Monday, June 26, 2006

The Three Day Forecast: Sunny and 32 Degrees...Blarg

I am incredibly disappointed in myself...I haven't wrote a blog in more than 2 weeks...*Slaps hands* well to tell truth I have been bbusy doing nothing to make even a simple note.

Well had another "in-law-to-be" family get-together which had both Ben's mom and grandmom filling in phonebooks and updating phone numbers. Ben and I sat down and he kinda visited while I finished writing my last chapter and Ben went, "We'll need to sit down and copy down the numbers and addresses."
Mom: "What for?"
Ben: "To send out invitations in the future"
Mom: "..." *snort* "You don't need them."

1. In the FUTURE. Therefore not tomorrow.
2. Didn't say WHICH TYPE of invitations. We could in theory, buy a home and invite family to a house warming.
3. Dating for...What did Ben say again...umm...2 years, 4 months and 9 days. My parents are wondering what the hell is wrong with us, why aren't we married yet. Unfortunatly, Ben wants the big wedding, but the big wedding is expensive. The only reason for the big wedding is because of HIS big family. I'm not really expecting either family to contribute much or anything. *Grumbles*
4. WHAT THE HELL IS HER FUCKING PROBLEM? I try to be nice, I try to be supportive, and I try to promote her idealism, even saying that the day was great even though it was a piece of shit.

I am sick and tired of people. I have a customer who will not deal with me because I chew on my lower lip and have red hair. So what! It's natural and the other is a habit, I can think of many other habits that are far worse.

I had a showing of a house the other day to some nice people who had come over from another country but have been renting for a while. End of story I gotta learn to slow down and stay calm. Sorry for teasing you all for such a crappy statement about the day showing but it's my policy that it stays mostly under my hat. I must say that it is kinda funny how some people think. They almost thought that the houses up for sale were empty, and almost that homes were built at different times in an area. If one house was ten years too old the house across the street is going to be ten years too old. Or at least nine years too old.

Being general for a moment, people don't realize that it's nuts out there in the housing market. We went and talked to builders (new) and in Edmonton they DO NOT build for less that $300 000. The only spec house was $315 000 for one builder. They are nice homes I got to admit. I figure that resell homes should be as average, kicking range of new. Maybe in a bit I will change my out look on how prices are but that is the only references I have right at the moment. I must state once again, this market is stupid nuts now.

If you haven't read the title read it again. The hot weather is making my brain into mush. Dad is going to let me refill the air conditioning in the catty so Yay!

Anyways song of the week: Animal I have Become: 3 days grace.

For those who wonder why I do the song of the week, is so that I can remember to look for that song/disk/artist and this seems to be a more permanant way to do so.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

About the military, cartoons and elevators..

Today is Saturday. Woot Saturday, at least it used to be. I remember back when I was young that I used to not sleep til noon on Saturdays, but get up and watch cartoons til 4. Where did those days go to? There is so many shows out now that there should be a whole bunch that the peasent vision channels should be able to afford some of the reruns that the cables get. I wouldn't mind watching even pokemon the first season as long as there is something better than the CBC kids, with their really really dumb shows. How dumb can they be? My sister thought the shows were stupid when she was three. I donno. Maybe they are pushing for people to buy the seasons of shows on DVD and the peasant TV channels goes to hell.

The millitary had a parade today. So they shut down our street as well as another couple, so the girls here thought, hey lets have a look at this, It should be good. Not. Basically the whole thing was a march with helicopter sapport. Big woop. I think it was an excuse for the military to march these kids somewhere else rather than on the base. But that might be me.

Elevators. Not long ago I had experienced what most people fear about elevators; getting stuck in them. Not the way I would like to spend a night. But here it is how we got into this situation, when we usually take esculators. We had someone in a wheelchair and the nearest esculators were shut down (Does those things ever work in WEM anymore?!?!!). I found out that yes, someone can ride an esculator up and down on a wheelchair. I knew that most didn't mind going up but never imagined going down. Course my cousin (who is wheelchair bound) has to ride elevators, never taking the esculator. So anyways, we went it's almost 1 am lets get outta here, just take the damned elevator! Pile in and then the thing stopped half-way down -_- we decided that Bennett would be the first one eatten. Hells it has only been a couple of hours since the last time we ate.
I like his friends, they are almost as messed up as my own. I say that in the nicest way possible. Please don't hurt me.
The thing started up again as soon as the maintence guy showed up and asked if we were messing around with the elevator. No. Okay if you get stuck again keep pressing the button down or up to the next level and it might get it to work.
To bad...Bennett would've tasted very good.

Song of the week...What's playing right now....No, I don't think so...wait...Animals by Nickelback.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

When things look bleak...Hey a ray of sunshine!

The days seem to really suck right now. To recap this last two weeks:
1. Migranes for the last week of May, They really blow major gaskets if there is people who never had them.
2. Eric is back, and already annoying me by being himself.
3. I've completly forgotten about when I have to go to school and I am never off in time to call the office. Should get on that I guess.
4. Everything that I saved to pay off my credit card has to go to real estate fees. If another person goes and says that we get paid for nothing and we reap all the benifits of paying for nothing I will personally hit them in the face. So far all my OT here at the store has gone to pay for stuff in which I haven't been able to use, cause I'm working OT and haven't done any propecting to find places to sell, because I need money to keep up the standard of life I'm used to. It's a vicious cycle.
5. Yet another surgury. Fuck I have that I have to go in once more, for something that might work. What BS is that?
6. On the subject of health I am purplexed on what to do. I have a feeling that something might be wrong. Hell I get a 100+ heart rate just from sitting around all day. But the Dr. doesn't seem too concerned with it all. I just hate bugging someone with somehting that isn't really there.
7. I'm in a rut, which is surprising cause I just started a new career, but it is a career that I hate. I never wanted to get into real estate. To tell truth my parents bribed me into it saying that there is a lot of money in it, and there is, but the truth to the matter is is that I wouldn't mind a little cubicle somewhere where I can enter numbers and the most human interaction I get from the people I work with is small talk by the watercooler or lunchroom. Yes, I am okay in sales and that part I am good with and people are comming to me instead of me going to them in theory, but in this market I seem to have to go to them. There is realtors from Redwater grabbing properties here in Stony. It's too nuts. And with my computer being in front of everyone at home I really don't want to be online chatting with any of my friends with my uncle going what are you doing here? Like geek of freak! If there is something interesting that I want you to see then I shall print it out. Go AWAY YOU FREAK OF NATURE!
8. One word: Bagpipes. Bagpipes are now getting played and the dog howls. No more to be said.
On the good side;
I got my lawnmower back so I can go and disappear and be in my own world with music and minor thinking of which way to follow on the path, bad part is that Eric is doing the lawnmowing and I don't think there will be anything left when I get home.

I need to get some stress relief somewhere and the blog is my way to de-stress. I'm sorry to those who have to read through my horrible life stories. I'll try to bring up something funny...

Oh I know I think I will become a ninja...With THIS!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey everyone, here is a picture from Otafest 2006! Yep I don't make a good Sango. Actually I don't cosplay very well, since I am..well to say it nicely, larger than most anime girls.

If you are wondering what the sign says,"Will Slap Miroku 4 a vote #77" Here I wasn't even expecting to be in the picture and I think I was about to pass out. Oh well it was fun, now back to work Yay!