Saturday, November 26, 2011

What was that I tripped on? Oh it was the internet!

Eeep! I didn't realize how long it really has been since I last blogged. I guess life has become far too busy to stop, take a coffee and write on my favorite site to express words of blahness.

I have been busy with Random Array and the events that it represents. If you do not know what Random Array is I strongly urge you to search it on Facebook and become a "like". My sister is far marred in it and is trying to keep it growing. Perhaps our advertising will help us in our ever growing expansion. Eventually we might have to take over more than our homes. LOL

Well I have done something dumb again. I have entered myself into NaNoWriMo. That also takes up all my time. If it isn't running around doing conventions or working an average of 11 out of 14 days THAT is taking up my time. This year I am handwriting it so that nightmare will attack me soon. The nightmare of actually physically counting each word that I have written and cursing the world for it all. I have my late NaNo sitting with a friend whom is editting it, but I went to a few publishers and each one of them said the same thing; "We do not print books with only 50,000 words. We need 50% more before we will look at you." Boo.

Anyways I wanted to make sure I made some appearance here because I've been NA for so long. Hopefully I will soon find more time to write something here but all signs point to no. Boo once more.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Update

Okay I've been offline for a while but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. In fact I've been more busy than I have been in almost ever!

Work wise: Got a new job being a survey assistant. I've had it now for more than 2 months and even though I have more stamina than I have had in a long while, but pants are not fitting any better nor has my weight dropped since starting the job. Grr. I'm still working at the stationery store twice a month. With Animethon coming up I've been filling in my spare time with working on stuff for that...

Life Wise: My sister finished grade 12 so we had her grad. My Nana and uncle came out and stayed for three weeks. Between work and trying to visit there hasn't been much me time so that taxed my mental state. Also during this time my medication failed and I missed a day of work due to a 7-8/10 headache. Not fun.

Projects Wise: I now have three pages of Majic Lessons with Iggy and Scotty done. Way cute. I have also pieced together a more condenced page to link the art that I have already done for Sinclair of Twin Earth and the next few I want to do. Stupid story always want to go in a different direction than I want it to go. Always a problem with new projects. Meanwhile I have the first three chapters of the next book of Twin Earth sketched out. I know it's cheating for NaNoWriMo to be doing this but if I don't do it now and think it out it will not be able to get anywhere and I will fail at 10,000 words as the story and characters go down the wrong path to a different ending than I want it to go. (i.e. like what happened with Sinclair of Twin Earth on my other blog)

Anyways that is all. Hope all in internet world is doing well and I will be able to contact you all through my various different outlets.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


For all those who know I have been writing for a long time, but this is the first time that I have come this close.

I have finally completed the first book of Twin Earth!

Now just working with a cover page (if someone wants to design it it would be fantastic!) and working out any technical issues but I think I'm going to send away for my editorial copy that came free from winning the NaNoWriMo with it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taste of Animethon

**Edit: Prologue to Twin Earth Posted on my other blog

Well last weekend has been the end of the most busiest months I've had since November. I've been working on hats, collars and keychains as well as picking up stock, dealing with the organizers and having a blast. Unfortunately something had to go. Between school and TOA I have had almost no sleep and my sanity was beginning to crack. Also my mom was getting mad at me perpetually leaving her house a mess. She was happy to see most of it cleaned up.


I've been looking towards the future and looking towards any new con that will occur between now and next Animethon. I already found one and is into working with the organizers with both Soba Bowl and Otafest. Kim is real excited. I am excited for the money that I can make. Also Hedmontalia will be there and since I'm thinking of going as Scotland it should be fun.

School on the other hand has been FAIL. I hate this course I hate my fellow students I want out of this stupid school and I do not want to be working in this field. People in this field is ignorant assholes that expect the moon and when they don't get it they act like three year olds in order to get what they want. Do I want to be in the same field as whining bitches? NO!
Also it's been causing more and more headaches than its worth and when I went home and began to say that I'm starting to fall behind to my father he goes "Well you have the programs on your computer you can work on it here." I had to bite my tongue in order not to explode on him. He has been lliving through this hell with me for four years and still can't understand that there is some days in which you do not bring up 'you should go work on a computer' with me.

