Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it!

This is the third year that I attempted doing NaNoWriMo and it seems like the third time is a charm! If anyone is wondering it is the first story of Alarice, Maure and Ferniand, ie TWIN EARTH!

My cover: (I'm hoping to get a second choice from Ben)

Yes this is major and I'll get back into blogging once the pain of staring at screens for English calms down.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, Sorry, I Blame Stress and Dan.

As for the now deleted post yesterday was the result of a complete mental breakdown and the loss of my major thumbdrive, which had ALL of my research, partially completed projects and my NaNoWriMo on it. Within that mental breakdown I looked at the energy wasters and negative things and (almost) ellimated them all.

In the face of having to do all three weeks worth of research with the added bonus of having a large part of the assignment due today just drove me over the edge. To tell truth it was a very bed mental situation last night, and one that I'm not proud of.

As the plus side result all my passwords have now been upgraded to a better security. Today has so far been proved to be my fortunate day and I now have my thumbdrive back in hand with no disruptions to my files so far. (Thanks unnamed person who found it <3) As well as that part of the assignment wasn't due, she just wanted to make sure that we are still focused on what we were up to, AND the rest of the assignment is not due until the day of the presentation! That means that I have up til the 8th of December to complete it. My partners in the other report that we have to write are thrilled to see that I got it back as well. (I also have research and half of my portion completed on it as well)

Oh mans I was lucky today but I will have to take this into understanding and make three copies of everything. It sucks because it takes a lot of time and energy in doing so because I would have to update the backups everytime I add something, which seems to be almost everytime I turn on the computer.

In other news I'm still sick. That's really not a big surprise is it? Supposably this time it was from the dust in the house with all the construction and it caused an infection but now I think it is a full on head cold to go on top of that. I'm feeling pretty crappy on the whole. Oh well at least I can now go and torment my characters in NaNoWriMo.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just a quick post letting everybody know I'm alive.

Yeah it's just as above. I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year and so far I am above the stated quota. However with my eyes buggering up again big time I'm not sure if the pace can still be held.
Trick and Treating with my sisters friends were epically fun! By the end of it all the girls somehow injured themselves and we all got covered in mud. I shall post pictures of our awesome Pikachu pumpkin I carved as well as the furter distruction of our home.
I also have two major assignments due in Effective Communications (English) and with the outcome of the last assignment that I worked really hard on, I think I will refuse to do any more reasearch if all the efforts I have will be marked and graded less than my class average. To be frank I am in risk of losing my student funding due to a teacher who decides that something that was editted by a professional editor to have the mechanics (grammer puntuation etc) of ZERO. If one can't tell I'm pissed. I'm not sure who to grumble at first, my editor or my teacher. Both are not good choices. Perhaps I'm going to drop the editor person because I can probably do all that mark on my own TYVM. (You know who you are) To add onto that effort with all the time that I have been spending on the computer with research and other stuff, My eyesight is truely failing. Last week I couldn't see my calculator on the desk that I was working on. All the teachers that day were not very happy with me.
Oh well.
That's the way life is.
Gotta get back on it so until next time folks,
- Jen.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Okay quick post because I am at the library and there is only 12 minutes before I'm booted.

I now live in a house with no heat. It's retarded but hopefully we will have heat before it snows...Or at least that's what THEY promised me. Either way it's been a few cold nights and I haven't gotten much sleep.

I have figured out that the heating at school is defiant of physics. Heat is supposed to rise but I have found out that the basement is warmer than the first level and the first level is generally warmer than the top, if you don't count the stairs. Somhow they are warmer than all of the other places.

Also I have found out there is over five different ways to do a math problem and none of them are right. I will not rest tonight until it is solved! However I am running out of ways that I could try to solve it....Stupid triangles...

Oh well wish me luck with my presentation tomorrow. Hopefully I wouldn't get larigitis or something like that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Help I lost myself and my car!!!

Okay it isn't as bad as the title states, but it's pretty bad. For those who do not know I have started school and it is a pretty bad situation for me. Starters we have the most retarded building layout in the whole of ALL of the campuses. There is weird corners in which there may be a classroom hiding right in the corner so that you don't see the door until you are right on top of it, or in my case, walked right by. Also the fact that the campus is downtown is another thing I dislike. I already live an hour from the city and to travel down there. However I have noticed that there is no real prediction in traffic. Before going to school I have noticed traffic patterns going to work, and there was some things that were very predictable given the seasons and time of day. For example I have switched roads to go to work due to the fact that people avoid school zones while school is in, but that makes the traffic around that area decreases. I have yet to find any real routes that will decrease my time. In fact, I have yet to find a route into school that DOES NOT have construction. Thankfully that will decrease by October but it does create headaches in the short term.

As for the other stuff that I have been doing since my last post can be summed down to one word; Animethon! I have prepared a new set set of costumes and since I had no sewing machine I had to hand sew everything! Thankfully I just got the costumes done in time. I will post a picture as soon as possible.

The other thing I have been working on is a home renovation. To recap I had been living in a home that was built around a mobile home. Finally we have gone through the mobile and started to pull down the walls and it looks really REALLY different. Now we are going through the planning stages to the form of our "new" home. With the walls of the mobile down we have completely revolutionized our plans for the areas. In the original it was simular to the trailer's original footplan, but now there has been a large difference. We have the three bathrooms centralized as well as with the laundry room. This is adding another bathroom from the original plan with increased space for the bedrooms. I'm pretty excited, especially since we have gotten used to having a two bathroom home and we have gone down to one bathroom. It's also an addition to our heated floor so we are just waiting for the concrete but that should happen within the next few weeks. I have photos if there is interest.

So that is all for today...Hopefully I will post more often but it still is shotty. I finally got Decepticon back from the computer shop so I might be able to post more often...

