Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't trust people who can't draw just to look.

It's true. I had the other day I was waiting for Ben with a friend of his and as I am prone to do, I doodled, but this time the doodle had evolued into something I was starting to have a bit of pride into. When he goes "Let me see." Okay I can fix minor hand dragging, especially since it was not completed and even though it was done on soft paper. Fine. But the one thing that cannot be fixed easily is a hard drawn line in a wrong place. What did he do to my horror. "He grabbed a pencil that was laying on the table and went and drew hair in a dark line and said it was a ponytail with a scrunchie. Between the desire to cry and the desire to push him out of his wheelchair and take off with it, leaving him in a useless pile, I took an eraser and erased at the heavy mess.

Nonetheless I couldn't get all of it out and therefore she has a mountain comming out of her head.

Oh yeah feel the crappiness. I like it but not. I really wish that I had more than a crappy automatic pencil with me or at least a 8B and a 9H as well. Just shows that I will need to pack a little heavier to actually get all the effects I want out of drawing.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anime Convention Information

This post is for Mel whom I don't know how much information she wants.
To tell truth the NEXT convention is this weekend, where is another story.
Here are the places and dates and names of the CANADIAN anime conventions that I could find.

Otafest - University of Calgary - Calgary - May 19, 20

Anime North - Toronto - Double Tree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto Congress Centre, Renaissance Toronto Airport Hotel (Huge Ass Convention) - May 25-27

Northern Anime Festival - Durham College Oshawa, Ontario - July 14-15

Ai-Kon - Winnipeg Convention Centre - July 27-29

Garden City Anime Festival - Sadly Cancelled again *sniffle*

Otakuthon - Concordia University - Montreal Quebec - August 4&5

Animethon - Grant MacEwan, City Centre, Edmonton - August 10-12

Anime Evolution - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (Vancouver) B.C. - August 17-19

Ones that have already passed:
Animaritime - New Brunswick (Location sometimes change - Feb
Kei-Kon - Victoria B.C.
Toronto Anime Con
Nishikaze - Lethbridge, A.B.

Now realize that these are the ones that are in the field of being an actual con. These ones also breed other ones in the area, usually held by small groups. I know that there were flyers handed out at Animethon last year for various ones held on the west end, St. Albert and Sherwood Park, however these "cons" are limited to a few people usually within or under the 1000 mark, with some only having two viewing rooms. I know that the people who hold Otafest in Calgary usually have other anime/Japanese events planned throughout the year. If you are one to travel however, the con run in the states is huge and *almost* weekly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beware of the crazies living in your underwear drawer.

I don't know about myself and my choice of titles. Actually I thought of that saying yesterday as I was filing papers and it snaked into my mind. It made me laugh.

Is anyone into heroes? Yayness for me for catching the last half of the show on Monday, it makes me interested in what they are going to proceed with the rest of the series. Is it true that they do not save the world? Or is Hiro going to be able to change fate? Verra exciting and I can't wait to catch the rest of the season *if* I can remind myself that it's on and *if* Global decides to play it in order. I'm now on the semi hunt for the first season box set due to the fact that it is one that in my opinion should be devoted time and effort into watching it in a solid run. And maybe I can get Ben into it, because at the moment he has no interest in watching what he calls "junk". Okay Heroes fans go ahead cream him, I will hold someones hair back so they can pummel him without eatting hair.

House is my major show. I was shocked yesterday when someone finally DIED! Usually per episode they try to kill someone at least 2-3 times, especially apparent in the first season (which I still have yet to open my box set). That show I have yet to miss a show of, thanks to the fact that everyone in my house is hooked on it, even dad, and now I got Ben hooked too, so whenever I'm over there I can watch it on his PVR. Still have yet to convince him to record Heroes. *Lets the mob by for some much needed boyfriend squishing* I love my weekly dose of the cranky doctor, who growing fancy with porn is making me grin even now as I sit here. "There is a lot of porn on the internet, it doesn't download itself you know."

I now wonder what they will replace my Apprentice with. Now for those who are about to turn their sticks on me wait just one second. I really couldn't give two flying F***s about Trump. In my opinion he is a little skewed on his thinking but sometimes powerful people are like that. I'm not going to get into the hair thing and yes, Rosie your fat and ugly and glad that once again you are getting effectivly booted from the View. Anyways back to the task. I enjoyed watching that show for the fact that it always amazes me on what they have to do. The car washes, the selling of lemonade, tours, real estate, car sales, art. Either way it shows actually if someone really put their mind to it as well carry a bit of crisma they can get ahead in the world. It really motivates me, even though that motivation dies quickly I would probably buy the series if it came out on DVD for the sole reason for picking up on the ideas and the motivation that these people are really pushing for. Hell it might get me motivated enough to get a bunch of people together and do one of those crazy stunts, like the car wash.

