Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad Day Bad Day Bad Day...

Wow this has been a crappy week. Actually it has been a super crappy yesterday but the week has been no prize either.

What happened well lets see.

I've been uber tired lately, so my temper has been only held with a small string of reason. Unfortunatly it snapped at Ben, who has very low tenasity to that kind of thing. Then I'm still fighting with an employer to give me a day off for the wedding in August, grr. As soon as I get the gumption to wash my car, YUB, it rains and gets mud all over it again (I got a laugh about that later in the program). And on top of that I got a flat tire driving home at 1 a.m. If that wasn't bad enough, I couldn't get the jack working because I tried opening a set of vicegrips and the Spring broke, therefore I couldn't open tham, therefore I couldn't close the release valve. *Cry* It all was for naught anyways because the spare was flat as well.

So in all the tire that's on it is totally distroyed so it's off for another set of tires for the old beast. Oh well it could work out in the end. I wanted to make that car's odometer roll over again before I sent it to the crusher so another set of tires isn't the worst thing in the world. The sad thing was that the tire that went flat was my best and neweat tire. Just my luck. I probably ran over something or broke the seal with the pressurewasher in the carwash.

Oh yeah the car wash. LOL. Okay I went to one of the washes that washes the undercarage as you drive into the bays. *Neatest thing I found this week, made my day that day* and as I parked I gave the car a little shake, because I didn't want my ass to stick out in the range of getting hit (it was anyways, who designs these places and parking lots so one can't park a 70s wannabe car anywheres?). I get out and the car takes a "dump" on the wash bay grill. There was so much mud after bogging around on the sideroads, mixed in with oil and whatnot, that when it got pressurewashed from below it fell in huge heaps on the washbay floor.

Also this tells you how lazy I am at washing vechiles. In some spots I had to get within 5" of the frame to actually start to peel off the dirt and grime that had permanently adhered to the side. There was still dirty water coming from it after $5 of wash time, and mud in the wheelwells. But it was so pretty. I didn't even recognized the color after I was finished. (Usually it is a light grey but after one washes it real well it takes a very light blue tinge) It was all for naught. It's all muddy now behind the tires and on the headlights.

Maybe after rescuing it off the side of the road tonight I will give the chrome on it a coke and aluminum foil treatment and blind others on the road. mah ha ha ha! I love it. Just now I have to get another set of wheel covers and then it wouldn't look so "native".

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday the 20th of March

Yeah Crappy title I know.
But it's the truth and nothing but the truth.
Just to let everyone know I added a new section to my story as well a note on how I've changed it slightly. I'm excited.

As for real life news the kids are finally back in school. I know that already because my minivan already was almost crushed by a bus changing lanes, and another cutting me off. grr.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Eeeep The things the things!

Hi I'm getting eatten by the things...

Actually there are many things right now that are holding my attention over the last few days and such so I don't know if I will be posting this weeks story chapter and IF I don't, that is if I get busy tonight I'll post two full ones next week.

Also I would like to pointout something interesting: Yeah my sister got a blog! Check it out here

Yay it looks like the teacher strike may be over soon, what the whole deal is I don't know. Maybe they will tell us when everything is settled. Maybe not.

Anyways that is all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Snoozing on a Friday...

I was watching T.V. last night, yes that has become news due to the lack of interest in most shows lately and saw this commercial for the new macs. I think many of them to be absolutly funny but this one made me laugh out loud and continue to giggle for a long time afterwards. I almost did again when I looked up the commercial on YouTube. I think that these commercials are well done and often funny to those who faced that problems with PCs. Although Macs have become the PC of the 1995 but that makes no nevermind. *Worships the copywriter of these commercials*

I am so tired too. It's all my fault too but I got my system hooked up again. I'll explain. My parents got a new TV for christmas (notice the speed of change in my home....yeah) and so I got a replacement for my gaming tv because it was dying a slow and horrible death. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do to hook this system up, with the multiple systems hooked up to it the whole area was a octopus of wires all hooked up to one VCR and into the tv. Well I ran out of room on the back and front of the VCR and was tired of plugging in one system (VCR, DVD, N64 etc) and unplugging it when I was done. So I now have TWO 8- socket power bars that are almost full and I don't have to figure out which systems have to be on to play a beta, vcr,dvd,cd or video game. I'm so happy! Also I'm not bugged on my cell with someone going which wire do I pull out to play a tape in the second VCR? I even figured out how to open up some RCA ports so I can get that DVD burner on that system, as well as any new game systems I want to hook up. I can't wait to see Ben's expression when he sees the mass of machines, old and new, all wired together in a maze. The unfortunate part of it all is that it's not all hooked up yet. The house is in a dissarray from moving EVERYTHING that the rec room has been a dumping ground and it hasn't settled down yet. The next things to be hooked up is two more massive speakers which lines will be ran and placed on the opposite wall. Yay surround sound. I have a record of neat ass sounds like trains and such. It sounds weird in headphones but blasting out of 4 four foot speakers should be an interesting experience.

