Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eeep and sorry...

I just realized that I have been ignoring all that has happened over the last month that I haven't even updated my blogger! Oh noes! Everyone hates me nows... *sits in a corner and crys*

Well lets get the updating caught up...

December: Work work work, between the paper and the other job I barely was able to get the Christmas crap done. Eeep eep eep.

January: Got fired. Yep got fired. I'm none too impressed, but past that I wouldn't get too much further into it, other than the boss lady wanted to fire me and not let me go. I say this because I had a better offer and when I brought it up she begged me to stay. So in other words She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch! I really don't say many things bad about people but sometimes when the spade is present one has to call it black.
So it's job hunting. A thing almost every person in the world hates to do. The interviews the passing of information to parties that you are sure that are looking for people but aren't sure that the person that they are looking for is you. The constant smiles and thank-yous. Who really likes doing this? If that person is you I shall give you a gold star. Cause it's not for me.
Also I'm now a year older, yes my birthday is in January. I say this in the most depressing tone that one can give over the conveyance of text. I can say this: Birthdays suck. I'm sure if it wasn't for the electronic age of reminders via some processor in the states a lot of people would forget about it even though I may remind them in a better mood at an earlier date. Truth be known I never had the ripping roaring birthday that others younger than myself have, upon my 18th birthday I was behind my desk, studying, wishing that the day could be strucken from the calander. Days of school has passed and it still holds true. Perhaps it's just getting to lonely in this courner of the world. Other than my guy I can honestly say that I haven't had a phone call from anyone in over a month. Everyone is reverting to text and emails. I really can't say I'm much better for the calling, but I feel as if I'm imposing on people who are indefinatly more busy than myself. For instance the only person to comment on this blog has been a spanish spammer. Yay. Anyways for birthdays, I can live without them, save for the calorie heavy ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen. *Drool*
I have also been moving around items of furniture and getting to the dark, spider infested areas of my room. This is a major task, for it is something that I lothe to the very pits of my
soul, save for birthdays.

The problem with moving things is stuff. I have tons of stuff. I look now at a desk overflowing with stuff. Over it on the floor is a pile of more stuff, and on another one of my desks even more stuff. I have stuff in boxes, totes and bags. Stuff is piled to the flipping ceiling and around my bed. Stuff in shelves, stuff in other stuff, and plainly I have too much stuff. Stuff I haven't seen in years and stuff I have to get rid of, stuff that I treasure and stuff I dispise. Stuff is something I got for Christmas, Birthdays and anniversarys. I have so much stuff that other stuff gets lost in it. I declaire that I will not want any more stuff, but then they come out with more stuff and then I want that stuff and therefore I buy that stuff and add it to my stuff I already have. There is stuff that I will need and there is stuff that I still want. But the true worry of mine is how will I move all my stuff into another place and fit it all back together? There will be a time where my stuff will overrun any place I should declare home. I worry about people taking my stuff, who has my stuff and who will get the stuff I buy for their Christmas, birthday or anniversary? Stuff is everywhere but stuff defines us, shows our tastes, likes and sometimes deslikes. Stuff can be simple and stuff can be complex. I love stuff, and causes a huge problem: too much stuff. So you know what? Stuff it.