To tell truth past those shows I watch only the Simpsons and Family Guy on a regular basis. I'm so pressed for time that its hard to find the energy to watch tele. That sounds stupid but it is true. Having nothing but peasant television makes it painful to watch all the idiotic shows out there. Also with most shows now being series instead of stand alone shows, they need more divotion to the show than I have interest in showing. Really I'm not into dramas and eventually mysteries drop my interest. There is so few shows out there that I'm interested in anymore I think I can almost drop my tv viewing habit for good. That is, of course, if a really interesting show comes up.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A bit of time before I really should do something more constructive

Good Monday.
Once again it is the quiet time before I have to start actually putting my talents up to use.
Some days I think I must have a black shadow running in front of me making events move in strange ways. Don't get me wrong, work-wise I'm happy, tired, but happy. But while going through the local classifieds I noticed the first place I worked at as a graphic designer is hiring. I was asked if I was going to trade jobs once more and go back to that place. Sorry, no.
It's not as if I haven't traded crappy job for another crappy job but I had to keep my head low. Here I have stability. Many people in this job market would be searching and heading out for the high paying jobs that are seemingly just around the corner. Not myself. Not at this moment in time. This has been the highest I ever have gotten paid and I'm not breaking my back to gain this money. As well as the fact that I'm not completly burnt my day that I can't do some other project or work on the later hours of the day. Over at the other job the owners were talking that they wanted to sell the shop when they turned 65. If they stick to that schedule then the shop shall close in 2-3 years. Frankly I want to stay somewhere for at least 2 years and not think twice if I have to look for a job. It is at my own convenience.
Scary enough I don't think I'll see enough time to look for another job anyways. With working six days a week I'm wondering how I'm going to see the doctor, resign my realtors licence or even do my taxes. Sometimes I amaze myself that I can keep up with my chapter release timing some weeks, as the books of badly hand-written notes are starting to take over my desk, as well as the normal bills and outgoing mail that was sapposed to go out around Christmas. ((Sorry about that, you know who you are when you recieve them in the mail around November))

Friday, April 20, 2007

To be completly truthful.

I've been trying to think up a post all week but it is difficult to do so when all one does is work, eat and sleep with frequent bathroom breaks in between. I want to have a little more freedom that I once had a few months ago, but knowing me that would mean that I would be sleeping in and not doing anything exciting anyways due to the fact that I would be trying not to spend money. Which I'm happy to report that my total debt has gone down by a whooping 10%! I'm trying to keep afloat and pay everything off, which makes for a boring lifestyle. It's difficult to stay under the radar of using credit cards or whatever cash I have when fuel is so stupidly high. There is no reason for it being so high! The crude is low and the demand stabilized, none of the plants are under repair, natural disaster or other factor. After filling two tanks of gas and forking over more that $140 I turn to my mom and say "I think I need a third or fourth job." However that is a nasty cycle, due to the fact that we (my mom and I) are car pooling and if I had to get yet another job or two I would have to drive my own car and that means spending twice as much on fuel. No matter what they say it isn't a booming economy for a lot of people.

And now they are thinking of putting a percentage tax on sellers of homes. What type of crap is that? It's a money grab for the government. They say it is to help pay for the increase of building for the city. Sounds nice for those who are ignorant. Really the developers pay the city for a lot of the stuff they want for a subdivision, ex. power, roads etc. and some developers pass what they pay into the price of the property when they sell it. Therefore there is more tax payers whoes roads/sewers/whatever else the city pays for are new and not in need for repair. The general base tax they the "new" taxpayers pay should be increasing the funds without overly drawing that much off the tax pool, except for maybe in snow removal *LOL* but if it is like this winter the subdivisions were done as a in-between job for the plows before the next snowfall to do the major roadways. The arguement is that B.C. (sapposably) has the tax on selling a home. And if B.C. jumped off the cliff will you do so as well Alberta? I could understand if the city wants to make more money off the real estate industry but if they do they shouldn't be able to declare that it will be a percentage of a home's sale price that is too much. In my opinion it would be more fair for everyone if there was a flat rate, say $500/transaction. Therefore people could better prepare themselves for it and it wouldn't be such a huge chunk. Say even if the percentage was 1%. On a $400,000 home that tax would be $4000. It's not as if the average person is really making huge on this market, due to the fact that they still have to live SOMEWHERE and everywhere else isn't much cheaper in this area. So one has to spend what they get for their home, and sometimes even MORE, to get another home. *sigh* that is depressing.

