Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think this might develop into a problem...

For starters I have to say this: I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.
Change stinks. Changes bites. Changes make the world blow major chunks and makes my life a major hell. End of discussion. End of sentence. And no I'm not talking about the hard stuff that you get at the end of the day when you hand in a $20 bill, I rather in fact like that kind of change. Makes you feel rich when you don't have much money. No I'm talking about the things you can't do anything about so it throws you into a semi-depressive state.
The normal people out there are going to read this and then go think I have fallen off the deep end with this one but give me a while and I will explain.
What do I find when I log into blogger? CHANGE! I had to my eyeballs with things getting moved around on me. First it was the username into google account I grumble because my user name was a 9 letter easy flowing rheumatically typing thingamajig, the email address that I am forced to use now has a @ sign in it which makes it have no flow to the type. I may rant but it's going somewhere. ---> over there. Anyways today they changed where the comments go. Fine dandy, BUT on a couple of the blogs that I read some of the funky stuff that they added to the blog that you people with high speed internet get to enjoy, suddenly ATE THE FREAKING COMMENT BAR! So sorry no comments for my friends.... EVER AGAIN YOU HOSERS!

I do realize that I am complaining about blogger on blogger but I'm agrivated. I'm a red-head. And there is a GOD DAMNED FRUIT FLY BUZZING AROUND MY HEAD for some reason...Die flying demon die!

HAHAHA I squashed it's little body into a little black ball...ADD much? yes. Oh look at the sparkles.

Getting serious again though this does cause problems with people who cannot have things change easily for them like people with autism. Or dial up. Or crap ass computers that are barely able to hook online with the browser that they have.

Or just oooh look at the sparkles...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sorry about that...

I've been far too busy this summer to wait for blogger and it's rediculisly long wait time to sign in that never seems to work on dial up to bring people up to date. It doesn't seem to matter anyways because the world of blogger has died so badly that no one checks other peoples blogs on a regular basis anymore anyways. Or they don't update their own anyways or post things in which it is really REALLY hard to make a comment on anyways. meh.

So I will bring people up to speed on my life and what is going on with it before my migraine hits and I get a headache for doing this. I'm not sure why I'm doing this other than I feel that I have to every once in a while or my conscious hits me.

Animethon - I went again this year...And I have to admit it that I was the most disappointed in it so much that I'm not sure that I want to go next year. I'm not sure if it was the lack of the crowds or that the weather had something to do with it but it seemed lacking this year and that was sad. Not many people glomped or took photos. There weren't that many people period. The crowds weren't there, the volunteers are volunteers and I thank them for what they do but when someone e-mails them and sends them messages please send them a line back! The only saving grace was the cheap deals that I found there that I never found outside Animethon. Thanks vendors! I would add photos of the costumes that I made but I am not waiting for it to load up online and I couldn't find any of us online. Sorry people of the online world.

Healy - We lost our quarter dog Healy this summer. It's a sad thing but what can one do. The unfortunate part is that our other dog Buddy is now depressed with the other dog gone.... *sigh*

Bodyworlds One - Which was very cool. If there is anyone who is interested in the body in any way I highly recommend it. I have one warning though...There is a lot of penises. But I got to touch a lung, a liver and chips of arms. My sister and I spent over three hours in the exhibit and watched as people sped by the exhibits. Concerning the cost of the tickets I'm amazed how people didn't take the time to enjoy what they were viewing.

Garden - We got pumpkins! I'm surprised! I got mom a plant as a lark and it took over the garden. We got 11 mid-sized pumpkins off the plant last week that were good and threw away a couple of them. Why should this be a big whoop-de-do? Simple, this is Northern Alberta and the likelihood of getting a good pumpkin off a plant is fairly low. So I can't wait to start cutting into them for Halloween! As well as our normal amount of potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, strawberries and other munchies. yum.

Story and Artwork - I will be posting Chapter 14 on my story blog. I would like to thank Liz and Bubbles for showing an interest where others have not. Thanks guys I love you! It wouldn't be updated as much as would like but hey what can I say? Also I will be reactivating my account over at fanart central due to some interest maybe I can hook my sister into doing that as a favor for me. I'm wanting to work on seventeen trillion ideas but none of them seem to come to fruit. Oh well.

Well that's all I can think of right now. Enjoy that for now. Canadians get confused with voting next Tuesday...

Friday, June 20, 2008

As I look around...

