a undetermined amount of time, hopefully there will be some preview panels posted as well as the story line. So far it has stopped at Chapter 13. For the complete story (sorry the pun) click here.
Movie Reviews: There is a bunch of blockbusters that are coming/ has came to theaters. Unfortunately with all that has happened I haven't seen any of them. I am planning to do so asap, so this may or may not happen, depending on cash flow and availability. And don't forget some of the forgotten blockbusters that are gathering dust on my shelf.
Weather: If no one talked about the weather 86% of us would have nothing to say to cashiers/ strangers/ family / other. I think I'm one of them.
Random news: Not often. I don't catch the news that often right now.
I think this is now a significant length of a post now.
Have a good time out there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arrrr, me mateys...

I have to laugh. I've gone from dinosaurs to pirates in one fail swoop. As one might have read earlier in my postings I have some weird ass problem going on with my left eye. Up to this point I've been using 3M bandaids as a temp patch. Some days these are entertaining as I have been known to color an eye on them, or have someone do it for me, for without the patch my drawing is extremely crappy. The problem with the bandaids is that it didn't totally keep the light out so occassionally one has the weird flickers of light through the patch. Truely annoying. Another thing that was annoying that one never realizes how much covered skin sweats, and I'm a bad one for I run my eyes a bunch. Think about this for a moment, I'm sure you'll get it.
But I have been running around with these bandaids for a month now because stores like Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart do not carry the pirate patches. I haven't had the ability to drive nor the wanting to shop anywhere else. Finally stepped into WalMart. There were the pirate patches, so now everyone is making fun of me in the fashion of "Where's your crew" and "arrr." So now I have to go find a hook or something.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I think I have fallen behind everyone else in the coolness rating. While people are lining up for tickets to linken park or Bon Jovi I'm saving my pennies up for this:

Now don't get me wrong if the Bon Jovi tickets were a hell of a lot cheaper I would go, unfortunatly I really don't have anyone to go with anyways.
But this Dinosaur thing I was bouncing in my chair when I heard about it. It's kinda sad really but it's something that really captures my attention. Meanwhile others around me sigh and hang their heads, dealing with a 23 year old child who wants to see the big dinos. No one wants to take me to museums for they will be stuck in the prehistoric rooms for a few hours and the rest of modern times will be skipped in a quick precession. But with the costs for everything and still looking for a replacement vechile it seems like my dream of seeing this will be out the door. *Cry*
Meanwhile I've been playing T-Rex at home which is entertaining on itself.
I think I'm going crazy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

People are nuts!

First off there was some flooding action happening in Spruce/Stony last week. I had some pictures but unfortunatly my internet ate it.
It was nuts over the period of 1/2 hour it went from bone ass dry to the Safeway in Stony getting flooded. Even to the point that they had to close because they couldn't keep the water out. Drains and ditches were overflowing, and in that chaos people were driving like idiots. If one's windshield wipers aren't working properly enough to keep at a decent speed then pull off to the side of the road and stay there, not jump out infront of someone who is going three times as fast as you are. It's frustrating because no one has the patience to wait something like that out. Of course if one waited too long their car was flooded. Myself I was one of those crazy drivers who was trying to run and get out of the storm. I did not want to get stuck in that type of weather, and I know the limits I will take a vechile to. It is interesting to hear the stories from other people who were caught in worse spots than I was. One of my bosses was picking up her kid and was stuck in her job site. Meanwhile people were trying to protect their vechies from the hail and slashing rain by parking under the business' eaves. Some people got out of their cars and ran inside, only to be soaked by the rainbefore taking three steps out of their car. Personally I was fortunate to be able to be inside the truck before the rain hit and waited for it to pass. But I was hearing worse and worse on the radio before I decided it would be best to try to make it home. I was dry all the way. It had stopped raining by the time I was able to get home. Yay for me.
That was a tuesday.

Insaneness on this guys part. Rubix cube in a few seconds each. Holy Smokers!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TMNT and the accident...

Sorry no I'm not 100% yet in nothing.
I have found that wearing an eye patch makes me able to work and read the screen again. It's strange because the one eye is getting strained and sometimes things lose their depth perception but meh.

Anyways I saw TMNT. Sorry Carrie but it WAS in the cheap theatre. I saw it on the night of my accident so no I'm not well to go see movies, quite yet.

TMNT was actually pretty good. Contrary to what the critics said about it I really enjoyed 95% of it. (The humans were uber skinny; April had scary huge eyes). The story line was good and the CGI was actually tolerable. It pleases me.
I think it was the fact that the producers were aware that this was aa cartoon and tried not to get too "human" in the characters. A lot of CGI's try to break the borders of fake and real and fail miserably on the storyline or in the recreation of the CGI.
Breaking away, this movie isn't the cutsey turtles that I have grown up with but on the other hand it looks as if those days are dead. So are the people in costume. Funny I thought that with better makeup and costume making techniques that the art would expand. Sadly the art of puppeteering has died with the muppets, and with them the art of making the suits.
I must admit that I don't like the new cartoons of TMNT on the tele, due to the fact that everything is dark, and the turtle have no iris' or pupils to speak of so they look like the bad guys. Evilness. In the movie they introduce this concept back. The turtles have eyes! Not hugly scary evil do gooders. Back to green turle goodness, mixed with a bit of surprises. *I'm really horrible at this*
I recommend this to Turtle fans, and those who don't mind an action -based movie aimed at a younger age group.

Okay accident time.

