Saturday, December 30, 2006

Soon a New Year...

Soon a New Year and still we are the same. I don't know about anyone else but I think I have made my new years resolution. Now it isn't to lose weight (like that will happen, I think if that is to happen I need to get sick or lypo), or to be less indecisive (I always think what could've been), or to make a bunch of money this year. No I think that human nature stops us from breaking the traditional everyday blah no matter what the best intentions are. It's too hard. That's why the resolution of not making resolutions is becomming a trend. However I'm going to actually make a resolution that I think I might be able to achieve if my habitory losing of stuff will allow me to keep it...

Do you really want to know?

Alright. I figure that I have a bunch of jewelery that I have collected over the matter of years. I'm going to go through it and throw out the one ofs that are of the cheap ass plastic earrings that I got years ago, clean them all verra well and start wearing some of this stuff. I have a plastic drawer full of jewelery, necklaces, rings and earrings that never see the light of day. Of course some of that stuff should never see the light of day and be dealt with in some way.

Okay so there it is. My crappy resolution, but I even have a back-up one that will DEFINELY fail fairly quickly... That is to wear eyeshadow and get through a day without wiping it across my temples as I rub the crap outta my eyes.

Anyways happy new years peoples of the internet and sorry for the long last post.

Friday, December 29, 2006

In the middle of holidays 2006!

Good salutations to those out there in cyberland...
Yes indeed it has been a busy holiday with a flurry of activities that makes it hard to stop to have a breath but it was all good, for it was all for friends and family.
Now lets see Lets start off with the 23. Ben told me only the morning before of a family friend get together that was held on that night. The unfortunate part of that was that they have a santa appearance and he gave everyone there a gift, that was provided by the people in attendance of course. So unfortunatly, rush, rush, rush gotta find a gift from "Santa". Believe me I was singing monty pythons "ho ho fucking ho" by the end of the night of the 22. However on the 23 it was all worth it. I would like to remind the city of Edmonton that there is snow taking up any street parking places and they WILL be held responsible for any hit and runs that come to my vechile since I HAVE to park in the MIDDLE of the street. There that's out of my system. Anyways I got to try a new assortment of treats, some which made me look for more, others which made me gag but over all there wasn't as if that ruined the evening or nothing. Got to try out the new wii system. I must admit that it was very good party entertainment. This is for the fact that the thing is interactive, easy to learn and many people quickly gained enough talent with it after a short time that it made it a great game. It was kinda funny that the guys who brought the system was waiting for the straps to fail or some sort of problem to happen so that they could get a picture of the host crying over his sad little 21" t.v. that was out of the 80s. Like that was going to happen...They replaced the wrist straps on the controllers with the heavy weight phone straps as soon as they heard that that was a problem, unlike the other stupid people out there. Continuing on...Ben got me a jewerly box with an inscription on it that made me cry, it was so sweet. Got to beat the crap out of the pinyota. Never got to do that before in my life so it was surprising that 1. I hit the darned thing and 2. hit it hard enough to crack it open and knock the paper mache hat off (which I wore until it was knocked off with flying pinyata pieces then it was sat on *cry*).

24. Wow got to sleep in a bit, even though I got home at 4am, but I was feverously working to try to finish off a fuzzy scarf for Kim and a nice blanket for mom (the blanket is still not completly finished so oh well) and Ben came over for my family's Christmas with him. Mom got a pot and pan set from him and she was tickled pink. I think no matter what he does this year he'll be in mom's good books. But seriously he needs to get himself a cell phone, and learn how to use it. It's difficult to handle someone that comes over for Christmas and I got NOTHING wrapped at that moment. So it was the game of either get Kim to entertain him or send him outside for a smoke. Both worked. At the end I gave him a "universal tool", which is a tool used for a spacific purpose but we found many ways to use the thing. If he hasn't found the real purpose for it I'll post a picture and you guys can have a crack at it, but right now he's watching me like a hawk, hoping I'll slip up and tell someone who will tell him...hehehehe I'm so evil. After that finish wrapping gifts. For some reason while wrapping gifts we get into strange conversations, this year, "what is the difference between a slut and a whore?". Some days I think I should really tape my mouth shut. "A slut is a person who gives themselves to a bunch of guys for sex, a whore is a used up slut, but you don't have to worry about that Kim, right now your not pretty enough to be a slut." At that moment I stopped and slapped myself in the forehead. (I had to put this story in cause Kim thought it funny and want to read it at a later time)

25. Christmas at home. It's so nice to see people really enjoy the amount of stuff we have under the tree, even though most of the gifts we give one another is stuff for the house or dollar store toys that will be broken 15 minutes after we take it out of the package. Mom loves seeing the Christmas tree brimming with gifts, and since this is the one time of year she gets to spoil us all. Yes it is very materialistic but really some of the stuff we get is stuff we would shop for anyways. This year we even got a bag of bird-feed and a set of dry measuring cups... which by the way my mom never heard of or really knew how to use -_- sometimes I wonder....