If that doesn't make neighbours move I don't know what will. *Insert evil laughter here*

Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh my...It's almost been a week!

Sorry...I've been busy.
1. I almost got myself into working a 13 day rotation last week which is not fun, but luckily I got into a day off on Tuesday so it wasn't as killer, unfortunatly it killed the paycheque.
2. On that tuesday I took Kim to the Space and Science center (now Telus World of Science) and I was totally bummed, why? I loved going there but there wasn't enough time to go through the exhibits as much as I wanted to. I wanted to D/L the pictures we took of ourselves playing on the exhibits but once again I'm posting from home and it would take another hour to upload all the photos I want to post. But I want to show you all the difference two weeks make. You people on the coast shall be impressed by the change!
3. I've been just a nervous artist. I've been writing again heavily so there is another four or five chapters to be typed out at a later date, so no worries I got a bunch of updates to keep me going for another four or five months, if I keep with the quota of one full/part chapter a week. Yay me.
Anyways just a quick post so that no one thinks I'm dead out here and I should give you a book review fairly shortly, since I've been reading a lot of mindless drivel lately and so...If you like reviews on mindless drivel I'm the best bet! *LOL*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Teachers On Strike!

Well it's Wednesday and sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life has been busy. But I shall go on with my daily rant.

Teachers are still on strike in the Parkland School Division. In other words the kids have lots of days off and they have no "technical homework" because the teachers couldn't assign homework further than what they would've over the weekend that they were going on strike. So in other words kids are falling behind, teachers aren't in class, and parents/taxpayers are mad because they paid for the kids to be in school. I know a few grade 12s that are afraid that they wouldn't be able to graduate in the spring because of this strike.They are unsure if they will be ready for the diploma exams with the pace that the negotiations are going.
Also I think I would be taking the strike more seriously if the teachers were seen sitting around picket signs, like the CN, Telus or other workers have. I think my other problem is that the catholic schools are still in class so it's hard to tell which school is closed for the strike and which ones are still open. Of course the catholic board doesn't have the same problems as the public system does. I have heard through various people that the class sizes are smaller, even down to 5 kids in one grade nine graduating class. If a public school went down to that few of numbers then they would be shut down. I think the graduating (grade 12) class of the christion school here in town was 34. Versus my graduating class from memorial was over 300.
But you know they are like a private school. You can't be any riffraff to join these schools, no you have to be of a certain religion and isn't that discrimination?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holy Fog!

Yeah this post was meant to be up last night but I wasn't feeling well and never got to it. So sorry but here it is:

We had some awesome fog lay itself down on Spruce Grove and area on Friday morning. By hwy 43 the fog was so thick that one couldn't see the bridge from Genesee turnoff. This picture was taken just outside Canadian Tire towards the card dealership across the hwy. That truck was parked one parking stall away from me. Made for an interesting trip with mom almost reaching over to throttle me every time we hit another thick patch and I refused to slow down.

Now for those who are smart with a cameras and love those pictures that look neat can anyone out there tell what this funky picture really is, or at least looks like ^-^ And no I didn't do anything in Photoshop to either picture, just undying talent and boredom. Be happy that I'm not stuck more often with boredom.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Common dry those man tears...

Well it happened. Ryan Smyth was traded. It was kinda funny because a few days my dad commented off-handedly that "What's next? Ryan becomes a duck?"
Well no. A ranger in fact. It totally blew all my friends out of the water when we heard the news, especially on an emotional night like Messier's number retirement. The Oilers corporation said that it was a business deal. Meanwhile there are lots of advertising that it is only a game.
The main fact of the matter is that some feel that it took away any hope of even trying to make the playoffs this year. Many now are not even remotely interested in seeing the rest of the season. This was met with more backlash than the pronger issue. But there is a major twist: Ryan WANTED to STAY here. Many of the fans were miffed that they went out and spent good money on pronger sweaters and such but to them I say, if he gets his chance and becomes noted for something then those jerseys will be worth something monitarily wise. Ryan however had given the community a good role model, just as good as the major players of the oilers team did in the 80s. Secondly it was really disrespectful of how the company went about that trade. I don't know how people are told when they are traded but to find out on a television screen is just wrong. Where was his agent? Where was the GM phone call going "Your going to New York."? That's like having a co-worker say, "I'm sorry that you're leaving." When you have yet to recieve your pink slip.
But I have to say, if it wasn't an act and he truly wanted to stay here then sooner or later he'll be back. Being a free agent next year he could ask the Oilers to take him back on a deal. Weither or not they listen is another story.
I wonder in the next few years if fate has in store for him as it did the moose...Will we see him in Cunuck, then ranger and on tv going "chip?"...Probably not he has been hit in the head with a puck too many times.

Oh and now Chapter 8 is up for those who follow the story