We left the movie at WEM and drove out of the HMV parking to that green turning light on 178th. It was a red light and we had to wait for the green flasher. When the lights changeda minivan almost ran the red light and so I waited for him to back up behind the line and clear the intersection. When he was stopped I began to pull out slowly into traffic and that's when this little grey focus came and hit the front nose of my big ol' boat, which caused her to go and spin out onto the curb, near the traffic light post. She says that she saw neither me nor the red light. I think the first is unlikely though. If she didn't see me then the two cars would've hit nose to nose and that would've been nasty. Where her car was damaged was in the rear axle. The thing looked totally bent, if not broken, but otherwise the damage to the car itself looked like she might've hit a curb.
My car, if the engine wasn't squealing and clunking and would start again, and if the nose wasn't twisted, probably would've drove away. ie if she was driving a little slower when she hit me I might've had a car right now, albet one that needs some serious repairs. As of now I don't know if they are going to write the car off or try to fix it. Considering the age, probably gonna write it off. Bummer is that I just did a few repairs to make it drive sweet for the rest of the year. We were even tossing it up if we were going to drive out to the wedding in it. (It wouldn't be a toss up if it was getting done on the mainland, the stupid ferry holds everything back).
As for me I now am going in for a CAT scan, Optimologist and Specialist for my eye to see what actually happened. For now I have to wear a patch in which I'm glad 3M has made eye bandaids that are okay to wear for comfort. Pain in the ass that I actually have to wear one though. Physio for my back. I'm pretty sure that it will heal, but it may take some time. All I can say is yay for tylonol 3s. Boo for bad eyes cause I couldn't even watch House last night *cry*

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry for the late post

Once again sorry. Since I haven't told many that know me, unless they have called within the last week, but YUB is no more.
In other words I have been involved in a car accident, and as for me I have been a little worse for wear.

I am now very glad for going back into typing lessons and probably so are you, dear reader, for I am now typing with my eyes either fully shut or half closed. If I had not probably it would be far worse than it is now. As for my injuries I have a pinched nerve in my back, which is causing phantom pains through my knees and ankles as well as weakness. It's weird. It's almost like having a gremlin attack random areas, well, randomly. Sometimes it's okay. Others I just want to curl up under my rock and wish the world away. Usually at those times I take my tylonol and hide. But the worse part of all is my vision. I can't read screens which i swhy my eyes are closed, as well that I cannot read text either. So unless it's flashy cartoon I can't watch television, can't read anything (kinda) so I might as well sleep. I still haven't gotten to the impound to get my personal items from the car and have been running around with doctor appointments and such. This sucks. Royally.

Anyways I have to go to an eye specialist because I'm losing color vision in one eye and he can't get it to see 20-20. Sucks major assness. So now I am back to work and trying my best, but barely can see and it's taking me forever to do anything. That's okay though. At least I can help, which sometimes makes the difference between going home at 6pm or going home at 9pm.

Update on everything laters and when I can see I'll type out what exactly happened.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


For once I was going to be early. I always barely make it to work in time. Today I was going to be early and what happens? There is a police blockade on the highway. What's the point in having traffic news when it doesn't report that there is going to be a highway closure? Grr.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spiderman 3!!!

View the yayness.
Yep I went and saw Spiderman 3 in the Spruce Grove theatre and with big grins everywhere the theatre wasn't packed. I love it. There was no huge 7' guy in front of me nor was the kid in front of me a talker or screamer. I like well behaved kids, shows how much the parents threatened them. However I think Shrek will be horrible in this fashion. We will see.

Anyways, Spiderman 3.
Oh nice poster. Anyways I haven't read many of the comics since I was young and truly have no idea who venom really is and have no association with the character. If you don't want any spoilers I would recommend just fast-forewarding through this post and get back to your normal lives, because I have a bad habit of typing too much, the last paragraph is safe though.

Meet Peter Parker, back again in his annoyingly nerdy way! Mary Jane in her wanting to be an actress way. Harry Osborn, Angry stupid rich guy. J. Jonah Jameson, I wouldn't like working for him but I love the character. Good 'ld Aunt May and Finally The Stacy's. Oh and Sandman. Oh and Stan Lee has a cameo! Stephan King wanna be! Oh well I think I typed enough for those who didn't really wish to read any further to not have peeked accidentally at the rest of what I have to say.

I would like to go on record in saying that I liked the movie, don't get me wrong but I would like to say what SOME of the critics are saying and that is that they did too much in this one. I would've liked to see more of the growth of Harry Osborn / (New Goblin) character. I'm confussed actually because I never heard of new goblin, hob goblin yes, and there was very little difference between the two, except one wore purple. If I remember correctly. It's been a long time. I need to go hunting for my boxes of comics. hmm. Anyways I thought that any of the scenes dealing with Harry could've been expanded and explained better in it's own movie, but the dumbass producers have now made it impossible to do such. Grr.

The black spidy thing was well done. The transition of Peter with the suit was done well and the scene in which he was ripping it off was done well. The way the alien thing moved reminded me of a big spider and I would've mentioned it as such but the person I was watching it with is terrified of spiders and probably would've annoyingly been twitching in every one of those scenes. I was already annoyed enough before the movie that I had no desire to be annoyed through the movie. Since I didn't have the background knowledge of venom I can only assume that it was done correctly and yes it was done in classic comic book style, in saying that it came from space and got attracted to the main character.

Mary Jane finally got into broadway. Yay. However was fired after the review stated that her voice was too small and shy to be on stage. After that she acted like a bitch, Peter was such a thick headed Bastard that he was not listening to the meaning behind her words. Sorry guys but really you all act like that one time or another. Her bitch side came out when she wouldn't confide in Peter in a staight foreward manner and kick him in the shin, instead held it within herself and went off to Harry, whom she was more open with. Who does she love, who does she trust, is she a pawn, or is this the last spiderman and it really doesn't matter. Sorry I don't know and really didn't expand on her character as much as the previous movies.

Eddie Brock, a freelance photographer who is in love with Gwen Stacy, who has a bigger role in the comics than any of the movies. Dumb Blonde. I really can't say more about her than that because there really wasn't much more given about her in this movie. Eddie was about to ask her to marry him so he wanted a full time job at the paper. Jameson couldn't choose between Parker and Brock so he made a deal, whomever gets a picture of Spidy with a bad rep gets the job. Time says he cheats and makes a photoshoped copy of a bad photo, Jameson fires him and Brock loses everything. Teaches you not to do somethign like that in the newpaper business dumb &^%&^ !!! He ends up in a church where Parker was escaping the black Spiderman suit and becomes venom. I'll end there.

