Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stupidity on mount hight! Mainly about the news:

Alright now I got to admit that there is a lot of things that I have ranted and raved about in the past, mainly about moronic drivers, but now I would like to rant about the news.

It has come to my attention that the past of the people that hold government office has come to haunt them now. I don't think that this should be so. For instance, there was a month or so ago a scandle broke that there was a video found that had a gay remark on it that was a party way back in the 1990s. The people were obviously drunk, but they had gained power and this was politically incorrect and it is now offending some people. Now I must admit that what he said was wrong but common people, this was at a party and he was drunk. This was a video tape that was taken for private use not to be used to shown on the news to tear the guys name in the mud and make him look like the bad guy. Now he apologized for his comments that he made when he was drunk on that occasion in the 1990s, which I'm not sure if his views have changed or if he was apologizing to save face.

Which brings me to my next one. The house of commons were up in a uproar for a party member not having relations with someone with someone who had relations with a hells angel. Who has a headache? I do! Who gives a flying fuck? I DON'T! Common people once again I say that people aren't allowed to grow up and make mistakes in their lives? They aren't allowed to learn from them and put the past behind them? That they are forced to be carry the burden with them for the rest of their lives? Fine! But for the sake of political correctness please stop debating this crap, there gotta be better things to debate, like I donno, foreign affairs?

The last thing I wanna close on is this: Power hungry people. There was an example of one on the tele with a woman getting fired from Tim Hortons for giving away a timbit to a fussing toddler. yes indeed it probably was a wrong thing to do at the time but it is something that happens in the store more times than one thinks. In a box of 20 timbits it is not uncommon for an extra timbit to escape and join in. Usually the employees just fill the box. These things to sell are .16 cents each and probably for the corporation, around a nickel to produce. All in all, they give the dogs in the drive thru day old ones for free. Also consider this; this was a customer that was in on a regular basis, so probably produced more revenue than it did for that timbit. Also the employee offered to pay for the timbit, realizing that the line is more cut and dry than what she was described. Even so she was still fired.
All in the end Tim Hortons hired her in a new location and position and the manager is getting a talking to. However I think that the corporation should have the rules set out. If they are going to allow this or not, and in what situations or not, so that it isn't embarrassed like this again.