Monday, August 03, 2009

In close and personal with nature...And a new miff!

Over the last few weeks the good old mother nature has been horrid to Edmonton. I have to admit that it has been an interesting summer. It was slow in the coming but summer has finally hit and with that comes the normal summer storms. But for some reason (I blame BC) we've had some nastier storms than usual in the central region. Last Saturday a wind storm brought in rain, hail and deadly winds as it stormed past. However anyone who lived out here as long as I have should've realized that a storm was coming. The sky was clear but it had a steely blue instead of the bright blue. Usually that means that a storm will brew up later in the day. And it did. I was dozing outside as it came in and woke me by blowing off my hat. *grumble grumble* We got a bit of rain but in Stony a house had its roof ripped off and blown into another house. It was impressive to see on the news. Later as it hit Camrose it hit the Big Valley Celebration down there. It's a country and western show for those who do not know. It blew over a few speaker towers and the main stage. Some of my co-workers were supposed to go there this weekend. I hope they are OK but I don't know anything until tomorrow and even then... On the news it said that one woman died and about 15 others injured in that accident so I'm kinda concerned.
A few weeks earlier (on a Saturday as well) another storm came out of the nowhere and blew into Edmonton. It didn't do too much out at my parents house but that time I was on the South East side of Edmonton and it was pretty bad. I was at a wedding reception and the power went out. Thankfully someone had a generator in the back of his truck because the power was out for the rest of the night, we at least had some good tunes in the darkness. But in reality it was a good storm. A lot of people said that they saw flashes of green lightning, which according to them, meant that a tornado was coming. Much to their disappointment, one never touched down but the city was in a mess. Trees were down and power was out in select spots. If I remember correctly, power didn't completely come back on for a couple of days.
Another hit with mother nature kinda walked right under our noses. We have a pair of fox living in our neighbourhood and I've seen them with a pair of kits. We've been still feeding our outside cat on the deck for a while. I came home from physio one night and saw that the mother and two kits were lazing and hunting in our front yard. I stopped near the end of the driveway for a turn and watched them for a while. Then I started back up the Bronco and drove up. Kim was waiting for me outside and generally watching the foxes but one disappeared from our view. It had come up the hill and was skirting around the vehicles. I played a bit of peek a boo with it before I lost sight of it. I thought I must've spooked it and it took off towards it's mother, when it popped out from behind one of the cars. It was no further than 3 meters away, and casually walked up onto the deck to steal food. I waves my parents out and they walked out the door with the thing on the deck no further than eight feet away! I know it's young but it has learned that there's food + no danger = opportunity to get closer to a fox kit than one would think. It's still stealing food and we feed it, but the little whelp keeps crapping near the food bowl! The internet has been of little to no help in this matter due to the info that I keep pulling up has very little on the day to day runnings of a fox, nor what their barks mean or what the percentage of the population has the colors that we are seeing. To think that to find info on more dangerous creatures is simple they should have more info on the creatures that we've been with for more than a millennium.

And on to my miff. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that have had problems with a hairstylist. Usually a lot of the ones I have seen have had problems getting a back profile on the cut I desire. So this time I went out of my way to find a few pictures of the cut I wanted PLUS described all the specifications that anyone could've followed. NOT THIS HOSEBAG! Now that I look back on the picture it's no where near what I wanted, plus I said three times that I wanted the front long (to my shoulders) and the back short and spiky. She said no problem in doing it, looked at the picture and agreed that it could be done. I couldn't see what she was doing because my glasses were off and I can't distinguish my own mother without my glasses at five feet. I have to admit, she was the first person to mention that my hair was thin. -__- Also she was kinda pissy when I asked for her to keep the cut offs of hair so that I could make them into costume props. (It's way cheaper and nicer to work with real hair than fake plastic hair) In the end, this perhaps was the first time I almost cried coming out of the stylists chair, and I had some really bad cuts in my day. Also the cut off hair she bunched together so it formed a few good knots so I'm now not sure if I can use them at all, but it doesn't even really matter because it produced only a third of what I got last time even though I got more cut off. There goes my idea of me and Kim going as Link off of the Zelda games...I don't think I'll have enough to do the blonde bangs inside the hats, and I think everyone will kill me if I dye me hair blonde.

Oh well that was the life. Hair grows back but I still want that woman's license pulled. Unfortunately for me I found out that one of my co-workers had the same woman for her and her friends cuts. She has a few strands of hair that she has to hide because they were cut really really badly, and her friend had the same problem as I did, the stylist had cut her hair far too short. Almost five inches shorter than she wanted. They both paid even though it was not what they wanted. Thankfully I didn't have to pay, but now I'm trying out ways to hide a pudgy face behind a short hair cut. It doesn't work.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

People effects other people.

I make that as a statement and nothing more...Perhaps it is because it is more than not true to everyone. A universal truth. As narcastic as our society becomes the more this hold true. The effect that one person in a day could change the mental drive for the rest of the day. Those who don't think so probably haven't worked in retail, where you will meet some of the most wonderful and horrible people in the world. The more society looks upon itself as a "Me" driven world the more crappy days people will have.
For example if there was a neutral day, people will come buy their goods and continue on their way without any worry to the ripple effect that they carry along the way. I think that I try to go along with this middle of the line or slightly above the line in order to have the people who have served me not have a terrible day due to my courses of action. Sometimes this backfires and some people may think I was acting snobbish or rude but I try not to rock the boat too much.
However if there was a day that started neutral it usually can be changed from the actions of ONE individual, weither they were horrid or extremely nice could change the viewpoint of the rest of the day. Usually to the crappier with bad minded people. I have figured through my many years as working as a cashier that there is about one nice person, I mean REALLY nice, to about seven crappy people. I think this is due to the fact that the passing of a bad mood is more catagious than that of a happy mood. It takes people so long to get out of a depression and only a moment to fall into it. This could be from another individual or from a situation that cannot be avoided.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another edition of is that wrong and things you can't look cool doing...