Sandman shows up as well in this film. Villian Number 2. Now usually Just the origins of sandman and venom would be enough for one film, considering that to get a character established usually takes between 10 and 40 minutes. The problem with Spiderman 3 is that is breaks away more than the other two, which were busy in trying to keep up with the multitude of characters who are connected but are apart. Sandman origin scenes were rushed and really could've had another 10 minutes to expand a bit and get at least my association moreso with him. But in the already long movie time frame it made it difficult to slide in that time. I must admit that the CGI was amazing with him and I am glad that they really haven't finished with this character. However there was no real concern of the ways and whys he was doing this. The only reason: his kid was sick. With what I'm not sure, the kid that they casted looked way too healthy, so was heavily relying on the watchers skill of the fact that there was a breathing tube around her face. wow. Isn't that supposed to help with sleep apathy as well? Hopefully I typed the right ailament.

I'm hungry. :/

Peter is a jerk and will be one for the rest of his life. Huis head swells so much in this movie he better not turn too quickly or it shall snap off. I'm not going to ask why he had to get Mary Jane jeolous with him and Gwen, by calling attention to himself by first playing the piano then dancing and half distroying the Jazz club she was working at. At least he regained a bit of his nerdy self by the end of the movie. No comment.

Overall I enjoyed it, not as much as the other spidermans, but I think it still may obtain the right to go into my movie collection when it comes out on DVD. The other ones I still enjoy immensively and am glad that they haven't over reached with them. I have a feeling that they wish to be done with Spiderman and have it not like Batman with so many sequals that it slowly become stagant. With this movie topping the charts for 2 weeks running I don't think that it will be swept under the rug and forgotten easily like other Marvel movies. Spiderman is also the hero to many little kids, boys especially, so if nothing else, that will make it last for years to come. Not to mention that it is a really good story. My recommidation is that if one can afford yeah go and see it, however for those who are meh on the original 2 don't waste the time and money. Wait for Shrek.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Watch out the evilness is comming onto video.

Meet Pan's Labyrinth. Perhaps the most disturbing pictures I have found up to date. I now post this warning; DO NOT WATCH!!! Oh yes Spoilers ahead, for those who still wish to watch this.

1. This thing is rated 14A. Now I've seen a bunch of 14A movies in my lifetime and none of them has shaken me to the core as this one had.

2. They have previews of this movie as a cutesy fairy tale that will open your imagination as much as other grand movies like Narnia or Spirited away (both in which it was compared to), but it is a LIE! For one thing Narnia didn't have in any of it's scenes a guy getting his face pounded in by another guy with a wine bottle! Spirited Away has the safety blanket of being a cartoon and in such has the security that no matter what there is no way that the imagination will run away. Pans also had, blood drop by blood drop, more blood than 80% of the action animes. That is saying something when there is usually rivers of blood flowing from wounds or noses of the caracters. Narnia had beatings but really no major blood scenes within it.

3. The reviews LIE. Most of the reviews give it a high recommidation. OMG Bibble. Almost simular to #1, did these guys actually watch this from a standpoint of someone who is looking forewards to a fairytale in which everything ends well, not that everything ends well because the main character DIES. Sorry spoiler.

4. Uber creepy fawn thing.

The faun gives Ofelia the Book of Crossroads, which explains her tasks.

5. Super Uber Creepy Kid Eatting thing, that bit off the head of the creepy looking faeries, and had his eyes in his hands and the skin coming off of his body. If you are really interested in knowing what the hell I'm talking about then go to the official site of Pans and he is right there on the main page.

6. The officier man who is another main character is a sadistic bastard. He was the one who beat a boy to death by smashing his face in with a wine bottle in the first few opening scenes. He beat a person who stuttered to the point that it was difficult to really recognize the character in the end. Also there was some other traits that I really didn't understand with him, perhaps it was a wall that I put up against him or the fact that he was mean and meaner as the movie progressed. I donno. He got his just desserts. Bloody Bastard.

7. Over use of violence. I don't like violent movies. A fist fight, fine. A big battle that is fantasized, great. But there is a certain type of violence that chills me, the violence of one person to another when they have no means of fighting back, or no distinction of who is evil and wrong is there. Once I found out that this movie had an air of a war flick I settled into the violence of a war flick. The people shooting other people I had to problem with and thankfully they didn't go into much detail there. However the tortures of people who were prisioners, the man mentioned in 6, getting his mouth torn open, the amputation of a gangurine infested leg (yes they even had the flesh eaten away)

8. Length. Holy geek of freak. This was a beyond waste of time. For the seemingly 3 hours of horror (really I would've watched Dawn of the Dead three times than this for the inner horror) it dragged in some parts, which if I wasn't so intent in watchign the end I would've fallen asleep, which I should've to save myself from what was going to happen next.

9. Subtitles. Now true for a lot of stuff being lost in translation, it takes a lot to read all of the words for such a long movie gives the eyes strain. The longest time previously that I have read subs were at Animethon but there was the time of going from one room to another, and animes are only an hour 45 long most times anyways.

Now to say I'm the only one who can say that this movie was BEYOND disturbing is a travisty. I've talked to other people and there has been a few who say that it is a good movie, especially if you edit out some of the scenes. Others are so shaken that the mention of this movie brings shivers and appologies of not warning others about this movie.

However I do want to point out some of the things I did like about this movie, just so that it's not one sided.

1. The visual effects are top notch. The praying matis that changed into a faerie was beyond good, and even though I'll forever go on about the creepiness of both the faun and the pale man (kid and faerie eatter) the make-up on the actor was supreme.

Ivana Baquero with one of the magical characters

2. The film stayed true to itself. There was no savior to the girl, who had to work for herself throughout the whole movie.

3. I have heard of some of the fairytales in this movie and it was strung together magnificantly. I don't know if the screenwriter really realized that it was going to be recognizable for some of the more, lesser known tales, or if he was going to say that he wrote them all from scratch -_- but either way the writing was solid and refreshing from the over done tales.

4. The whole score was built completely around a simple lullaby tune.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I applaud.

I learnt something new on photoshop and you know what that means? A new desktop! Its nice but I like really really dark ones but I'm happy how it came out. I applaud.

Anyways my arms are killing me, been playing too much wii and beating and vaporizing too many rabbits (Rayman). I know I've been a little nuts about this game from the first time I played it in December but its so cute, in a disturbing, syphilitic way.

