Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the "face" of Stony Plain changes...

As many of us who have walked on the many of the quiet streets of Stony Plain there is a past that stares back at us, watching as we go along our daily business, silent reminders of times that are past and gone. I am speaking of the paintings that dot along the streets of downtown Stony Plain, sometimes half-ways hidden in a turn of a building, where you might find a pair of children reaching up to pet a horse, or way up high where everyone can see, like the one on the high school.

Unfortunatly for these paintings their life span is numbered by the usefulness of the buildings they call home. This time we lost the Lady With The Hats, a mural depicting former Stony Plain mayor and MLA Cornelia Wood and her vast collection of hats. There was very little to be done to save the mural as the building was far outlived it's lifespan. However from the loss of this mural and others before it has shown errors of the town's ways. Now the paintings are being painted on boards that are removable so that the painting can be removed, the building repaired, built, whatever and the painting replaced with no harm to it. I think this is a fantastic idea! Hopefully the lady can be repainted or be placed with honor in a place where she will not fade into only a memory. Then who is to say that her story is more important then then the dust left by the crumbled buildings' morter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Video Games Live!

I wish hindsight was foresight and foresight had better sight.
The previous video is one such case and will be explained below.

For our fourth anniversary Bennett and I went to Video Games Live. For those who do not know what it is, the simple explanation is that it is like a AMV but the music is with a live orchestra and choir instead of a recording. In addition to that we were blessed with treats like things like what was in the viedo above by the talented Martin Leung, who treated us with a beautiful melody of final fantasy earlier than this which I didn't catch. Curse my camera and it randomly deciding that it was out of memory!

My hindsight is that I wish that I ramped up the recording to at least 2M recording but then I wouldn't been able to share it with the people of the internet. I still have dial up and it is taking a stupid amount of time to upload the video. If it was higher quality I'm sure it probably wouldn't be completed tonight.

Afterwords the people that hosted video games live stayed after and did signatures and talked with the fans. I want to Thank them once again for staying until quarter to one in the morning to handle the amount of people and answer their questions. Then, (to my knowledge) go off to the after party to handle more people for more hand shaking, signing, and question answering. These people are fantastic and I know that there are not many people who read this blog, but for those who do, I would like to say that these people enjoy seem to enjoy doing what they do and they are genuine people.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We've had two seasons in three weeks...

It's kinda true.
It has been true Alberta weather over the last three weeks...Wait and it will change. Two weeks ago it was as bad as neg 60 with the wind chill and blizarding snow and now yesterday it was pos 8 with sun melting things out. The overall feeling is like having the change of fall to winter to spring shoved into the last three weeks and it is quite a shock to the system. Of course out there shovelling snow and making job aps so the body is quite used to the cold temp now and the now hovering around zero mark makes the need for a coat almost unnessary. I will spit at myself when I read back at this in the summer when it is twenty above and zero is nothing but a memory and forty below is something in a horror novel.