26. Dinner...Ben's father's side has a dinner every boxing day. So far I've been a good little doobie and gone to each and every one of them. This year however was a short one, everyone was gone out of the hall by eight which is a little surprising. The new final fantasy game is interesting looking but I hate the gameplay so I doubt that I'll ever buy a copy for myself, hells I'm not even interested in "borrowing" Ben's copy.

27. Laziness...Actually got some time to do some chores like gathering up my crap from Christmas and putting it in the back room. However it is impossible to move back there save for a small path to my room and the bathroom, due to everything that was in the front was piled infront of my awesomeness PSX bookshelf and the rest around the pool table is half completed shelf units. Thank goodness that mom put up some christmas lights on the other end of the room, since it is still dark in the mornings I get to make it out of the tunnel-like areas before stubbing my toes.

28. Got a day with Andrea! Which is awesomeness to the coolious. yeah...yeah... And dinner with Danielle and Danielle. Woot there is gonna be pictures as soon as I figure out how to put the pictures on my new camera onto my crap-ass old computer. But since I'm at work as well I can't pull the pictures off at this time anyways :P

29. Here I am at work, boring you all with a stupidly long blog posting that is just starting into the rant part...Sorry guys it's been busy and I haven't had time to split all these things on their own. Hells I barely got online long enough each day to get my neopet advant calendar. Sorry that's more important than blogging. I know I'm immature.

Anyways Christmas rant! I HATED Christmas this year. I never got into the real spirit this year. I think it was due to the fact that I was too busy to even think. Past that me and Ben weren't getting along very well at the beginning of the month combined with not getting a job for the umpteenth time, getting fired from the real estate office, dealing with Eric, having every vechile except for the new yorker break down on me (the New Yorker shouldn't be on the road)(but it hated Eric's truck kept pulling hard towards it every time when it was parked in the driveway LOL), and then combined with the every holiday pressures that it seems like I'm the only one that could deal with it. In the end I shut off most of my christmas music and bulk wrapped all my gifts and hid. I didn't get into fights in the store but I did get cut and bled pretty provously in the middle of WalMart.

But as soon as all the stress and gatherings pretty much died down I went it's too bad. I would've liked to get some more pictures of Santa with bunches of kids, watch the stupid shows on the CBC, taken some amount of higher effort with the gifts and thought things out more throughly. In the end however, everything turned out well. True this year I didn't trim my tree, nor brighten the dark corners with lights to call back the sun for a new season, nor give the high prayers to those who passed on and those who are still on this side of the dirt (but at least I have til Yule for those), but it seems a lot of us missed out on the season as well.

A murder over a christmas tree? Theft in the lines for people getting PS3s? Fist fights over what, a shirt or the last of something? Multitudes of accidents. Many more minor incidents that never made the news. People buying things that they have no desire in owning to make a small fortune, for people to find it in thrift stores a year later. People as they grow seem to forget the simple pleasures that some one gets out of something small.

I blame the media! They are the ones who declare that parents aren't good enough if they aren't the first in line to shell out thousands of dollars on PS3s, Wiis, Tickle me Elmos and any other fad that has hit the shelves. I remember getting a colouring book, a pack of crayons and a teddy and those three items kept me busy for most of christmas. Kim got one of those balls that move by themselves and she screamed for hours, but the media made it seem like they were bad people if they didn't get this for their little one. Media makes it so that dial-up internet, rabbit-earred peasant television and a nice home is something that isn't enough for the basics of life. Meanwhile our parents have done fine and proper with no computers, no mass amounts of television, no elmos. So I say give it a break materialistic bastards, and enjoy what is there. Almost everything that is for sale this year will be out next year and probably for a lot less. So I'll go off and enjoy the Soduku keychain my mom got out of the dollar store, as well as the other cheap stuff, and enjoy it for the enjoyment factor. And soon I'll get the t.v. box to pile more junk into. (Sorry we got a tv for christmas cause the one we had for almost 20 years is giving up the ghost but at least it's the cheaper non-plasma non-flat screen variety.)
Now I'm off to find a website that is dressed for Christmas with the blinky lights and all....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Things to think about....