I went to Kim's parent teacher interviews last night. She is doing well. For this I applaud. I think I will have an editor on my hands *excellent*. Meanwhile I'm disgusted on how teachers are viewing excellence in that school. I don't know but it doesn't seem as if the exams are any more difficult (pulled out old tests and compared *I'm such a pack rat*) or the books any longer (Which they are not in a lot of the cases) but I have noticed in that interview that the teachers are applauding below A work, how they are letting assignments be redone and marks improved and how much gym has taken more of a presedant than educational practises. Now the teachers say that they are now more available during lunch time than they were in my time, but if one tried at all it wasn't hard to track a teacher down really. Intermerials were cancelled during lunch times. I wonder when that happened? But I remember when teachers were really disappointed in the fact that a student got less than 79% in anything. I don't know if there was a higher standard when my class went through due to higher provincial scores in the school at the time or if the older style of teachers were demanding more out of their kids.
Just seeing how some react to their jobs and their lives I worry about the future. If there is no recourse now for the people of the future, then they will see that it is okay to slack off, not show up and general laziness is okay. but that is a rant I rather not get into so I applaud.

Anyways Book Review time (This time it's a comic really but meh.)
Usually I wouldn't add something like this to my book reviews but with everything that has happened in my life at the moment plus the absolute killing of brain cells in the present state of cold I grabbed one of my manga and it allowed me to actually pay attention to the storyline. Not that I don't love manga don't get me wrong but....Now I'm both running and typing mental circles.
Anyways the story is about a artist who has lost his muse (a cat) and upon getting mad at his agent goes into the rain and in the park meets up with Loki (orange cat pictured). For me the story is fairly light, making it more of a everyday type of story. The guy works and the cat gets into trouble. Pretty everyday. I love the artwork, especially with the between titles the artist has inserted pencil drawings, and Loki as a Catboy ^-^. It's not a bad read really and I know that the animal lover could relate to some of the actions that Loki presents (like a strong dislike of B-A-T-Hs and the V-E-T). The anime lover will probably go after the cat boy. Past that I'm not sure where the story is going, with the second volume coming out SO slowly it's hard to tell. I'm interested enough to buy the second volume and I think it is a really cute idea, but I don't know if I can stand the whole NORMALITY of this comic. I'm action, stress situation person. Dramas are often floating high over my head and lost somewhere in the back corner.
The one thing about this comic that makes me smile is the hope it gives to aspiring artists. The artist is the winner of rising stars contest and even though two of her other series were shot down due to unseeable events she is still published with this one. I applaud.

Oh yes, grr. Spell check majorly sucks. Totally assness. I applaud.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still Sick...Blarg.

To tell truth I will probably be repeating titles from this point on unless I get over this cold and get over the fact that I'm still dead ass tired.
Either way I finally got to be able to do some exercise yayness! I'm still not cleared for the four hour DDR Max marathon but I think I can handle up to 2 km bike daily. I know that is what really only 2 minutes worth but it will be better than not being able to do anything at all. Also I finally got meself a wii. yes there are people I still haven't told, so I'm saying it here. Already after initial set-up and ten hours of play I have officially got wii-itis. The condition in which I no longer can pick up my arms, and my forearms are screaming, but it still doesn't quwell the competitive nature within me and beat the crap outta Kim in tennis. It does, however affect my bowling ability so I was easily beaten. Thankfully Mother-dearest never had the inkling to let go of the controller, but sometimes lacked the ability to let go of a button without hitting a few others. LOL
Ahh good times, unfortunatly it made me go into a coughing spree so bad that my chest hurt. So very little sleep for me last night and having another "Jen is dead at work" day. Bah. Snoozy.

On another note does anyone know which movie has the line "Oh, 'Suse?" Okay that looks dumb but meh.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Jennie's ill.

Watch out there is a good little bug going on out there. My father and Kim were the first ones to get it and I was the next to come down, now it's a race to see if either Ben or mom gets it. With any luck both of them get to escape it and such. Meanwhile I require sleep and would be in bed except that I had to lay paper today. All sniffles and such, as well as a cough and sore throat. Maybe I can book it off tomarrow and sleep in all day mahahaha.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Goodness Me Goodness My Long Post Ahead

Yep it's another day in which there is almost nothing to do at work. I'm getting tired of these days. I'm getting tired in general. But that is beside the point
Sunday was the best. Thanks Carrie and Mel!
Speaking of which there was some interesting things I found on my shopping trips for the multiple baby and wedding showers I have been going to on an ongoing basis. In the end, I usually spend too much and find things that if I won the lotto I would have to equip both friends and family with:

1. CD Wallpaper. These pockets can be hung off a wall using reinforced grommets in which one could put up to 24 CDs in and comes in blue or grey tones. Seeing how colorful CDs are coming out now I thought that after the DVDs go underway to do this with my anime collection and see how much moneyI truely spent on that addiction.

Also comes in one that will hold the whole case for DVD/Video games as well.

2. Personal Cubical Air Conditioner. Now true enough if I was fabulously rich I wouldn't have to get one of these but I just may do so lately just to put into my room, car or anywhere else, both battery and plug in power makes it uber useful especially for one like myself.

3. Mini water dispensors. I saw it even in hello kitty! They look like the bigger water dispensors but can fit onto a desk. Useful no. Interesting yes.

4. Knife Holder. Kim and I saw this and nearly died laughing. I would own one and so would everyone I know. I don't think for me it would ever get old. But I probably want it in silver or black. More classy colors.5. UV Disinfectant Wand. I don't know if it really works or not, but the concept makes it a worth try, especially when travelling. Never touch the remote, never touch the remote, never touch the remote.

6. Message Clocks. The ones that you see in the malls that tell customers the time and other information that was programmed into them. Fun and dangerous, just what every household needs.

7. Lightalk. Program messages, or even with the newer ones, images and when you wave it around it appears in the air. Ultra Kewl.

