Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Okay quick post because I am at the library and there is only 12 minutes before I'm booted.

I now live in a house with no heat. It's retarded but hopefully we will have heat before it snows...Or at least that's what THEY promised me. Either way it's been a few cold nights and I haven't gotten much sleep.

I have figured out that the heating at school is defiant of physics. Heat is supposed to rise but I have found out that the basement is warmer than the first level and the first level is generally warmer than the top, if you don't count the stairs. Somhow they are warmer than all of the other places.

Also I have found out there is over five different ways to do a math problem and none of them are right. I will not rest tonight until it is solved! However I am running out of ways that I could try to solve it....Stupid triangles...

Oh well wish me luck with my presentation tomorrow. Hopefully I wouldn't get larigitis or something like that.