I have noticed some things over the last few weeks that makes me wonder if is it wrong:
Is it wrong to hate a person who has a handicapped sticker who is parked in a regular spot when there are at least four to six empty parking stalls that are reserved for those who have the privilege?
Is it wrong to build a house around a mobile home?
Is it wrong that a smart car is almost a third in length to the car I used to drive?
Is it wrong to request a vehicle without airbags? Seat belts? Rear-view mirror? Old cars were like this and sometimes a new idea isn't always better.
Is it wrong to be really creeped out by a person (customer) that touched you on the shoulder as a nice, thanking gesture of old?
Is it wrong to be interested in the lives of the dead? Especially if you didn't know them?
Is it wrong of fast food restaurants that have drive thrus to have things on their menus that the driver has no way in all hell of eating while driving?

And that brings me to something you can't look cool doing. Garner Andrews, a morning host on a local radio, came up with this segment on his show. I came up the ultimate. No matter what you do you can't look cool eating a banana split while driving down the road. Think about it. I did it. Took half an hour. But the whole thing I say to this is that I was at DQ drive thru intent on only getting a milkshake or something of the sort, but instead of listing their milkshakes etc that you can't eat without the use of both hands, also one of the more cheaper items (their blizzards really went up in price!) was a banana split. I thought, "Hey, I haven't had one of those for a while, and it's cheap too!"
So I bought it and tried to find a parking place to munch on my new prize only to find that the DQ and neighbouring Boston Pizza was both full. Not really wanting to park a black vehicle in the sun that had no A/C I decided to try to make it home, only to see it melt only a few minutes down the road. So, yeah, being a pig, I ate it, with a bunch of strife and hiding it away from sight of people I passed and passed me, because I thought that, after trying to poke my eye out with a halved banana (that's why wearing glasses is cool...To save your eyes from the incoming bananas)...It didn't look cool...But it is humorous enough to share.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still haven't got the innitive to get batteries...

Yes I'm that lazy that I can't go to the other room and find a pair of AA batteries.

Of course you're talking about the person who hasn't changed her profile picture in four years. I should get a new one.

I just had an old love renewed over the last few weeks: The love of pokemon. Kim has a project at school where she has to make a series of drawings that have a similar theme. so she thought to do eevee evolutions. While looking up pictures she came across some fanart and showed it to me. Now I want to play and draw them again, how sad is that?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fine then stupid machinery!

Instead of bringing you something funny and entertaining, my camera feels like it should be a butt and not allow me to do so. Grrness on full alert!

So instead I will ramble on something completely different and really boring. I found my paperwork so I can finish with it a bit more and hopefully have the nastily worded thing ready for when my interview for bursaries happen. School is in only a few more months and I haven't found anything as an interm job. Hopefully one of the two libraries that I applied at will call me back for an interview for the summer job...Of course there is a possibility that they will not and I will be back looking in the newspaper for another position.

As for resumes and work I have been typing up and working on my application resume to send out for scholarships around the province. I must admit that it's looking quite bare. I was only a middle of the line student since my ambitions in high school were firmly smushed by a thoughtless councilor. I didn't do much volunteer due to the fact that I cannot afford the fuel to work for free. I wasn't good at sports, never applied myself to doing any real extra curricular activities and ever was given the role of leadership standing in my life. So in the end I have a really bare resume for the people that assume the role in looking at application resumes, while my work resume is quite full. I am a selfish person that way; I don't like doing things without making a profit at it. But of course I love money more than anyone or anything else in the world.

If I don't get a job I'm not too worried anyways...It just means that I will be stuck at home instead of moving out...But if cars keep dying around me then it will be a different story. Letsee... The bronco died because of a fuel problem...Should be getting that one back. The little blue car died because it overheated. Why it did that, goes into the vast line of WTFs. It has tons of antifreeze and oil and everything that a car needs to work, so probably the engine cratered and that's it for that. I miss my old car...I can fix most of what was wrong with it when it left me stranded...And mostly that is dead battery. So I'm in an old minivan that leaks fluids like there was a store full of the stuff. It's okay but during it's lifetime me and it had some major issues including ditching it, ripping the nose off of it, wrong size tires on it....Yes it had and has issues but beggars can't be choosers can they?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Many Busy Days

For those who may not know, I don't really work. I don't classify working one day a week really working. However I have been so busy that when I think about it I really don't think I have time for work. Between me getting sick and packing up the house I have been not keeping up with things. On top of that I lost the paperwork for school somewhere in the mass of boxes and stuff. It's been an interesting few weeks though. I found papers from junior high and high school, unfortunately they aren't the ones that I was looking for. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find every thing that I have packed away or has the test of time wrecked things? I even found a daytimer from Alberta's 75 anniversary! It was far cool! It had drawings from a group of artists, a lot of them I would declare very talented and others, they look like just scetches. I am also amazed how much stuff can be thrown out when one gets down to it. I had a large tote of stuff and I fit it all into a shoe box. Though I do have a lot of paperwaste. I am now keeping a notebook with me and writing and condensing things down, there is a lot of web sites writen on a seperate piece of paper or a musing or an idea that has been written on one piece of paper and tossed aside. Many of the sites that I tried out have been shut down but it is interesting to find a site that is still working and ponder how I enjoyed that site enough at one time to write down the address, and morn the passage of simular sites that I still might've enjoyed.

But it's not as if I have time even for that. I have been going out every day for something, either for Ben or myself...

Saw STAR TREK yesterday! OMG!!!! O'Hera is hot! I think they made it so it's a set up of another set of movies/shows, but it reminded me of a set of characters that I totally forgot about. Chekov for examples.

