Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think this might develop into a problem...

For starters I have to say this: I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.
Change stinks. Changes bites. Changes make the world blow major chunks and makes my life a major hell. End of discussion. End of sentence. And no I'm not talking about the hard stuff that you get at the end of the day when you hand in a $20 bill, I rather in fact like that kind of change. Makes you feel rich when you don't have much money. No I'm talking about the things you can't do anything about so it throws you into a semi-depressive state.
The normal people out there are going to read this and then go think I have fallen off the deep end with this one but give me a while and I will explain.
What do I find when I log into blogger? CHANGE! I had to my eyeballs with things getting moved around on me. First it was the username into google account I grumble because my user name was a 9 letter easy flowing rheumatically typing thingamajig, the email address that I am forced to use now has a @ sign in it which makes it have no flow to the type. I may rant but it's going somewhere. ---> over there. Anyways today they changed where the comments go. Fine dandy, BUT on a couple of the blogs that I read some of the funky stuff that they added to the blog that you people with high speed internet get to enjoy, suddenly ATE THE FREAKING COMMENT BAR! So sorry no comments for my friends.... EVER AGAIN YOU HOSERS!

I do realize that I am complaining about blogger on blogger but I'm agrivated. I'm a red-head. And there is a GOD DAMNED FRUIT FLY BUZZING AROUND MY HEAD for some reason...Die flying demon die!

HAHAHA I squashed it's little body into a little black ball...ADD much? yes. Oh look at the sparkles.

Getting serious again though this does cause problems with people who cannot have things change easily for them like people with autism. Or dial up. Or crap ass computers that are barely able to hook online with the browser that they have.

Or just oooh look at the sparkles...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sorry about that...

I've been far too busy this summer to wait for blogger and it's rediculisly long wait time to sign in that never seems to work on dial up to bring people up to date. It doesn't seem to matter anyways because the world of blogger has died so badly that no one checks other peoples blogs on a regular basis anymore anyways. Or they don't update their own anyways or post things in which it is really REALLY hard to make a comment on anyways. meh.

So I will bring people up to speed on my life and what is going on with it before my migraine hits and I get a headache for doing this. I'm not sure why I'm doing this other than I feel that I have to every once in a while or my conscious hits me.

Animethon - I went again this year...And I have to admit it that I was the most disappointed in it so much that I'm not sure that I want to go next year. I'm not sure if it was the lack of the crowds or that the weather had something to do with it but it seemed lacking this year and that was sad. Not many people glomped or took photos. There weren't that many people period. The crowds weren't there, the volunteers are volunteers and I thank them for what they do but when someone e-mails them and sends them messages please send them a line back! The only saving grace was the cheap deals that I found there that I never found outside Animethon. Thanks vendors! I would add photos of the costumes that I made but I am not waiting for it to load up online and I couldn't find any of us online. Sorry people of the online world.

Healy - We lost our quarter dog Healy this summer. It's a sad thing but what can one do. The unfortunate part is that our other dog Buddy is now depressed with the other dog gone.... *sigh*

Bodyworlds One - Which was very cool. If there is anyone who is interested in the body in any way I highly recommend it. I have one warning though...There is a lot of penises. But I got to touch a lung, a liver and chips of arms. My sister and I spent over three hours in the exhibit and watched as people sped by the exhibits. Concerning the cost of the tickets I'm amazed how people didn't take the time to enjoy what they were viewing.

Garden - We got pumpkins! I'm surprised! I got mom a plant as a lark and it took over the garden. We got 11 mid-sized pumpkins off the plant last week that were good and threw away a couple of them. Why should this be a big whoop-de-do? Simple, this is Northern Alberta and the likelihood of getting a good pumpkin off a plant is fairly low. So I can't wait to start cutting into them for Halloween! As well as our normal amount of potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, strawberries and other munchies. yum.

Story and Artwork - I will be posting Chapter 14 on my story blog. I would like to thank Liz and Bubbles for showing an interest where others have not. Thanks guys I love you! It wouldn't be updated as much as would like but hey what can I say? Also I will be reactivating my account over at fanart central due to some interest maybe I can hook my sister into doing that as a favor for me. I'm wanting to work on seventeen trillion ideas but none of them seem to come to fruit. Oh well.

Well that's all I can think of right now. Enjoy that for now. Canadians get confused with voting next Tuesday...