I noticed that there is a lot of things I haven't been attending to on the world of Blogger, or the world of my computer for that matter. My last post was made on May the 9th. My calender is still in February. The pile of paperwork on my desk is now even with the top of my 2004 monitor. There is people I should be calling and things I should be doing. Even though I have more free time than I ever had in my whole entire life, to do the things I wanted to do, and even though I'm getting some of what I desire to accomplish finished, it doesn't seem to be enough. It doesn't seem to be satisfactory.
I guess it is what it means when you need a change in life.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stupidity on mount hight! Mainly about the news:

Alright now I got to admit that there is a lot of things that I have ranted and raved about in the past, mainly about moronic drivers, but now I would like to rant about the news.

It has come to my attention that the past of the people that hold government office has come to haunt them now. I don't think that this should be so. For instance, there was a month or so ago a scandle broke that there was a video found that had a gay remark on it that was a party way back in the 1990s. The people were obviously drunk, but they had gained power and this was politically incorrect and it is now offending some people. Now I must admit that what he said was wrong but common people, this was at a party and he was drunk. This was a video tape that was taken for private use not to be used to shown on the news to tear the guys name in the mud and make him look like the bad guy. Now he apologized for his comments that he made when he was drunk on that occasion in the 1990s, which I'm not sure if his views have changed or if he was apologizing to save face.

Which brings me to my next one. The house of commons were up in a uproar for a party member not having relations with someone with someone who had relations with a hells angel. Who has a headache? I do! Who gives a flying fuck? I DON'T! Common people once again I say that people aren't allowed to grow up and make mistakes in their lives? They aren't allowed to learn from them and put the past behind them? That they are forced to be carry the burden with them for the rest of their lives? Fine! But for the sake of political correctness please stop debating this crap, there gotta be better things to debate, like I donno, foreign affairs?

The last thing I wanna close on is this: Power hungry people. There was an example of one on the tele with a woman getting fired from Tim Hortons for giving away a timbit to a fussing toddler. yes indeed it probably was a wrong thing to do at the time but it is something that happens in the store more times than one thinks. In a box of 20 timbits it is not uncommon for an extra timbit to escape and join in. Usually the employees just fill the box. These things to sell are .16 cents each and probably for the corporation, around a nickel to produce. All in all, they give the dogs in the drive thru day old ones for free. Also consider this; this was a customer that was in on a regular basis, so probably produced more revenue than it did for that timbit. Also the employee offered to pay for the timbit, realizing that the line is more cut and dry than what she was described. Even so she was still fired.
All in the end Tim Hortons hired her in a new location and position and the manager is getting a talking to. However I think that the corporation should have the rules set out. If they are going to allow this or not, and in what situations or not, so that it isn't embarrassed like this again.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In regards to last nights post...

The world doesn't let you know what you can do on your resolution until you actually check it out. I was going to order the next book and found out to my shock and horror that the next one is the last. Yes the last one is the only one that the library system has in order and in fact the one after that is up for grabs for pre-sale at I am very bummed out. If I was living in England I would have the next two but I don't so meh.

So as for resolutions go I'm off to find another one.


It is funny that one should remake themselves on new years day. I never seem to be able to make a new years resolution on that day. I think I made a post stating something similar before. However, if someone came up to me and asked me what is my resolutions for the year say, in April it would be far easier for me to say what my minor goals for the year would be.
I came up with something really silly this year and in being silly it may be easy to achieve: I shall read the whole series of Peanuts. Yes, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang from the beginning to wherever the complete Peanuts series ends. Realize that this is not an easy task, for the following reasons; I still have the vision problems that are limiting my time reading, and that is why I am reading Peanuts and not taking the challenges of greater writers and series that gather dust upon my selves and I look at with great longing. Other reasons include that this comic is a very long running series, one that had been running far longer than I had initially realized, and with this collection, they had gathered all the dailies and Sundays. I must tip my hat off to Charles "Sparky" Schulz in drawing and lettering each one by hand with no help with an assistant. *claps a hundred times a minute* Also I have read the introductions in the beginning of each book which have been proving fascinating, telling stories and giving insight of how a troubled and shy man had touched these peoples lives as well as the rest of America. The last reason is that there is a slow down is the library system in ordering the books so I'm now fearing that with the hiccups that during the summer especially, that I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace to meet the December deadline.