Testriffic IQ test

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I don't know about anyone else out there in internet land but I have come to the realization that I'm either depressed or in need of at least one good night's rest.
The weather isn't helping either. Almost on time the clouds rolled in and in the typical Alberta fashion, did stupid weather. If you say this next sentance aloud that is what it did. "Wow it's not bad, hey a few raindrops, oh a monsoon, and yet it stopped. A few drops? Stupid weather, now it's more than the wipers can handle. Not a drop now. I hate Alberta. A few drops. Now it's completly dry, not a drop." Funny. But I missed a good sunset yesterday. I never have my camera on me when there is actually something interesting to take a picture of. But it was neat, the clouds were pink and looked as if someone painted them onto a dark blue canvus, the ones closest to a setting sun were bright yellow and various shades of orange. Of course I was five minutes from home, but in those five minutes it went from the natural splender of color to a dull flat darkness of dusk. It's sometimes so frustrating.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Goodness! It's Weekly!

For those who like to know the weather is acting very Albertan.

For those who don't know what that means that means that the weather changes every ten minutes or so. However this time I realized that the weather is working on weekly patterns. Thank you the ability to record weather patterns via blogger. Mwa ha ha ha.

If you haven't guessed it freaking snowing again.

It was almost green yesterday and now it is white.

The people on the radio (the bear) (the only station that come in on the minivan's radio) were addressing folks to come down to the pub to drink away the weather. Sorry. I'd be too drunk by the time the system passed over that there will be no way I'm driving in the sunlight. Okay that made no sence.

Oh talking about weekly things I know I don't have Chapter 14 posted. I was going to add something special but the computer crashed with me no saving it, so with my inner child having a temper tantrum I wouldn't be posting anything this week. As if that really matters to anyone anyways.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some days our goals are worth more than our lives...

I often wonder at that. I'm not huge on thing like that but there is someone whom I found while being bored that I think I needed to share:

If you need a smile after that read 8-bit theature which is a new link under my links.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It's snowing again.
It's hard to believe by looking out from my desk that there was green grass just two days ago. It's been snowing off and on, and has now covered everything with a blanket of white. I don't really mind. I think like every body else should; it's winter there is nothing I can do about it but not drive like an asshole. I pride myself in not having a recorded accident on my record and I'm desperatly trying to keep it that way. However if there was someone with slower reflexes, or sloppier brakes, there would be over four accidents on my record over the last month and a half.

People aren't looking where they are going. They run red lights. Turn when there is a sign saying 'do not turn'. Don't even slow down for a yield. Don't stop for a stop sign. Drunk drivers. Speeders. I'm getting sick of it. There is a non-emergency line for reporting crap like that, but is there any way to find it? NOOOOO! I looked it up in the phone book and the ones I have don't have it in it. I called the emergency number and they wouldn't give it to me, but told me to look it up in the phone book. Grr. It's enough to make one scream! Or at least get the new phone books.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

wow it's been a two days...

Yay it's Sunday!
To tell truth I think I should stop driving or something. I know that things happen and it's not my fault but it seems like every vehicle that I thouch get's something broken with it soon after.

But it's something that one has to laugh or cry or just kick something. I did all three. But not in that order.

Let me see. I went to work on Saturday with the minivan (yes it is the same one that I ripped the nose off of in grade 12) since I have yet to get new tires on Yub. (Whoes spare tire is now flat. Totally flat. Stupid thing. It dies.) And not willing to get another set at full Canadian Tire price. This week there is a sale so new tires for the front and let the ones on the front to go on the back and get burned off. Either way the tires will be burned off in about 10-15,000 km which is all I'm hoping for for the rest of the life of the car.

Anyways, I got there and it gives its normal puff or antifreeze smoke. No problem, it has been giving off small whiffs of smoke/steam for a long while. I just always hope that there isn't a cop around that will be looking at the nose of the van too closly and pull me over. Nevermind. But of course, at night, I was tooting along going towards Superstore and had to stop at the many lights in Spruce Grove. Billows of smokes comes out from under the hood. WTF? I turn around and race back to where I work and park it. But before then it stalled a few times. Wow. That sucks. So get it to work and it stalled just as I pulled up into a stall.

Ben was freaking, he never saw me mad at a vechicle, thought I was going to blow the engine, and generally wanted to be out of the van. I was almost willing to do it for him. Realize I never said anything about stopping.

So another car to dad, at least this one isn't at 1 a.m., telling of another car in need of rescue. I looked over the engine and laughed. I didn't know what I was looking for, especially when the back part of the engine is soaked and the front dry, the hood dripping with green ooze. It's something off a horror movie, but at least I'm not on some deserted back road. Then I kicked the van's bumper. (Who can blame me I was pissed.) Then I almost cried. I kicked it with my bad foot. I paid with that blast of anger with a bad throb in my foot for the rest of the night.

Well end in end, the engine isn't toasted, even though there wasn't any antifreeze or liquid in it at all when we went to get it. Took two antifreeze jugs of half mix and water to fill it, plus a little more. The whole case of a problem was that the hose running from the engine to the back towards the firewall. It was spraying it all over the engine, so that it burned off, and with movement it billowed under the car, but once stopped it flooded out of under the hood.

Five inches of hose. Causes a lot of trouble.