I hate this life.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A quick note before flinging myself into the bleakness of the world...

Sorry I know the title is off but there is often times where the depression hits around my birthday. I know that it is comming and with my yearly cold at Christmas this is yet another yearly tradition. This year may be worse than normal because winter is being so retarded that there was no excitement about it this year. Also it is another slap to the face that once more I have yet to move out on my own, a small dream of mine since I graduated from High School at the age of 17. It seems as though there has been way too many excuses and too little mind to think about it. Even still there is just a reminder that yet another year has passed and the world has been passing me by once again. But there are times in which I cannot think too long about these things because I am far too busy.

First off I got a vendors table at A Taste of Animethon! So I am using every moment that I can to get off any merchandise that I can. So far i have two boxes full but a friend of mine is competing with me and she has two boxes of stuff herself. With the amount of stuff that we produce we will have to take thirty trips back and forth to bring everything into the room. With this I have become an ebay shopper. It is weird both Kim an dI haven't used e-bay up to last year and had no intention of using any further but I have to say it...When you can ship something from china for free and costs less that you can buy it locally, and I'm meaning a lot less not a few cents, what is wrong with our economy? Not sure. May have to rant about it at another time.

Also there is school. This term we are doing all of our classes based on one survey. We are learning to set up a subdivision from the concept, legislation, survey, reporting of survey and finally staking out of the finalized survey. It has been stupid hard lately because of the three feet of snow everywhere and where some of the property pins are located, the banks are sometimes more than seven feet deep. In other words we take a shovel and dig into the snow while the snow keeps falling and blowing and otherwise making us miserable in a fashion that there is simply not enough clothes to keep you warm and mobile at the same time. Thankfully I bought new shoes and dispite the grommetted holes in their sides I have warm and dry feet. A plus. Meanwhile I was a retard and didn't bring a hat so like an old lady I tied a scarf over my ears. I was thinking about cutting my hair again since it grew retardily fast over the last two months but now I'm not sure.

Meanwhile I am trying my best not to absolutely plow the stupid morons around me. Thankfully one of such said morons is no longer bugging me in school but I think it also comes down that I am now hiding behind the (quite large) guys of my class. Effectivly I have become part of a group of younger men that I'm pretty sure don't know my true age.

On a final note, I have been trying to excercise more but I'm pretty sure that it's not doing too much for anything. I figured once I have one paycheque to myself I am going to buy one of those European giggle machines that all you have to do is stand on it and it wiggles you around and, in theory, you lose fat weight. I'm unsure but a machine that makes you wiggle and move without you exherting yourself is interesting enough to have try. I might also try a challenge that the school is holding but the event is on the other side of campus.

Anyways back out into the snow and blow. Post later! ^^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay, I'm sorry about leaving everyone in the dark since the first of November 1.

November - A crazy month...NaNoWriMo had came and I won it again for yet another rewrite of Twin Earth. This year I am going to go with the opportunity to gain a editorial copy of the novel. Yay me!
Also to go with this month was the crunch time for the English reports, speeches and other assignments. And then there is the other classes demanding of my time as well.

December - Finals and Christmas...That's about it. Got one of my wisdom teeth pulled right after finals but it still hasn't healed as of yet...Might've given myself dry socket during the night after but with the meds I'm on I don't feel pain like I did before, but the healing time kinda dictates that I did.

January - New semester, new hassles, new weather. I don't like new semesters. Never had. The one good thing about this semester is that there is only two early days. Bad side: no early days. Period.
Also I am now becoming a vendor for A Taste of Animethon next month. Don't think that this is an easy task. I have been playing email tag since the beginning of the month and just today got kinda got confirmation that I might have a booth. Dumb Asses.
The weather has been retarded. So far this January we have had more than two feet of snow. We have only 16 more cm to go before we break the record in 1976....76?...79? Something like that. We have a backhoe and a fair mount of land but when the snow is just short of hip deep there is only so many places where you can push the snow. In town it's crazy! Snow is overtop of cars and it's sometimes a guesswork to get out of some parking lots. Thankfully my school is on a major route and the snow is cleared with a good speed.

Anyways I have to get back to paying attention to class...