But in the whole getting these books from the library has been a sort of a time capsule. There were things published in the strip that was important in that time that was never thought to be important now. In one of the 50's strips there was Charlie Brown rifling through War, Gor and Horror comics, Lucy and Linus and Sally all had to go through baby-hood, Happiness is a dime to get a chocolate bar and a comic, The kids were almost always listening to records, simple toys like ball, roller skates, bubbles. Then in the 60's it went to satellite launches, more television influence, first reference of the zip code, 75 cent kites, and even skate boards. One may not even realize that they seen all the references of the changes of the times but my sister had picked it up when she saw the prices and gained some insight of the time that has past. I wonder if it will be the same if my grandkids pick up the same book or the ones done by Lynn Johnson (I'm using her because she cartoons using modern day setting and does creates controversy with some of her FBOFW) and ask if the things in the comic true to what they were, or not. As I pass them a twenty dollar bill for their chocolate bar I can say "Yes in 1950 you could buy a chocolate bar and a comic for ten cents."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Many many things

It's been a while, and I'm sorry I said I wouldn't leave things so long but I've been avoiding things again.

The following movie is from late February... and the snow pile is still almost that high.

And after that the snowfox had an unfortunate accident, so if anyone has one (a snowfox or snowracer) that they are no longer using and that they are willing to sell to me, and they aren't on the other side of the country and could hook me up please let me know! I'm still looking forelornly at an awesome run out there and it's not melted away yet. ^_^

What else. Provincial elections has come and gone. The PC's have been re-elected. What a big surprise. A lot of people where falling into the commercials that were airing on the tele that there was going to be a big uprising and overthrowing of government but I couldn't believe it. Unfortunatly, if there is any large change with oil monies now they may thumb their noses at us and pull stakes. Alberta is not the only province with oil and other provinces have expressed their interest in rubbing elbows with the large companies, I may be wrong due to being fed wrong information, but that is my impression. At least in the end of it all there might be some changes: I hear that they may do something about health care premiums so that's good.

I have noticed that I have been in the work force for almost seven years now, and during that time minimum wage went from $5.60 to $8.00 and during that time I noticed things roll up in price. For instance I noticed that a 4L of milk jumped in price from $2.99 to $3.99 to finally last week $4.29. Bread went from $.99 to $1.29. True that this may be counting pennies when dollars are to blame, but this is becoming stupid. Rent doubled. Fuel went up a third, food went up almost a third (more if you try to eat healthier), every utility wants to ding their customer before they even use their services, cellular phone companies deciding that "evenings" begin at 9pm and anyone who says anything about it is just whining. I think that they are ripping people off because they can and because people can't do anything about it because evey other company out there is doing it too.

Oh we had a lunar eclispe. I found a picture of it on my camera. Very cool. When was it? A while ago. If you want a exact date, umm, geek of freak, leave a comment and I will look that up for you. It was neat though.

Oh my gosh! I will be making a post on my story blog! I promise it WILL NOT BE AS LONG AS THIS ONE!!!

And just for interest sakes and he's such a nice guy and I leave the best thing for last. I gots this on Monday. Yeah a crappy picture but what can I say I have a crappy camera for really close up sparkily stuff, this will keep me happy for another two years. Actually I'm happy about the crappy photo because I've already started to "accidently" marr the left gold bead and you can't notice it as badly in this photo *insert bad laughter here*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the "face" of Stony Plain changes...

As many of us who have walked on the many of the quiet streets of Stony Plain there is a past that stares back at us, watching as we go along our daily business, silent reminders of times that are past and gone. I am speaking of the paintings that dot along the streets of downtown Stony Plain, sometimes half-ways hidden in a turn of a building, where you might find a pair of children reaching up to pet a horse, or way up high where everyone can see, like the one on the high school.

Unfortunatly for these paintings their life span is numbered by the usefulness of the buildings they call home. This time we lost the Lady With The Hats, a mural depicting former Stony Plain mayor and MLA Cornelia Wood and her vast collection of hats. There was very little to be done to save the mural as the building was far outlived it's lifespan. However from the loss of this mural and others before it has shown errors of the town's ways. Now the paintings are being painted on boards that are removable so that the painting can be removed, the building repaired, built, whatever and the painting replaced with no harm to it. I think this is a fantastic idea! Hopefully the lady can be repainted or be placed with honor in a place where she will not fade into only a memory. Then who is to say that her story is more important then then the dust left by the crumbled buildings' morter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Video Games Live!

I wish hindsight was foresight and foresight had better sight.
The previous video is one such case and will be explained below.

For our fourth anniversary Bennett and I went to Video Games Live. For those who do not know what it is, the simple explanation is that it is like a AMV but the music is with a live orchestra and choir instead of a recording. In addition to that we were blessed with treats like things like what was in the viedo above by the talented Martin Leung, who treated us with a beautiful melody of final fantasy earlier than this which I didn't catch. Curse my camera and it randomly deciding that it was out of memory!