8. This Plant. I hate plants. No matter what I forget about them and they die and it makes me want to cry. This plant however is no concern for that. One can forget about it, til it becomes a dried husk, and then when it is found again, watered, then it sapposably comes back to a green plant. We need to breed this feature back into more plants if this is true.
9. Fake Book covers. These are just for fun and really could hide anything from textbooks to porn. Naughty.10. Pocket Catus. It's funny. It's small and I think it's a hoot. Not like the hooters type of hoot but almost.And like the plant in before mentioned this plant doesn't need water much and unlike the other one this one is completly portible, someone could have it as a cell phone charm. True true!There is 10 items. I will find more and post it up. Ha you suckers now you want your own stabby guy knife holder or portable catus.
fun. ^-^

Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't trust people who can't draw just to look.

It's true. I had the other day I was waiting for Ben with a friend of his and as I am prone to do, I doodled, but this time the doodle had evolued into something I was starting to have a bit of pride into. When he goes "Let me see." Okay I can fix minor hand dragging, especially since it was not completed and even though it was done on soft paper. Fine. But the one thing that cannot be fixed easily is a hard drawn line in a wrong place. What did he do to my horror. "He grabbed a pencil that was laying on the table and went and drew hair in a dark line and said it was a ponytail with a scrunchie. Between the desire to cry and the desire to push him out of his wheelchair and take off with it, leaving him in a useless pile, I took an eraser and erased at the heavy mess.

Nonetheless I couldn't get all of it out and therefore she has a mountain comming out of her head.

Oh yeah feel the crappiness. I like it but not. I really wish that I had more than a crappy automatic pencil with me or at least a 8B and a 9H as well. Just shows that I will need to pack a little heavier to actually get all the effects I want out of drawing.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anime Convention Information

This post is for Mel whom I don't know how much information she wants.
To tell truth the NEXT convention is this weekend, where is another story.
Here are the places and dates and names of the CANADIAN anime conventions that I could find.

Otafest - University of Calgary - Calgary - May 19, 20

Anime North - Toronto - Double Tree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto Congress Centre, Renaissance Toronto Airport Hotel (Huge Ass Convention) - May 25-27

Northern Anime Festival - Durham College Oshawa, Ontario - July 14-15

Ai-Kon - Winnipeg Convention Centre - July 27-29

Garden City Anime Festival - Sadly Cancelled again *sniffle*

Otakuthon - Concordia University - Montreal Quebec - August 4&5

Animethon - Grant MacEwan, City Centre, Edmonton - August 10-12

Anime Evolution - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (Vancouver) B.C. - August 17-19

Ones that have already passed:
Animaritime - New Brunswick (Location sometimes change - Feb
Kei-Kon - Victoria B.C.
Toronto Anime Con
Nishikaze - Lethbridge, A.B.

Now realize that these are the ones that are in the field of being an actual con. These ones also breed other ones in the area, usually held by small groups. I know that there were flyers handed out at Animethon last year for various ones held on the west end, St. Albert and Sherwood Park, however these "cons" are limited to a few people usually within or under the 1000 mark, with some only having two viewing rooms. I know that the people who hold Otafest in Calgary usually have other anime/Japanese events planned throughout the year. If you are one to travel however, the con run in the states is huge and *almost* weekly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beware of the crazies living in your underwear drawer.

I don't know about myself and my choice of titles. Actually I thought of that saying yesterday as I was filing papers and it snaked into my mind. It made me laugh.

Is anyone into heroes? Yayness for me for catching the last half of the show on Monday, it makes me interested in what they are going to proceed with the rest of the series. Is it true that they do not save the world? Or is Hiro going to be able to change fate? Verra exciting and I can't wait to catch the rest of the season *if* I can remind myself that it's on and *if* Global decides to play it in order. I'm now on the semi hunt for the first season box set due to the fact that it is one that in my opinion should be devoted time and effort into watching it in a solid run. And maybe I can get Ben into it, because at the moment he has no interest in watching what he calls "junk". Okay Heroes fans go ahead cream him, I will hold someones hair back so they can pummel him without eatting hair.

House is my major show. I was shocked yesterday when someone finally DIED! Usually per episode they try to kill someone at least 2-3 times, especially apparent in the first season (which I still have yet to open my box set). That show I have yet to miss a show of, thanks to the fact that everyone in my house is hooked on it, even dad, and now I got Ben hooked too, so whenever I'm over there I can watch it on his PVR. Still have yet to convince him to record Heroes. *Lets the mob by for some much needed boyfriend squishing* I love my weekly dose of the cranky doctor, who growing fancy with porn is making me grin even now as I sit here. "There is a lot of porn on the internet, it doesn't download itself you know."

I now wonder what they will replace my Apprentice with. Now for those who are about to turn their sticks on me wait just one second. I really couldn't give two flying F***s about Trump. In my opinion he is a little skewed on his thinking but sometimes powerful people are like that. I'm not going to get into the hair thing and yes, Rosie your fat and ugly and glad that once again you are getting effectivly booted from the View. Anyways back to the task. I enjoyed watching that show for the fact that it always amazes me on what they have to do. The car washes, the selling of lemonade, tours, real estate, car sales, art. Either way it shows actually if someone really put their mind to it as well carry a bit of crisma they can get ahead in the world. It really motivates me, even though that motivation dies quickly I would probably buy the series if it came out on DVD for the sole reason for picking up on the ideas and the motivation that these people are really pushing for. Hell it might get me motivated enough to get a bunch of people together and do one of those crazy stunts, like the car wash.

To tell truth past those shows I watch only the Simpsons and Family Guy on a regular basis. I'm so pressed for time that its hard to find the energy to watch tele. That sounds stupid but it is true. Having nothing but peasant television makes it painful to watch all the idiotic shows out there. Also with most shows now being series instead of stand alone shows, they need more divotion to the show than I have interest in showing. Really I'm not into dramas and eventually mysteries drop my interest. There is so few shows out there that I'm interested in anymore I think I can almost drop my tv viewing habit for good. That is, of course, if a really interesting show comes up.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A bit of time before I really should do something more constructive