1. Until you hurt something you never realize that you use it as much as you do.
2. If you are looking for a RED box you will find that there is way more red things you own than you expect, for instance I didn't realize I had a collection of red bound encyclopedias until I was looking for my Scattegories.
3. No matter how well you plan things or such there will be a child (mentally or physically) or someone with size D+ boobs that will get some sort of food, toothpaste or something down the front of their clothes.
4. One way or another makeup will be messed up by the end of the day.
5. Picture day, important interview, or first date, is of course, the day were you will get pimples even though you haven't touched any of your triggers in months.
6. Recipes will look better in the book or on TV than you can make. That's because they make them out of plastic and the stuff that they are eating is airbrushed, I swear.
7. If there is something REALLY important to print off that's when the ink will be out.
8. Murphy should be hung.
9. Whenever an actor is drinking beer on TV the drink is dyed and supposably very bitter and many want to puke afterwards, however after long enough they CAN actually stomach the stuff, must be like fast food.
10. Sometimes the harder one works at something creative, the less creative it becomes.
11. It's kinda okay to leave the christmas lights on all year on the house but its definely not okay to leave the halloween/easter/valentines decorations up all year round.
12. You get put on Crime Stoppers if you accidentally hit a lady, go out and check if she is alright, help her to the store, ask a few times more if she is alright and when you say "yes, I'm fine", and then leave...I saw the commercial on TV.
13. Are you getting more than your daily dose of Television/calcium?
14. How many words can you form out of ESAIIOUX ?
15. Define addiction. Now really think about that. There is now help for those who are addicted to the internet.

Actually now I can say this: There is so many things I want to do this next year.

Unfortunatly I wanted to go scating but I've been benched once more this year. So maybe next year.
Carrie and I thought of something really fun: Getting multiple people in a MSN chat opening thingy...*Smacks self for lack of real words* and playing all at once. I depends on a lot of trust in order that people aren't cheating but hey people only hurt themselves if they cheat and say the same thing someone else says. Therefore the search for Scategories as mentioned above, but it's alluding me. Perhaps I will be able to put my hands on it before the new year. Doubt it though... Christmas has placed my home into the usual disarray.

Anyways I'll leave that Chapter 5 will be soon up on my story blog, maybe it's chapter 6...Anf the next chapter should be hot on that one's heels, if anyone was wondering why I've been hiding a bit from writting on other peoples one paragraph stories. Hopefully I will be able to do more of that later in the month or in the new year, since I think Carries has died and probably Mel's have taken off since last I saw it. Chio.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

And yet another stolen quiz...

What kind of jewel are you?


Your beauty is both breathtaking and stunning. Your friends could see you everyday and still be enchanted.

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

blah on a december night

Okay I must admit that I am a complete kid in some ways. I was going through some things of mine and found a kids coloring book and a box of 64 crayons as well as a box of smelly ones (scented like roses, trees and other things like mr sketch) and in the end I sat and colored this ancient book for a few hours. It is still nice to step out and reach out to the inner child and let the caged beast out once in a blue moon.
Which I noticed it is a full moon. The 22 is the first day of winter but there is over 50 cm of snow on the ground.
And Kim and I almost decided to make the snow that we have shovelled off the decks into a snow fort, since the snow is almost as tall as the raised deck. I never noticed til I talk to people my own age how much Kim has in a way, pulled me back in age so that I don't feel totally stupid filling milk cartons full of ice and snow and making a makeshift igloo, or watching old saturday cartoons. Some think that once you reach a certain age that things like that should be pushed by the wayside, made room for the sameness of adult age. Tasting both at the same time to make it all the more that I really don't want to trade in the fact that sometimes rather play a brain dead game of snakes and ladders than doing something that is more age appropriate. Unfortunatly all I have on my mind right now that older peoples do is drive and look at porn.
Anyways this has been another waste of a blog post. Hopefully my dog doesn't beg for food and trip me on the way to bed.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Survey thing from Sholean, Stolen From Carrie

Hey I saw this on Carrie's blog, maybe I'll get through all the questions...