Today I've been researching the parts of free comic hosting, and perhaps I will release Sinclair on but I'm not sure 100%. I have to revamp my computer first and allow for some storage space and make sure there is no viruses or anything else that is mcnasty to it so that I can hook up and not have any problem with it holding and controlling a complete web comic in two different forms, well actually three or four if one counts the storyline and the script. Meanwhile I shall use the last 1G that it has on it with as much flair as possible. Hopefully it will last me until summer and my sister doesn't use it all up on me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*Chews On Desk With Furiousity*

There is a few things that I would like to mention at this moment in time. I hate the way visual minorities are shoved in our face and made out that they have never did anything wrong in their whole entire history! Call me a bigot but what people are doing out there is making me want to smack the next visual minority in the head. Not everybody has a black, Hispanic or Asian friend in their call list to hang out for a beer on a Friday night. And I know a person who rather not know any woman on this planet if he had the choice. So why the crap is it on EVERY FREAKING COMMERCIAL THAT LIFE IS LIKE THIS? Whether or not it is a food commercial or a phone commercial, there is the randomly inserted visual minority! Sometimes they sneak it on there with a black woman hiding out in the background or the white woman with the black guy, it is never really equal out there is it? If I was a white male actor for a commercial I have a lower chance of getting the part than someone who was a lot darker of skin, or French. I used to be not like this but as I have grown and watched from the sidelines this has become an issue. Has our own society gone to hell in thinking that we must always be so politically correct that we cannot refuse someone who is actually not qualified for a job, based on the fact that he is a visual minority? What happens if it goes the other way? What if there is a place that is ran by the visual minority and they hired a lone white guy. After a time the lone white guy is cut hours and such because he sticks out of the place like a sore thumb. What is the rules and protection for that guy? I don't think I have ran across that. Most of the laws protect the minority and in the long run it has segmented the country into pockets of people that live with their own kind. The borders have allowed people who cannot function properly in this society (Like a closet is a closet not a bathroom for gosh sakes, and no you can't plant potatoes in your living room floor when you live in an apartment) and kick out the people that could function in this society.
Why am I suddenly speaking out like this? Simple I am frustrated at the third story of white, western Europe people getting kicked out of the country when they have a steady home here, speak one or both our national languages, highly educated, benefits to our society while every SINGLE F-ING time I call a government agency or bank I cannot understand a word that they say. Hello person with an accent from a country that I cannot pronounce, you now live here. I speak English. Some of the other peoples speak French. Last I looked those were the basic requirements to be in this country speak one of two. If you want to have your language at home, fine. Congrats to you. But the next time I begin to speak a different language in front of you, don't criticize me of saying something offensive, when it really wasn't. Now you know how we feel.
Last but not least this was the most hilarious thing I ever heard, and it now makes me wonder about little old ladies with two coloured mitts on. A car went into repair one day and it was found to have red paint on the brake, green on the gas. Post it notes all across the dash, taped to the steering wheel. This isn't notes about to pick up eggs and milk and the doctors appointment at four, this was instructions on how to drive the car. If you need instructions posted all throughout the car to tell one how to drive said car, I think it's time to hand in the license. But here's the scary part; she didn't have one. Never had one. I can't tell how many of these people cruising around in cars that are registered and insured (or not) out there...But here's a point to consider; does the government?

For the government they have their own stack of woes, mainly paperwork. Even though the systems of the inner workings have been transfered to computerization the fact of the matter is that they like asking the same question over and over again like some old man with dementia. As if to snare you into a trap of letting you answer a question wrong once to make it their way at least once, so that they don't have to deal with you. Hello? People don't speak legalese. If we did then there wouldn't be any use for having lawyers anymore. Stupid politicians.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I blame the Library useage increases on my family...

Yay for Alberta! Most libraries have declared that they had double digit increases in usage and items getting taken out. This is reportedly the same across the country and like everything else it is blamed for the economy. Can it be that people don't want to pay for books that lay around in their homes. I can say the same thing. I have more than one bookcase that is stacked full of books that I will never read again (can't say that for my manga). So why not read them once, and let someone else read them? TY Libraries!

Truckers, drug dealers and animal carcases live here! I couldn't believe that the news delivered a news article like that. If it wasn't so gruesome I would've laughed myself silly. Who writes this article like this? What does Drug dealers have to do with Truckers? Unless one of them gets run over with a semi what does it matter in a neighborhood if there is a bunch of truckers living there? However if you put animal carcases in the mix with any of the above it makes one question: Did the animal get hit by a truck or drugged to death. Both still outlandishly to be reported on the evening news. On my way to work I see animal carcases on an almost daily routine. I just try not to hit them myself, and other than the unlucky ground squirrel I've been lucky. Animal die of overdose...I've heard of dogs digging up stashes and getting quite stoned so I can foresee this. I don't know why... Perhaps there is way too many dumbass dogs out there for this not to happen. In the end the truth was far from these two scenarios that I have presented. There was the bodies of two young male bucks were dumped with their bodies dismembered and their horns cut off. The police think that they were killed in the hunting season and then frozen and dumped at that area. -_- People are dumb.

Talking about animals, whenever there is one that wonders into the city that seems to make it newsworthy. You wonder where in the world we all matter to it when a murder story involving a young person takes less time than a young female moose running around the suburbs and needing police to control it. It's as if no one ever saw a moose in their lives before. Darn soft news.

As for stupid dumb people I am hating people around construction zones. Mainly those who speed up to the point and cut me off. I think that people should start being less considerate to those people. Especially those who had sat in traffic patiently and get to be later and later because of some dumb ass person in a hyped up honda civic that decided to speed up to the point that the road becomes squeezed into one lane and hops into the line, making everyone slow up and take more time. I've once been reduced to a 20 km/hr in a 70 zone because of stupid people like that.

