Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blogger I still hate you but...

I am still getting used to the new style that blogger has and in that I am still hating it.  But in some ways it makes me feel as though another step has been taken away from the mainstream and in that fashion it has taken away all that I have to worry about people reading this and tying it to my true life.  That is everyone who now reads this blog has seen some part of me that I do not show those who know me well.  Those who know me well do not read further into my life than they feel comfortable and in some ways scares them.  This I know.  I miss those who I could be myself around at all times something fierce, but there are times I wish I could follow them but I must turn away and plod along on the path that I am now forced to follow.

Sorry for being confusing.  Sometimes confusion brings sanity in the mists of chaos.

Either way I have those who I have made up to keep me company.
As for that, I worry about the plots that the sisters are planning.  Ferniand has been eerily quiet, giving no word on the tasks that she has in the works from about 400AD to 1930AD.  Alarice had gone into hiding after her encounter with Maure and taking back Cecillia.  Maure has been the only one that has been feeding me any information that continues the story.  Meanwhile John has been ironing out some of the minor details that has caused his arc to collaspe.  Freak I know more what's going on in an imaginary world than my own.

About that I am completely broken away from the modern world!  No tele makes me so disjointed with what's going on that I don't even know that it's smoky outside, because it's not smoky here at home.  But in town it is sapposably bad.  I didn't know that a stage collasped and killed two people in TO until a radio told me over three weeks later.  Damned broadcasting companies declairing that we need to be digital, now I have no TV and my internet still sucks major dung!

Now I am entering another Animethon and this year I have time for a costume but all that I wish to dress up as had some sort of malfunction that makes it difficult.  Oh well I might drop back and dress up in one of my other costumes.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Why must things change?

OK I know I haven't been blogging as much as I would like or as much as I should.  Sorry Real Life is still being a hair up my nose and I appologize.  Either way I doubt that this message will meet with those who I personally know and would respond back anyways, but I still say sorry.

First off, why did blogger change?  It looks stupid now for publishing.  Go away for a bit and they change things on me.

Second thing that has changed and I am starting to really miss now is Shonen Jump.  In April they concluded their monthly magazine in order to present everything online.  Fine and dandy but you pay to read it online and it expires, therefore it doesn't stick around forever.  Secondly, if I wanted to read manga online I would've forgone BUYING Shonen Jump and all the other hard copy magazines that proudly line my bookshelves and went to mangafox or any other fan converted manga site and got them for free.  I'm tired of comic book companies believing that if they force the online issue that everyone will bleet and go like little sheep over to the internet.  There is still perople who love the smell and feel of paper, the freedom of being without a screen.  But I guess I'm now too old fashioned for everything that is new and now!

Either way I will stop my rants short because this new publishing thing with blogger is bugging me so I bid you all adieu!