Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taste of Animethon

**Edit: Prologue to Twin Earth Posted on my other blog

Well last weekend has been the end of the most busiest months I've had since November. I've been working on hats, collars and keychains as well as picking up stock, dealing with the organizers and having a blast. Unfortunately something had to go. Between school and TOA I have had almost no sleep and my sanity was beginning to crack. Also my mom was getting mad at me perpetually leaving her house a mess. She was happy to see most of it cleaned up.


I've been looking towards the future and looking towards any new con that will occur between now and next Animethon. I already found one and is into working with the organizers with both Soba Bowl and Otafest. Kim is real excited. I am excited for the money that I can make. Also Hedmontalia will be there and since I'm thinking of going as Scotland it should be fun.

School on the other hand has been FAIL. I hate this course I hate my fellow students I want out of this stupid school and I do not want to be working in this field. People in this field is ignorant assholes that expect the moon and when they don't get it they act like three year olds in order to get what they want. Do I want to be in the same field as whining bitches? NO!
Also it's been causing more and more headaches than its worth and when I went home and began to say that I'm starting to fall behind to my father he goes "Well you have the programs on your computer you can work on it here." I had to bite my tongue in order not to explode on him. He has been lliving through this hell with me for four years and still can't understand that there is some days in which you do not bring up 'you should go work on a computer' with me.

I hate this life.