Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's been a couple months hasn't it?

Sorry for not keeping up with this blog a lot has been happening over the last two months.
First of all I was writing for NaNoWriMo for the month of November. I tried to complete it but found out that I had no interest in the story after half way into it. Next year I should just work on something that I have well planned, not just an extension of a story I wrote in the seventh grade. Either way I got further than I did last year and that makes me happy. I'm now working on three other stories and hopefully that will keep me interested for a while.

Other news we had to put down Buddy. It was hard but the best for him. That all what matters. So we are now on the hunt for another dog, hopefully something fluffy, but not too small. We had seen a few puppies that interested us but we haven't actually went to see them. The internet is a wonderous thing.

Then come Christmas. This year was busier than usual. First off I had to actually spend some time at Ben's family this year. That meant that the Christmas at my household had to be put on hold. Also to note that I have had enough turkey that I don't want to see the bird for another seven months at least! So I spent Christmas and Boxing Day with Ben's family and extended family. As for Christmas at home, we were still opening gifts on Saturday, after work. I think people spoiled each other once more, but it was all in good fun. We got the tree three weeks ahead of the holiday and all that equated to is that we were three hours earlier than usual. How crazy is that?

Also welcome to the cold weather. How I hate it. I've so far had a frozen car three out of four Saturdays. It's not fair! I even tried to start them and let them run but to no avail. Hopefully it will snap soon or I'll be hibernating and not going out for a job until April, and I need the money. *Growls*

I'm going back to school! People wonder why I'm going to go back, well it's because of the accident. They still haven't fixed my eyesight and therefore I wouldn't be going back to work like I am so back for retraining. Well I'm off hopefully I will be on with another post soon.