Oh well...The last thing of note: I'm even going more blind than I already am. I get to see the specialist again tomorrow and hopefully they get to have more of an opinion than "I don't know why it's doing that." Grrness.

And in other news I have posted Chapter 19 in Twin Earth and the Prelude in Wish Book. Enjoy the extra reads people!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Playing with snow in a thunderstorm...

Yeah that was intense. Building a snowman in a middle of a thunderstorm. Only in Alberta! I wish our sled trail had survived it because I so wanted to say that I waz sledding in the rain, but since we didn't have a good base to it yet we never had a chance. It's amazing how quick of a melt that we are having. In a week we almost had all of our snow melted, and today we face a high of 13*C! Insane! Just to think a month ago we had -30*C weather.

Happy Easter to all! I'm not going to be online so I decided to say it early. I'm usually late for everything.

I've also came to announce the starting of yet another story blog, Wish Book. I have yet to post the first chapter but it will come quickly, I promise. But not this weekend...But before next weekend.

I have also a new job, but I think I will quit before I start. It is selling knives and unfortunatly it is to sell to your friends and family first and to be frank I don't think any of them need high quality knifeware in their lives at the moment. I think it will be a failure before it starts, so why try? *sigh*

I have also been accepted into school! Now I can go out and get further into debt for something that *MIGHT* help me in the future...I'm starting to get tired of these type of ventures. However, it will prove to me once again that I'm not too old to go to school and meet new people.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I like dressing up, yes I do!

I'm giving you the right to not go through the hundred and forty some posts and uploading some pics of me up onto the internet. *Gasp in horror and die* I know, I said that I would never do such a thing but since I stole a pikky from other peoples, I figure that the internet already has my picture on it so what's the harm in putting a few more on it?
Lets see there is Animethon 2005...Guess who I am *hehehe* Gosh I hates that picture...

And then getting ready for Bellerose Anime Festival and being there at the school...

I'm a moogle if no one can figure that out ~Sighs~ The corset was tight and a pain by the time I got home but i would do it again by yar! I have a lot of people who had saved their game. I so want to do that again at a bigger con!

Yes I love being able to cosplay...If I had unlimited fundage and talent I would go around to every con and dress up...And buy more anime and manga than I already have...And more souvenirs than I already have...I should post them too when I finish organizing my stuff. I don't want to be a complete slob in front of the internet peeps do I?

Talking about peeps I love those marshmallow yellow bundles of doom. I eat their heads first...Does anybody else do that? Easter...The last venue to get chocolate before Halloween, which if I don't get out of the house before then I probably be out trick-or-treating again...Amazingly out here no one cares how old you are and dumps enough candy to have a diabetic coma in the car with. Frankly stating me sister and I gots a green garbage bag full each, and we came home early and got out late. Even still, I think my peers don't look too highly for me continuing to do that and I'm setting a bad example. Oh well free candy!

Monday, April 06, 2009

My House Eats Stuff! And Matters of the Heart....

One would think that if there was something missing that one could go back to the one spot that you last had it and it's not there. You go looking around a simular place and it's not there. Look at an unusual spot that one would find it and it's not there. Stuff gets eatten, and it's not only at my place I find but at the most other people's places at well. It's sad how much stuff goes missing within the wilds of other stuff. Oh wait...Hey!!!

It was right here all along...

Anyways I've been devouring books at a great amount, so much that the librarian is afraid to call me anymore since I bring in and check out about 20 books every time and visit her at least once a week. Even though most of the books that I take out has been in the junior or Young adult but I've found that they have more varied amount of topics than the adult books. Even still I've been reading some adult books as well as some non-fiction as well. One of which is Marley and Me, the book that the movie was based on. It made me laugh and cry and remember because one of my own dogs was so much like Marley that I wonder if he could be a brother in mentality because there would be no way for him to be brother in blood.

But of course I haven't been able to choose the greatest of pets in my lifetime. The first pet that I had all on my own was Snowflake Obsidian (Name of a rock)And she lived to her name. She was as dumb as a rock and often (vocally) came to pester the whole household whenever she was outta water, food or needed her washroom cleaned. Even though she wondered when she was going to be attacked by my sister or a dog she raced away only to glance around the corner to see if one was following so that the chase could continue. She often latched herself to the top of our curious dog, Healy, head. I always found it funny to pry off her claws from the head of an animal whose head is larger than the cat herself. She was small and liked hiding in areas away from our grasp so sometimes we find a clump of her fur in the most unlikest of places. I'm waiting until we pull up the floor of the house and find all of her cat toys that she stashed in the vents.
And then there is the two dogs. Buddy (the gray one on the left) and Healy (The black one on the right) Buddy came to us as a stray drop off that had some major issues. When he finally wouldn't leave I gave him a bath and found that someone had shot him with a paintball. Later I found that a lot of people of a certain nationality like shooting dogs with paintballs, pellet guns and even rifles. A lot of them show up in the pounds with need of major surgery and in the end some had to be put down because of this. It was possible that Buddy was one of these dogs, or just wondered into the way of someone playing on one of the acreages here. Either way he was too friendly for his own good and loved his food. He was useless as far as doing dog duties ie. barking when people arrived, playing any sort of game...We also found out that we couldn't keep him pinned in at all. He would climb out of wire cages, find his way out of wooden fences...