My hindsight is that I wish that I ramped up the recording to at least 2M recording but then I wouldn't been able to share it with the people of the internet. I still have dial up and it is taking a stupid amount of time to upload the video. If it was higher quality I'm sure it probably wouldn't be completed tonight.

Afterwords the people that hosted video games live stayed after and did signatures and talked with the fans. I want to Thank them once again for staying until quarter to one in the morning to handle the amount of people and answer their questions. Then, (to my knowledge) go off to the after party to handle more people for more hand shaking, signing, and question answering. These people are fantastic and I know that there are not many people who read this blog, but for those who do, I would like to say that these people enjoy seem to enjoy doing what they do and they are genuine people.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We've had two seasons in three weeks...

It's kinda true.
It has been true Alberta weather over the last three weeks...Wait and it will change. Two weeks ago it was as bad as neg 60 with the wind chill and blizarding snow and now yesterday it was pos 8 with sun melting things out. The overall feeling is like having the change of fall to winter to spring shoved into the last three weeks and it is quite a shock to the system. Of course out there shovelling snow and making job aps so the body is quite used to the cold temp now and the now hovering around zero mark makes the need for a coat almost unnessary. I will spit at myself when I read back at this in the summer when it is twenty above and zero is nothing but a memory and forty below is something in a horror novel.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eeep and sorry...

I just realized that I have been ignoring all that has happened over the last month that I haven't even updated my blogger! Oh noes! Everyone hates me nows... *sits in a corner and crys*

Well lets get the updating caught up...

December: Work work work, between the paper and the other job I barely was able to get the Christmas crap done. Eeep eep eep.

January: Got fired. Yep got fired. I'm none too impressed, but past that I wouldn't get too much further into it, other than the boss lady wanted to fire me and not let me go. I say this because I had a better offer and when I brought it up she begged me to stay. So in other words She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch! I really don't say many things bad about people but sometimes when the spade is present one has to call it black.
So it's job hunting. A thing almost every person in the world hates to do. The interviews the passing of information to parties that you are sure that are looking for people but aren't sure that the person that they are looking for is you. The constant smiles and thank-yous. Who really likes doing this? If that person is you I shall give you a gold star. Cause it's not for me.
Also I'm now a year older, yes my birthday is in January. I say this in the most depressing tone that one can give over the conveyance of text. I can say this: Birthdays suck. I'm sure if it wasn't for the electronic age of reminders via some processor in the states a lot of people would forget about it even though I may remind them in a better mood at an earlier date. Truth be known I never had the ripping roaring birthday that others younger than myself have, upon my 18th birthday I was behind my desk, studying, wishing that the day could be strucken from the calander. Days of school has passed and it still holds true. Perhaps it's just getting to lonely in this courner of the world. Other than my guy I can honestly say that I haven't had a phone call from anyone in over a month. Everyone is reverting to text and emails. I really can't say I'm much better for the calling, but I feel as if I'm imposing on people who are indefinatly more busy than myself. For instance the only person to comment on this blog has been a spanish spammer. Yay. Anyways for birthdays, I can live without them, save for the calorie heavy ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen. *Drool*
I have also been moving around items of furniture and getting to the dark, spider infested areas of my room. This is a major task, for it is something that I lothe to the very pits of my
soul, save for birthdays.

The problem with moving things is stuff. I have tons of stuff. I look now at a desk overflowing with stuff. Over it on the floor is a pile of more stuff, and on another one of my desks even more stuff. I have stuff in boxes, totes and bags. Stuff is piled to the flipping ceiling and around my bed. Stuff in shelves, stuff in other stuff, and plainly I have too much stuff. Stuff I haven't seen in years and stuff I have to get rid of, stuff that I treasure and stuff I dispise. Stuff is something I got for Christmas, Birthdays and anniversarys. I have so much stuff that other stuff gets lost in it. I declaire that I will not want any more stuff, but then they come out with more stuff and then I want that stuff and therefore I buy that stuff and add it to my stuff I already have. There is stuff that I will need and there is stuff that I still want. But the true worry of mine is how will I move all my stuff into another place and fit it all back together? There will be a time where my stuff will overrun any place I should declare home. I worry about people taking my stuff, who has my stuff and who will get the stuff I buy for their Christmas, birthday or anniversary? Stuff is everywhere but stuff defines us, shows our tastes, likes and sometimes deslikes. Stuff can be simple and stuff can be complex. I love stuff, and causes a huge problem: too much stuff. So you know what? Stuff it.