Saturday, June 27, 2009

People effects other people.

I make that as a statement and nothing more...Perhaps it is because it is more than not true to everyone. A universal truth. As narcastic as our society becomes the more this hold true. The effect that one person in a day could change the mental drive for the rest of the day. Those who don't think so probably haven't worked in retail, where you will meet some of the most wonderful and horrible people in the world. The more society looks upon itself as a "Me" driven world the more crappy days people will have.
For example if there was a neutral day, people will come buy their goods and continue on their way without any worry to the ripple effect that they carry along the way. I think that I try to go along with this middle of the line or slightly above the line in order to have the people who have served me not have a terrible day due to my courses of action. Sometimes this backfires and some people may think I was acting snobbish or rude but I try not to rock the boat too much.
However if there was a day that started neutral it usually can be changed from the actions of ONE individual, weither they were horrid or extremely nice could change the viewpoint of the rest of the day. Usually to the crappier with bad minded people. I have figured through my many years as working as a cashier that there is about one nice person, I mean REALLY nice, to about seven crappy people. I think this is due to the fact that the passing of a bad mood is more catagious than that of a happy mood. It takes people so long to get out of a depression and only a moment to fall into it. This could be from another individual or from a situation that cannot be avoided.


King Ashura said...

I know what you mean... *works in retail; hopefully not forever* -_-
The bad customers really scare me, I always get all flustered and keep dropping change, or confusing everything they wanted done, like bagging something they specifically asked me not to bad...x_x
But I agree with the "me driven" society point you made. I still think it's something that's very Western - but it seems that this individualistic-bug is getting to the other parts of the world too. Slowly, for sure, but it's interesting to watch people change when they move to this part of the world. o_o Almost scary...

Kami Akai said...

Awww *huggles* You shouldn't let them get to you too much either that you'll go nuts.
There's more societies that are going into the same thinking as us? O_O scary.