Good Monday.
Once again it is the quiet time before I have to start actually putting my talents up to use.
Some days I think I must have a black shadow running in front of me making events move in strange ways. Don't get me wrong, work-wise I'm happy, tired, but happy. But while going through the local classifieds I noticed the first place I worked at as a graphic designer is hiring. I was asked if I was going to trade jobs once more and go back to that place. Sorry, no.
It's not as if I haven't traded crappy job for another crappy job but I had to keep my head low. Here I have stability. Many people in this job market would be searching and heading out for the high paying jobs that are seemingly just around the corner. Not myself. Not at this moment in time. This has been the highest I ever have gotten paid and I'm not breaking my back to gain this money. As well as the fact that I'm not completly burnt my day that I can't do some other project or work on the later hours of the day. Over at the other job the owners were talking that they wanted to sell the shop when they turned 65. If they stick to that schedule then the shop shall close in 2-3 years. Frankly I want to stay somewhere for at least 2 years and not think twice if I have to look for a job. It is at my own convenience.
Scary enough I don't think I'll see enough time to look for another job anyways. With working six days a week I'm wondering how I'm going to see the doctor, resign my realtors licence or even do my taxes. Sometimes I amaze myself that I can keep up with my chapter release timing some weeks, as the books of badly hand-written notes are starting to take over my desk, as well as the normal bills and outgoing mail that was sapposed to go out around Christmas. ((Sorry about that, you know who you are when you recieve them in the mail around November))

Friday, April 20, 2007

To be completly truthful.

I've been trying to think up a post all week but it is difficult to do so when all one does is work, eat and sleep with frequent bathroom breaks in between. I want to have a little more freedom that I once had a few months ago, but knowing me that would mean that I would be sleeping in and not doing anything exciting anyways due to the fact that I would be trying not to spend money. Which I'm happy to report that my total debt has gone down by a whooping 10%! I'm trying to keep afloat and pay everything off, which makes for a boring lifestyle. It's difficult to stay under the radar of using credit cards or whatever cash I have when fuel is so stupidly high. There is no reason for it being so high! The crude is low and the demand stabilized, none of the plants are under repair, natural disaster or other factor. After filling two tanks of gas and forking over more that $140 I turn to my mom and say "I think I need a third or fourth job." However that is a nasty cycle, due to the fact that we (my mom and I) are car pooling and if I had to get yet another job or two I would have to drive my own car and that means spending twice as much on fuel. No matter what they say it isn't a booming economy for a lot of people.

And now they are thinking of putting a percentage tax on sellers of homes. What type of crap is that? It's a money grab for the government. They say it is to help pay for the increase of building for the city. Sounds nice for those who are ignorant. Really the developers pay the city for a lot of the stuff they want for a subdivision, ex. power, roads etc. and some developers pass what they pay into the price of the property when they sell it. Therefore there is more tax payers whoes roads/sewers/whatever else the city pays for are new and not in need for repair. The general base tax they the "new" taxpayers pay should be increasing the funds without overly drawing that much off the tax pool, except for maybe in snow removal *LOL* but if it is like this winter the subdivisions were done as a in-between job for the plows before the next snowfall to do the major roadways. The arguement is that B.C. (sapposably) has the tax on selling a home. And if B.C. jumped off the cliff will you do so as well Alberta? I could understand if the city wants to make more money off the real estate industry but if they do they shouldn't be able to declare that it will be a percentage of a home's sale price that is too much. In my opinion it would be more fair for everyone if there was a flat rate, say $500/transaction. Therefore people could better prepare themselves for it and it wouldn't be such a huge chunk. Say even if the percentage was 1%. On a $400,000 home that tax would be $4000. It's not as if the average person is really making huge on this market, due to the fact that they still have to live SOMEWHERE and everywhere else isn't much cheaper in this area. So one has to spend what they get for their home, and sometimes even MORE, to get another home. *sigh* that is depressing.

Testriffic IQ test

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I don't know about anyone else out there in internet land but I have come to the realization that I'm either depressed or in need of at least one good night's rest.
The weather isn't helping either. Almost on time the clouds rolled in and in the typical Alberta fashion, did stupid weather. If you say this next sentance aloud that is what it did. "Wow it's not bad, hey a few raindrops, oh a monsoon, and yet it stopped. A few drops? Stupid weather, now it's more than the wipers can handle. Not a drop now. I hate Alberta. A few drops. Now it's completly dry, not a drop." Funny. But I missed a good sunset yesterday. I never have my camera on me when there is actually something interesting to take a picture of. But it was neat, the clouds were pink and looked as if someone painted them onto a dark blue canvus, the ones closest to a setting sun were bright yellow and various shades of orange. Of course I was five minutes from home, but in those five minutes it went from the natural splender of color to a dull flat darkness of dusk. It's sometimes so frustrating.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Goodness! It's Weekly!

For those who like to know the weather is acting very Albertan.

For those who don't know what that means that means that the weather changes every ten minutes or so. However this time I realized that the weather is working on weekly patterns. Thank you the ability to record weather patterns via blogger. Mwa ha ha ha.

If you haven't guessed it freaking snowing again.

It was almost green yesterday and now it is white.

The people on the radio (the bear) (the only station that come in on the minivan's radio) were addressing folks to come down to the pub to drink away the weather. Sorry. I'd be too drunk by the time the system passed over that there will be no way I'm driving in the sunlight. Okay that made no sence.

Oh talking about weekly things I know I don't have Chapter 14 posted. I was going to add something special but the computer crashed with me no saving it, so with my inner child having a temper tantrum I wouldn't be posting anything this week. As if that really matters to anyone anyways.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some days our goals are worth more than our lives...

I often wonder at that. I'm not huge on thing like that but there is someone whom I found while being bored that I think I needed to share:

If you need a smile after that read 8-bit theature which is a new link under my links.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It's snowing again.
It's hard to believe by looking out from my desk that there was green grass just two days ago. It's been snowing off and on, and has now covered everything with a blanket of white. I don't really mind. I think like every body else should; it's winter there is nothing I can do about it but not drive like an asshole. I pride myself in not having a recorded accident on my record and I'm desperatly trying to keep it that way. However if there was someone with slower reflexes, or sloppier brakes, there would be over four accidents on my record over the last month and a half.

