Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it!

This is the third year that I attempted doing NaNoWriMo and it seems like the third time is a charm! If anyone is wondering it is the first story of Alarice, Maure and Ferniand, ie TWIN EARTH!

My cover: (I'm hoping to get a second choice from Ben)

Yes this is major and I'll get back into blogging once the pain of staring at screens for English calms down.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, Sorry, I Blame Stress and Dan.

As for the now deleted post yesterday was the result of a complete mental breakdown and the loss of my major thumbdrive, which had ALL of my research, partially completed projects and my NaNoWriMo on it. Within that mental breakdown I looked at the energy wasters and negative things and (almost) ellimated them all.

In the face of having to do all three weeks worth of research with the added bonus of having a large part of the assignment due today just drove me over the edge. To tell truth it was a very bed mental situation last night, and one that I'm not proud of.

As the plus side result all my passwords have now been upgraded to a better security. Today has so far been proved to be my fortunate day and I now have my thumbdrive back in hand with no disruptions to my files so far. (Thanks unnamed person who found it <3) As well as that part of the assignment wasn't due, she just wanted to make sure that we are still focused on what we were up to, AND the rest of the assignment is not due until the day of the presentation! That means that I have up til the 8th of December to complete it. My partners in the other report that we have to write are thrilled to see that I got it back as well. (I also have research and half of my portion completed on it as well)

Oh mans I was lucky today but I will have to take this into understanding and make three copies of everything. It sucks because it takes a lot of time and energy in doing so because I would have to update the backups everytime I add something, which seems to be almost everytime I turn on the computer.

In other news I'm still sick. That's really not a big surprise is it? Supposably this time it was from the dust in the house with all the construction and it caused an infection but now I think it is a full on head cold to go on top of that. I'm feeling pretty crappy on the whole. Oh well at least I can now go and torment my characters in NaNoWriMo.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just a quick post letting everybody know I'm alive.

Yeah it's just as above. I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year and so far I am above the stated quota. However with my eyes buggering up again big time I'm not sure if the pace can still be held.
Trick and Treating with my sisters friends were epically fun! By the end of it all the girls somehow injured themselves and we all got covered in mud. I shall post pictures of our awesome Pikachu pumpkin I carved as well as the furter distruction of our home.
I also have two major assignments due in Effective Communications (English) and with the outcome of the last assignment that I worked really hard on, I think I will refuse to do any more reasearch if all the efforts I have will be marked and graded less than my class average. To be frank I am in risk of losing my student funding due to a teacher who decides that something that was editted by a professional editor to have the mechanics (grammer puntuation etc) of ZERO. If one can't tell I'm pissed. I'm not sure who to grumble at first, my editor or my teacher. Both are not good choices. Perhaps I'm going to drop the editor person because I can probably do all that mark on my own TYVM. (You know who you are) To add onto that effort with all the time that I have been spending on the computer with research and other stuff, My eyesight is truely failing. Last week I couldn't see my calculator on the desk that I was working on. All the teachers that day were not very happy with me.
Oh well.
That's the way life is.
Gotta get back on it so until next time folks,
- Jen.