And then there was Healy... We had him since he was a pup and he was the most strangest puppy that I've met in a long time. When he was first brought home he didn't chew on shoes, instead he fell asleep on mine, and only mine, and slept with his nose firmly planted in it. His front paws were twice the size of his back paws (Which was the size of them all the way until he died) and a tongue that was far too large for his mouth. He was a good sniffer for sure and we always joked that he should've been trained as a drug dog for the police. He liked playing frisbee and hockey, even getting so much that he would body check someone in order to get to the fabled prize: the puck or ball or anything that he so desired. I guess it would be the part of retriever or Great Dane in him that made him so good at it. Even though getting the puck, or ball back away from him is something that is difficult to do.
Also like Marley in the book he would destroy things when it came to a storm or fireworks. Unthankfully it was Buddy who taught him to be afraid. It was until we got Buddy that we started to run into problems. He destroyed form ply and wire fencing, until his bullheadedness would force himself out. The last winter we had him it was hard on his hips so that it was cruel to tie him up anymore. He still liked to play and track down milkbones and even when his sight and hearing went he still would come to my whistle. When you come to own a dog as long as I did Healy it's hard not to think that a dog ages when they still are doing the things he did as a puppy. I once found my arthritic dog curled up on my shoes, snoring away. It made me smile.

And then there is Snookums. She trained Buddy to lay down whenever she commanded so she could lay on top of him. She's now 12 and lordess of this property. Weither it be wild dogs, other cats or even a passing fox she launches herself into attack mode and chases them off. After losing Healy and Buddy this year we have been lucky to still have her around, still playful (to attacking falling leaves, snow and her own tail) and loving. She was another stray that was left behind when a neighbor took off in the middle of the night. While our other neighbor will feed any wild cat, he assumes that she's ours. It didn't help that she had to wear a tick collar last year because we found her with a couple of the parasites bounding off of her *Uuugh* Now she's clear and even five minutes ago she was happily tracking down the fox to chase it off the property.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The name of my blog is how I feel today...

Confused and Confuddled is all that explains all my actions that I am now placing myself on the path that is laid out before me. Now that I have said that extreme amount of nothingness I shall elaborate on it. *blarg* Okay it goes like this: I have gone to the point that I could be now editing and compressing the story of Sinclair of Twin earth (See Here if this makes no sense to you) So I'm now at the crossroads in the whole episode that I could start production of the manga/graphic novel immediately but I have to state that the world of Twin Earth isn't built yet. This comes to the meaning that over the last few years I have spent time working on the mini-story that is placed in the scenery of another world that I have built in a novel form that I haven't worked on or thought of for years. So my concern is now should I leave everything on hold and work slowly on production of the graphic novel and work on publishing the novels and finishing all the tales that are just now sitting in a two inch binder and wait to publish it at the same time. I fret and worry about these kinds of things all the time, and in the end I always get screwed around by bad publishers or agents.

The desire to be known to the general public is strong but I don't want to be in the spotlight, par se. I have seen many artist desire this as well. I think it comes down to that there is something that drives our creations to be wanting to be in the spotlight but the artist (writer) themselves want to disappear under the shadow of the creation. However, there always come some amount of even the minutest artist that pokes out, even if they hide under another creation, a name that they write/draw under. This is some part of them that they as a person could point over and go "Hey it's not me, it's him/her", but it's still not a real person. I've toyed with writing and drawing under a different name, mainly because I can't come up with a writers signature for my own name. Lame excuse isn't it? In all seriousness I have to admit that my name came from a character in a book, and that in itself has to imply that I am simply a character in my own rights.
Okay I'm going to stop that rant because I will only write myself back in a full circle and that will not come to any conclusion.

I wonder how people would react if I put my hair up with pens and pencils at work...

Does anybody know how those preloaded VISA or MASTERCARDs work? Will they work online for stuff, say on e-bay or elsewhere? I have read that they are accepted anywhere they accept VISA/MASTERCARD but I'm not sure if that includes the internet...I'm really paranoid about using my real card on the online shops so I'm interested if I get a card with a set amount on it and use it if it would work...That way if someone gets my number on the preloaded card, I'm only screwed out of the balance and no more.

And in the end does anybody really, really care?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Online Personalities and Paperwork....

It's tax time again and it's time to do all that FUN paperwork once again... That means I pull apart my desk, causing many avalanches in the process. Meanwhile there is always something missing or something that has to be called upon or something that has to faxed away. I was good and got (most) of it done. (Yay me!) Meanwhile I have found a piece of paper that informed me that there is a few people who would like me to write about my online personalities, so all you lucky people you all get a first hand experience into my online life. Well of two characters of it...

Lalita Mae
Lalita Mae, sister of Guinivere Redwolf, a person that was a FW of the plains. Lalita Mae went from Ar to the forests of Gor. There she was accepted by the panther girls of Tri-Moons. After a few years a few Panther Girls and her went off and created the proud band of Wild Woods. There she was a High Girl and was a famed hunter of larls and Panthers. (and sometimes Males as well). A craver and healer by trade, many of the services of both provided gold and other liquid assets to the Band. Lost her position in the Band due to RT loss of password and other distractions. Is now a Free Panther looking for a new band due to the closure of Wild Woods.

Kami Akai
(Pic drawn a long time ago...2006...I should update it) A red head magician used only on Armitage Dimention. Closest to me in personality but has the ability to use any of the spells on Final Fantasy as well as the Dragon Slave from Slayers (Lina Inverse), usually for the betterment of the CB. Usually I am either at work or at home with a slow internet connection that makes it impossible for quick interaction, or even being constant in a conversation. Occassionally can change forms between human, cat, but mostly fox: A form of a form changing spell. Yeah nothing else to say about her...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things are being annoying....Again!

It's time for revenge of the annoying...
#1. Telus has been double billing us. The dumb butts were threatening to ruin my credit and we finally settled down to do our taxes and found out that there was an internet charge on the phone bill. So they've been charging two different bills for one service. Therefore we must complain to a real person in which is something I dislike doing. I'll complain online but when it actually comes to complaining to a person then I really hate doing it.

#2. Vehicles. That's it. It's done. The poor grey beast drove it's last trip. The starter has a problem that requires the removal of the transmission and that means that it's too much for me to do considering the cost of the car. I wouldn't drop a transmission on a vehicle that I really like I'm not doing it to one that I don't overly care for.

