Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm Alive...Well kinda...A post about writing.

Well it has been over a year, and the postmaster has come back from the wherever I had pulled myself into over the last what 15 months?
Yeah, its not that large of a post for I have not really much to say.  Writing for my own personal life has become difficult over the last few years and today it isn't much better.  I rather enjoy writing to escape, for life has indeed become something that is unenjoyable.  While living in the bodies of my characters, I make life unpleasant for them that gives me momentary pleasure, I find that I've been delving more and more into the fantasy and retreating from the everyday.  This happened many times in my life, for I've always been the social outcast, easy to hate upon, with wide enough shoulders to take the hate and move forwards.
Meanwhile I have been trying to hold back from writing out of sheer desperation to get something out of my mind.  NaNoWriMo had gotten something out of my mind but I have another scene that I wish to write but like a kid at Christmas I have to wait until the time comes that I can write the meat of the story that leads up to the specific scene.  Then in the end I rush through the meat of the story and is forced to go back and flesh it out even more than I did originally.  I am unsure if other writers face this problem, but since my characters are more real to me than the "real" world, I worry about if I got them correct or if I got the feelings of them right.  It is similar to describing your parents when they are out of the room.  You know what they look like and can pick them out of a crowded room, but can you describe them enough to have another pick them out?  Enough to visualize them?  That is a task for writer to accomplish.
But for now I must wait.
And for now I will sign off again, this time with no promises of being back.