People aren't looking where they are going. They run red lights. Turn when there is a sign saying 'do not turn'. Don't even slow down for a yield. Don't stop for a stop sign. Drunk drivers. Speeders. I'm getting sick of it. There is a non-emergency line for reporting crap like that, but is there any way to find it? NOOOOO! I looked it up in the phone book and the ones I have don't have it in it. I called the emergency number and they wouldn't give it to me, but told me to look it up in the phone book. Grr. It's enough to make one scream! Or at least get the new phone books.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

wow it's been a two days...

Yay it's Sunday!
To tell truth I think I should stop driving or something. I know that things happen and it's not my fault but it seems like every vehicle that I thouch get's something broken with it soon after.

But it's something that one has to laugh or cry or just kick something. I did all three. But not in that order.

Let me see. I went to work on Saturday with the minivan (yes it is the same one that I ripped the nose off of in grade 12) since I have yet to get new tires on Yub. (Whoes spare tire is now flat. Totally flat. Stupid thing. It dies.) And not willing to get another set at full Canadian Tire price. This week there is a sale so new tires for the front and let the ones on the front to go on the back and get burned off. Either way the tires will be burned off in about 10-15,000 km which is all I'm hoping for for the rest of the life of the car.

Anyways, I got there and it gives its normal puff or antifreeze smoke. No problem, it has been giving off small whiffs of smoke/steam for a long while. I just always hope that there isn't a cop around that will be looking at the nose of the van too closly and pull me over. Nevermind. But of course, at night, I was tooting along going towards Superstore and had to stop at the many lights in Spruce Grove. Billows of smokes comes out from under the hood. WTF? I turn around and race back to where I work and park it. But before then it stalled a few times. Wow. That sucks. So get it to work and it stalled just as I pulled up into a stall.

Ben was freaking, he never saw me mad at a vechicle, thought I was going to blow the engine, and generally wanted to be out of the van. I was almost willing to do it for him. Realize I never said anything about stopping.

So another car to dad, at least this one isn't at 1 a.m., telling of another car in need of rescue. I looked over the engine and laughed. I didn't know what I was looking for, especially when the back part of the engine is soaked and the front dry, the hood dripping with green ooze. It's something off a horror movie, but at least I'm not on some deserted back road. Then I kicked the van's bumper. (Who can blame me I was pissed.) Then I almost cried. I kicked it with my bad foot. I paid with that blast of anger with a bad throb in my foot for the rest of the night.

Well end in end, the engine isn't toasted, even though there wasn't any antifreeze or liquid in it at all when we went to get it. Took two antifreeze jugs of half mix and water to fill it, plus a little more. The whole case of a problem was that the hose running from the engine to the back towards the firewall. It was spraying it all over the engine, so that it burned off, and with movement it billowed under the car, but once stopped it flooded out of under the hood.

Five inches of hose. Causes a lot of trouble.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad Day Bad Day Bad Day...

Wow this has been a crappy week. Actually it has been a super crappy yesterday but the week has been no prize either.

What happened well lets see.

I've been uber tired lately, so my temper has been only held with a small string of reason. Unfortunatly it snapped at Ben, who has very low tenasity to that kind of thing. Then I'm still fighting with an employer to give me a day off for the wedding in August, grr. As soon as I get the gumption to wash my car, YUB, it rains and gets mud all over it again (I got a laugh about that later in the program). And on top of that I got a flat tire driving home at 1 a.m. If that wasn't bad enough, I couldn't get the jack working because I tried opening a set of vicegrips and the Spring broke, therefore I couldn't open tham, therefore I couldn't close the release valve. *Cry* It all was for naught anyways because the spare was flat as well.

So in all the tire that's on it is totally distroyed so it's off for another set of tires for the old beast. Oh well it could work out in the end. I wanted to make that car's odometer roll over again before I sent it to the crusher so another set of tires isn't the worst thing in the world. The sad thing was that the tire that went flat was my best and neweat tire. Just my luck. I probably ran over something or broke the seal with the pressurewasher in the carwash.

Oh yeah the car wash. LOL. Okay I went to one of the washes that washes the undercarage as you drive into the bays. *Neatest thing I found this week, made my day that day* and as I parked I gave the car a little shake, because I didn't want my ass to stick out in the range of getting hit (it was anyways, who designs these places and parking lots so one can't park a 70s wannabe car anywheres?). I get out and the car takes a "dump" on the wash bay grill. There was so much mud after bogging around on the sideroads, mixed in with oil and whatnot, that when it got pressurewashed from below it fell in huge heaps on the washbay floor.

Also this tells you how lazy I am at washing vechiles. In some spots I had to get within 5" of the frame to actually start to peel off the dirt and grime that had permanently adhered to the side. There was still dirty water coming from it after $5 of wash time, and mud in the wheelwells. But it was so pretty. I didn't even recognized the color after I was finished. (Usually it is a light grey but after one washes it real well it takes a very light blue tinge) It was all for naught. It's all muddy now behind the tires and on the headlights.

Maybe after rescuing it off the side of the road tonight I will give the chrome on it a coke and aluminum foil treatment and blind others on the road. mah ha ha ha! I love it. Just now I have to get another set of wheel covers and then it wouldn't look so "native".

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday the 20th of March

Yeah Crappy title I know.
But it's the truth and nothing but the truth.
Just to let everyone know I added a new section to my story as well a note on how I've changed it slightly. I'm excited.

As for real life news the kids are finally back in school. I know that already because my minivan already was almost crushed by a bus changing lanes, and another cutting me off. grr.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Eeeep The things the things!

Hi I'm getting eatten by the things...

Actually there are many things right now that are holding my attention over the last few days and such so I don't know if I will be posting this weeks story chapter and IF I don't, that is if I get busy tonight I'll post two full ones next week.

Also I would like to pointout something interesting: Yeah my sister got a blog! Check it out here

Yay it looks like the teacher strike may be over soon, what the whole deal is I don't know. Maybe they will tell us when everything is settled. Maybe not.

Anyways that is all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Snoozing on a Friday...