#3. Other peoples negative waves. This sounds so hippish but it's not that far from the truth. Lately I've seen so many negatives waves get thrown around that I'm soon going to be bringing out my hammer of supreme justice on people. That or at least a swift kick in the ass. I thrive for positive words and I try to push on trying to make it so that others hear positive things as well. That makes it difficult in todays world, where there is worldwide problems and everyone has to hear about them. Meanwhile everything that is going on with the world makes me more and more wanting to be a nationalist and say "F You!" to the rest of the world. To me that might cause some more problems as a worldwide trader but it might help the people in our own country.

#4. Now Hiring signs. There are so many Now Hiring signs all over the place but as soon as you drop off your resume the people say, "Oh we're not hiring right now." "It's been slow so we might not be hiring." It's one way or the other people! You either ARE hiring or NOT. There is no other way to look at it. Why should you have a "Now hiring" sign in the window if you're not hiring? Face the facts people! If you don't have a job take down the bloody sign, when there is a job there, put the sign back up. What is that going to cost you in the long run? A piece of paper and some tape. Not like the piss-me-off like having a sign for a position that isn't there.

#5. Internet applications. "Oh we are hiring but we cannot take your application here, you have to apply online." Oh how I want to smack the person who invented internet applications. No even worse than that, I want to put them through a meat grinder when they are still alive, cook the meat, feed it to pigs and then burn the pig waste. Maybe feed it to the pigs a second time. If they only knew how long it took for someone on dial-up to fill in an online application form they might've put the whole thing at least on one page, but no. The people have to split up the resume that it had to break everything down into tiny little pieces so that a 15 question application would take 2 1/2 hours to fill in. RAWR! The only promise that I wish Chrietian (Our last prime minister) stuck with is that everyone would have access to high speed internet, but no that wasn't a high priority. We had to have something like gun registry, which is the stupidist thing I have ever heard of. A person could build a gun with pipe and no register it. Also what type of criminal would commit a crime with a registered weapon. Also it's not as if the weapon had to have a bullet sent in so it's marked. Anyways....

#6. People saying they will do anything for the environment. Bull Crap! Here is a picture from last years inventory of the recycled cartridges:(Neat huh?) But this year we had only 1/5th of the cartridges of that of last year. I doubt that there is only 1/5th of the people printing out there. Also there has been a decrease in our output due to the fact that no one uses our services. I would also like to inform people that there is very few printers that have INCREASED their output in the last few years. More than a few have actually made the cartridges SMALLER even though their size hasn't decreased. Complicated isn't it? That's what the corporations want you to think. Many of the new printers come with half filled cartridges so you have to go out and buy another cartridge right away. Another thing the printer corporations love doing is give out large print capacities on the boxes of their cartridges but only base that on a 5% cover rate. That is a stupid amount because 5% isn't really much at all.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Internet life has been getting pretty odd...

If anybody ever asks I never add anyone onto my MSN...So why is it that there is always about ten people who add me everyday? It's not as if I have given out my email addy in a long time either. I have had in the past someone add me to yell at me for being quicker than them to get the assigned email address but now it's just odd. On the one hand I want to block them all so that I wouldn't have to talk to them online, but in the end I add them for the fact that there are lots of people out there that know my email and I don't want to black anyone that I may have some association to, unless their name is in a different language.
This brings me to the point of the point. Where are they getting this info and what are they planning on doing with it? Is it mass terrorism of the masses? Probably not. I have lots of people MSNing me for a one night stand. Where on earth would they think that I'm even into that kind of thing? Sorry to inscribe a disturbing image into peoples minds but I'm not into that. Even so there is a message every two hours, like clockwork, asking me to click on this link so that I can "hook up" with a nearby single person. Give me a break.

On another note, anyone know of any RP chat sites? The one that I was chatting on forever has closed down permanently. I'm saddened by the fact, due to the mistake of a password and username I was unable to sign in to the site for about a year and I was able to sign in, just in time for it to shut down. It is difficult to find one in which people are satisfied with simple script and not something that has their own character running around on screen. An example of what I'm talking about would be WoW (And if you don't know what I'm talking about get back under that rock you're living under and die). Meanwhile the "old fashioned" chat rooms are dying out. Call me old school but that is what I'm used to and it was the newest fangled thing out there when I first came onto the internet. Dial-up was speedy then too. Wow I'm aging myself aren't I? Either way I'm depressed that I have to find another site, establish a persona and everything once more. I had a good set of people to RP with unfortunately with the invention of the new style of chatrooms, RL and "accidents" happening to their characters the room died and now is gone.

The last thing that I am tired of is that whenever one goes job-hunting online anymore there is very few postings that will actually give you a physical address to go down to and submit your resume. I'm tired of employers thinking that could save time by running email scanner bugs and search out certain words in a resume and in those words they will find the perfect person. If that was true then there would be more dictionaries in the work force. In all seriousness though I thought to try to apply online and it took me more than two hours to perform a simple application! These websites are not built for people that are stuck on dial-up and I think that the bandwidth or whatever it is called for the internet in general is going to suffer as a result. To put this into perspective; when the internet was new the pages were simple and essentially not nice to look at. Then came simple graphics that were quick to load... Then came the real killer, the websites that one has to load a moving graphic that is in high quality to even enter the site. I really hate those, it takes me so long to access the site to see if it even relevant to what I'm looking for that I could've done so many more tasks in the meantime.

Oh well it all comes with change.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hating you makes me have a warm fuzzy feeling inside...

I have to laugh at that saying everytime I see it on the happy bunny items.
But it's true.

I have taken the time to actually read some of my own blogs and I realize I hate stuff.
Lots of stuff.

