Saturday, March 03, 2012

Soba Bowl!

Once again sorry for the lack of posting. I just got Twin Earth back from editor #1 and there is many many many things that have to be repaired and added so there is a big draw on the small amount of computer time I have dealing with that. Hopefully I can get it ready for the summer of 2013, maybe even sooner. I have to be realistic about that date...Sorry for the lovers of my writings. Also the second book is in the concept stage and it is going to be another action packed one, I'm already excited to start on it but first the first one should take priority.

Anyways back to what I titled this blog about: Soba Bowl! We have new items that soon will be on the Facebook pages because we are going to take pictures of our stock as we take inventory of it. Should be interesting to see how things are going to work out in the end. Meanwhile those who are in Edmonton should check it out! Soba is being held at the Harry Ainley High School on March 10th! See you there!

Also on another note just because I probably will not be able to blog for a time we will have a total of 4 cons in three weekends in April. These include Harufest, JPAme, MemFest, and Calgary Comic Expo!

Anyways I'm off for now!