I was watching T.V. last night, yes that has become news due to the lack of interest in most shows lately and saw this commercial for the new macs. I think many of them to be absolutly funny but this one made me laugh out loud and continue to giggle for a long time afterwards. I almost did again when I looked up the commercial on YouTube. I think that these commercials are well done and often funny to those who faced that problems with PCs. Although Macs have become the PC of the 1995 but that makes no nevermind. *Worships the copywriter of these commercials*

I am so tired too. It's all my fault too but I got my system hooked up again. I'll explain. My parents got a new TV for christmas (notice the speed of change in my home....yeah) and so I got a replacement for my gaming tv because it was dying a slow and horrible death. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do to hook this system up, with the multiple systems hooked up to it the whole area was a octopus of wires all hooked up to one VCR and into the tv. Well I ran out of room on the back and front of the VCR and was tired of plugging in one system (VCR, DVD, N64 etc) and unplugging it when I was done. So I now have TWO 8- socket power bars that are almost full and I don't have to figure out which systems have to be on to play a beta, vcr,dvd,cd or video game. I'm so happy! Also I'm not bugged on my cell with someone going which wire do I pull out to play a tape in the second VCR? I even figured out how to open up some RCA ports so I can get that DVD burner on that system, as well as any new game systems I want to hook up. I can't wait to see Ben's expression when he sees the mass of machines, old and new, all wired together in a maze. The unfortunate part of it all is that it's not all hooked up yet. The house is in a dissarray from moving EVERYTHING that the rec room has been a dumping ground and it hasn't settled down yet. The next things to be hooked up is two more massive speakers which lines will be ran and placed on the opposite wall. Yay surround sound. I have a record of neat ass sounds like trains and such. It sounds weird in headphones but blasting out of 4 four foot speakers should be an interesting experience.

If that doesn't make neighbours move I don't know what will. *Insert evil laughter here*

Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh my...It's almost been a week!

Sorry...I've been busy.
1. I almost got myself into working a 13 day rotation last week which is not fun, but luckily I got into a day off on Tuesday so it wasn't as killer, unfortunatly it killed the paycheque.
2. On that tuesday I took Kim to the Space and Science center (now Telus World of Science) and I was totally bummed, why? I loved going there but there wasn't enough time to go through the exhibits as much as I wanted to. I wanted to D/L the pictures we took of ourselves playing on the exhibits but once again I'm posting from home and it would take another hour to upload all the photos I want to post. But I want to show you all the difference two weeks make. You people on the coast shall be impressed by the change!
3. I've been just a nervous artist. I've been writing again heavily so there is another four or five chapters to be typed out at a later date, so no worries I got a bunch of updates to keep me going for another four or five months, if I keep with the quota of one full/part chapter a week. Yay me.
Anyways just a quick post so that no one thinks I'm dead out here and I should give you a book review fairly shortly, since I've been reading a lot of mindless drivel lately and so...If you like reviews on mindless drivel I'm the best bet! *LOL*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Teachers On Strike!

Well it's Wednesday and sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life has been busy. But I shall go on with my daily rant.

Teachers are still on strike in the Parkland School Division. In other words the kids have lots of days off and they have no "technical homework" because the teachers couldn't assign homework further than what they would've over the weekend that they were going on strike. So in other words kids are falling behind, teachers aren't in class, and parents/taxpayers are mad because they paid for the kids to be in school. I know a few grade 12s that are afraid that they wouldn't be able to graduate in the spring because of this strike.They are unsure if they will be ready for the diploma exams with the pace that the negotiations are going.
Also I think I would be taking the strike more seriously if the teachers were seen sitting around picket signs, like the CN, Telus or other workers have. I think my other problem is that the catholic schools are still in class so it's hard to tell which school is closed for the strike and which ones are still open. Of course the catholic board doesn't have the same problems as the public system does. I have heard through various people that the class sizes are smaller, even down to 5 kids in one grade nine graduating class. If a public school went down to that few of numbers then they would be shut down. I think the graduating (grade 12) class of the christion school here in town was 34. Versus my graduating class from memorial was over 300.
But you know they are like a private school. You can't be any riffraff to join these schools, no you have to be of a certain religion and isn't that discrimination?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holy Fog!

Yeah this post was meant to be up last night but I wasn't feeling well and never got to it. So sorry but here it is:

We had some awesome fog lay itself down on Spruce Grove and area on Friday morning. By hwy 43 the fog was so thick that one couldn't see the bridge from Genesee turnoff. This picture was taken just outside Canadian Tire towards the card dealership across the hwy. That truck was parked one parking stall away from me. Made for an interesting trip with mom almost reaching over to throttle me every time we hit another thick patch and I refused to slow down.

Now for those who are smart with a cameras and love those pictures that look neat can anyone out there tell what this funky picture really is, or at least looks like ^-^ And no I didn't do anything in Photoshop to either picture, just undying talent and boredom. Be happy that I'm not stuck more often with boredom.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Common dry those man tears...

Well it happened. Ryan Smyth was traded. It was kinda funny because a few days my dad commented off-handedly that "What's next? Ryan becomes a duck?"
Well no. A ranger in fact. It totally blew all my friends out of the water when we heard the news, especially on an emotional night like Messier's number retirement. The Oilers corporation said that it was a business deal. Meanwhile there are lots of advertising that it is only a game.
The main fact of the matter is that some feel that it took away any hope of even trying to make the playoffs this year. Many now are not even remotely interested in seeing the rest of the season. This was met with more backlash than the pronger issue. But there is a major twist: Ryan WANTED to STAY here. Many of the fans were miffed that they went out and spent good money on pronger sweaters and such but to them I say, if he gets his chance and becomes noted for something then those jerseys will be worth something monitarily wise. Ryan however had given the community a good role model, just as good as the major players of the oilers team did in the 80s. Secondly it was really disrespectful of how the company went about that trade. I don't know how people are told when they are traded but to find out on a television screen is just wrong. Where was his agent? Where was the GM phone call going "Your going to New York."? That's like having a co-worker say, "I'm sorry that you're leaving." When you have yet to recieve your pink slip.
But I have to say, if it wasn't an act and he truly wanted to stay here then sooner or later he'll be back. Being a free agent next year he could ask the Oilers to take him back on a deal. Weither or not they listen is another story.
I wonder in the next few years if fate has in store for him as it did the moose...Will we see him in Cunuck, then ranger and on tv going "chip?"...Probably not he has been hit in the head with a puck too many times.

Oh and now Chapter 8 is up for those who follow the story