Friday, March 16, 2007

Snoozing on a Friday...

I was watching T.V. last night, yes that has become news due to the lack of interest in most shows lately and saw this commercial for the new macs. I think many of them to be absolutly funny but this one made me laugh out loud and continue to giggle for a long time afterwards. I almost did again when I looked up the commercial on YouTube. I think that these commercials are well done and often funny to those who faced that problems with PCs. Although Macs have become the PC of the 1995 but that makes no nevermind. *Worships the copywriter of these commercials*

I am so tired too. It's all my fault too but I got my system hooked up again. I'll explain. My parents got a new TV for christmas (notice the speed of change in my home....yeah) and so I got a replacement for my gaming tv because it was dying a slow and horrible death. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do to hook this system up, with the multiple systems hooked up to it the whole area was a octopus of wires all hooked up to one VCR and into the tv. Well I ran out of room on the back and front of the VCR and was tired of plugging in one system (VCR, DVD, N64 etc) and unplugging it when I was done. So I now have TWO 8- socket power bars that are almost full and I don't have to figure out which systems have to be on to play a beta, vcr,dvd,cd or video game. I'm so happy! Also I'm not bugged on my cell with someone going which wire do I pull out to play a tape in the second VCR? I even figured out how to open up some RCA ports so I can get that DVD burner on that system, as well as any new game systems I want to hook up. I can't wait to see Ben's expression when he sees the mass of machines, old and new, all wired together in a maze. The unfortunate part of it all is that it's not all hooked up yet. The house is in a dissarray from moving EVERYTHING that the rec room has been a dumping ground and it hasn't settled down yet. The next things to be hooked up is two more massive speakers which lines will be ran and placed on the opposite wall. Yay surround sound. I have a record of neat ass sounds like trains and such. It sounds weird in headphones but blasting out of 4 four foot speakers should be an interesting experience.

If that doesn't make neighbours move I don't know what will. *Insert evil laughter here*

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