1) Are your parents married or divorced? Married
2) Are you a vegetarian? Nope I do not promote the killing of vegetables.
3) Do you believe in Heaven? No
4) Have you ever come close to dying? Yes.
5) What jewellery do you wear 24/7? No, not anymore.
6) Favorite time of day? Late Afternoon/early evening
7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes
8) Do you wear makeup? I wish I did more but I'm too freaking lazy to put it on and take it off, doesn't help that I cannot wear most makeup brands either...
9) Ever have plastic surgery? No.
10) Do you color your hair? Every time I have it has been a disaster that I had to grow out or wait for it to wear out, so never again...
11) What do you wear to bed? Depends on who I'm sleeping with...Usually a swing between a tshirt or nothing...
12) Have you ever done anything illegal? I've downloaded music, Sold video tapes for profit...
13) Can you roll your tongue? Yeah, I can even get it to stick to itself too...
14) Do You tweeze your eyebrows? Yes, fuzzy eyebrows unite!
15) What kind of sneakers? Usually whatever I can find for under $20 that wouldn't make my feet sweat too much or feel every rock under my feet.
16) Do you believe in abortions? Yes, because there are some cercumstances are better for everyone...
17) What is your hair color? alburn (red)
18) Future child's name? Girl: Lalita Mae Boy: Daniel
19) Do you snore? Yes, but only when I'm sick, I think, at least no one tells me I snore...
20) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Japan or Scotland
21) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, but they usually ditch me for whatever's under my bed...
22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Going to Winipeg! (that's where you have to go to redeem the ticket)
What the hell happened to 23?
24) Hamburger or hot dog? Hamburgers
25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cow. All parts of cow.
26) City, beach or country? Perhaps city, but I've only lived in the country.
27) What was the last thing you touched? keybord mouse microwave.
28) Where did you eat last? Haong Long! Woot noodle house!
29) When's the last time you cried? This morning, when I stabbed myself with a needle.
30) Do you read blogs? I try.
31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? I think I look like a guy at all times anyways.
32) Ever been involved with the police? Yes, and nothing really came about it, my friends dad used to be a cop, same as a few business peoples I used to loiter in their stores...
33) What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner? 2 in 1 I would say Outragous, as for single ones I like the ones that smell good and are cheap...The expensive ones cause way too much buildup on my scalp....ewww.
34) Do you talk in your sleep? I've been told that I had a great conversation once...
35) Ocean or pool? neither, but if I had to choose pool, cause some pools aren't smelly of ocean smell or clorine.
36) What's your favorite song at the moment? Memories of Life (the last song played on FF9)
37) what's your favorite color(s)? Aqua, blue, purple and black
38) Window seat or aisle? Window, I get car sick if I can't see where I am going.
39) Do you feel you have had a truly successful life? No there is way too many things that I would do differently.
40) Do you like beer or wine? eww okay if I had to say, Miller genuine draft I don't gag on while drinking it, Piesporter Michasberg for my white wine, and red wine whatever one Carrie fed me before her parents moved to BC...
41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl it. Much more fun that cutting.
42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Probably Ricki, but never seen either one.
43) Basketball or Football? Neither but Basketball if I had to, Football just seems so gay to me.
44) How long do your showers last? Shower? I haven't had one of those for forever, not like we don't bathe but broke the shower and haven't fixed it yet. When we had one upwards of an hour, or else like 10 minutes.
45) Automatic or do you drive a stick? Auto, stick it matters not, I would however drive a stick on vechiles that are slow on the pick-up...
46) Cake or ice cream? Both. It just depends on the type of ice cream or cake, since there is so many different types out there and some of each I find nasty.
47) Are you self-conscious? Yah-han
48) Have you ever drank so much you threw up? Yes.
49) Have you ever given money to a tramp? A bum or a whore? I try my best but not to a whore, they make more than I ever will.
50) Have you been in love? I don't really know.
51) Where do you wish you were? In a bath tub full of hundred dollar bills.
52) Are you wearing socks? Yep, green ones with teddy bears on them.
53) Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No.
54) Can you tango? I've never tried, but I would like to try but I don't have a partner.
55) Last gift you received? my ring from Ben back in March (currently lost :( )
56) Last sport you played? "deck" hockey with the dog. He won.
57) Things you spend a lot of money on? Food and fuel.
58) Where do you live? In a construction site.
59) Where were you born? Near where I live.
60) Last wedding attended? Ben's Cousins wedding, unfortunatly right at this second I cannot name them.
61) Favorite fast food restaurant? Crepe werks. Geek of freak I can gain 60 lbs by eating there all the time...
62) Most loved food(s): Potatoes, beef, carrots, brussel sprouts, mild thai.
63) Most hated food(s): Seafood (ocean critters only), really spicy foods.
64) What's your least favourite chores? Vaccuuming.
65) Can you sing?Sometimes.
66) Last person you text messaged? Hilary
67) Last place you went on holiday? To Calgary for Otafest
68) Favorite regular drink? Cola. I love choco milk but it's starting to not like me, alcholic, vex blueberry and pina colodas....

There more useless stuff to know about me.