Some of the top of my list is,
My Boyfriend...And especially his parents....

Oh yes there is a lot more but that is just one of the things that make me happy. I have supreme pleasure out of hating things. Does this make me a bad person? Probably. Will I recieve treatment for this condition? Definely not. A lot of people say to do things that make you happy and hating the world seems to be one of those things for me. Yay!

As for other things...The weather has been retarded. The radio even says that mothernature around here is going through menapause. It's going from nice, to windier than hell, to snowing but otherwise nice, to windy, to freezing ass cold, to nice and then, just in time for me to work, going to snow. In a week there is a chance that it will peek out to a 16 degrees above zero. I'm scepticial but if it would happen we would have over a 50 degree swing in a matter of a week. I'm sick of it myself.

I broke another starter in half in my car. I have spent more in towing in the last month than the original cost of the flipping thing. To make matters worse is that I loaded the bottles from work into it and didn't take them out. I have over $30 sitting in the trunk. Anyone want to steal it now?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

New year, New bitch

Lately I've been ignoring my emails, due to the fact that every time I open them there is a huge pile of sorting just waiting to spring upon me with hungry time-wasting jaws. Everything from real truly important emails to the time wasting moronic speed dating ones...Oh we can't forget about the Viagra emails that have interesting short paragraphs at the top that if one puts them all together makes a pretty funny romance novel. gah. Either way who on earth has the innitive or time to go around making these emails that waste time for everybody else to clear out their accounts and delete them in the end? Also I would love to find out how they get my email accounts in the first place. I bet random hackers go around and investigate one's computer and if they don't find anything interesting they grab all your email accounts and sell them off to spammers! Stupid spammers. I've ranted about them before to various people but after a while they left me alone but now they are back stuffing my obscenely huge email folder full of the daily pills, scams and other useless information that I have to (slowly) file through and delete.

On other rants we bought a new snowracer to replace the snowfox that was demolished last year in a spectacular fall off of mount grindy. I shoulda got that one on film, oh well. In it's primer run the snowracer broke it's handle, throwing Kim off of it. Simply to say that the older technology lasted almost 20 years versus maybe 20 minutes (set-up time included) and it wasn't as if we lauched her off the huge snowbank that we had last year...It was only off the snow covered hill and not a built up snowpile. There goes any of our hopes of making a run that came off the house roof.

Stupid skates. I wanted to go skating this year and see if I could handle it with a failing knee and if I could we could build a rink in the backyard. Why not it was really good weather for it with it dipping into the neg 30s. So went looking for them. Never found them. Neither did we find Ben's skates. Betting dollars to doughnuts we'll find them in the summer when it's plus 30 out. I could almost guarantee that.

I've finally resigned myself to going back to school. If that happens then I will have NO outside life for the next 2 years. However I'm OK with that. Kim on the other hand isn't as welcome to the idea. She wants to a bunch of cons over the next year and I'm not sure if I could afford to go, but I do go I already have most of my next costume ready unless I think of a new idea for cosplay.

So it's on the job hunt again. Even though many people are crying out recession and such I think it's only a cry made out by the journalists that is causing most of this downfall here in Canada. To think it through there is a lot of help wanted signs all over the place and it's not as if the people are responding to it. The people out there is just getting too greedy for their own good and wouldn't take the lower paid jobs even though they are offered. On the other hand large companies are looking at their pocketbooks and not the desires of their customers to increase their profits. An example of which is the American Car Companies. Their cars are now riddled with expansive repairs that could only be done with their technicians and their designs are ugly. This isn't only my point of view but many of the people who I've talked to. Face it cars out there right now are dangerous, unreliable and downright UGLY. I'm not talking like the fat girl with braces I'm talking beaten with an ugly stick until it has hair only in patches, 700 hundred pounds with one tooth, cross eyed, puke and three day old food on its chest and no discernible language ugly.
*Clears throat* so back to the main topic of this part of the rant I'm off job begging once more. I really hate to do that but face it with tumbling debt and desire to go back to school I cannot afford to stay at the job that I'm at. There is also a little more to that but I'm going to hold back today with it.
Well I'm done and this will take long enough to make into a blog *shakes a fist* stupid dialup.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's been a couple months hasn't it?

Sorry for not keeping up with this blog a lot has been happening over the last two months.
First of all I was writing for NaNoWriMo for the month of November. I tried to complete it but found out that I had no interest in the story after half way into it. Next year I should just work on something that I have well planned, not just an extension of a story I wrote in the seventh grade. Either way I got further than I did last year and that makes me happy. I'm now working on three other stories and hopefully that will keep me interested for a while.

Other news we had to put down Buddy. It was hard but the best for him. That all what matters. So we are now on the hunt for another dog, hopefully something fluffy, but not too small. We had seen a few puppies that interested us but we haven't actually went to see them. The internet is a wonderous thing.

Then come Christmas. This year was busier than usual. First off I had to actually spend some time at Ben's family this year. That meant that the Christmas at my household had to be put on hold. Also to note that I have had enough turkey that I don't want to see the bird for another seven months at least! So I spent Christmas and Boxing Day with Ben's family and extended family. As for Christmas at home, we were still opening gifts on Saturday, after work. I think people spoiled each other once more, but it was all in good fun. We got the tree three weeks ahead of the holiday and all that equated to is that we were three hours earlier than usual. How crazy is that?

Also welcome to the cold weather. How I hate it. I've so far had a frozen car three out of four Saturdays. It's not fair! I even tried to start them and let them run but to no avail. Hopefully it will snap soon or I'll be hibernating and not going out for a job until April, and I need the money. *Growls*

I'm going back to school! People wonder why I'm going to go back, well it's because of the accident. They still haven't fixed my eyesight and therefore I wouldn't be going back to work like I am so back for retraining. Well I'm off hopefully I will be on with another post soon.