Monday, August 03, 2009

In close and personal with nature...And a new miff!

Over the last few weeks the good old mother nature has been horrid to Edmonton. I have to admit that it has been an interesting summer. It was slow in the coming but summer has finally hit and with that comes the normal summer storms. But for some reason (I blame BC) we've had some nastier storms than usual in the central region. Last Saturday a wind storm brought in rain, hail and deadly winds as it stormed past. However anyone who lived out here as long as I have should've realized that a storm was coming. The sky was clear but it had a steely blue instead of the bright blue. Usually that means that a storm will brew up later in the day. And it did. I was dozing outside as it came in and woke me by blowing off my hat. *grumble grumble* We got a bit of rain but in Stony a house had its roof ripped off and blown into another house. It was impressive to see on the news. Later as it hit Camrose it hit the Big Valley Celebration down there. It's a country and western show for those who do not know. It blew over a few speaker towers and the main stage. Some of my co-workers were supposed to go there this weekend. I hope they are OK but I don't know anything until tomorrow and even then... On the news it said that one woman died and about 15 others injured in that accident so I'm kinda concerned.
A few weeks earlier (on a Saturday as well) another storm came out of the nowhere and blew into Edmonton. It didn't do too much out at my parents house but that time I was on the South East side of Edmonton and it was pretty bad. I was at a wedding reception and the power went out. Thankfully someone had a generator in the back of his truck because the power was out for the rest of the night, we at least had some good tunes in the darkness. But in reality it was a good storm. A lot of people said that they saw flashes of green lightning, which according to them, meant that a tornado was coming. Much to their disappointment, one never touched down but the city was in a mess. Trees were down and power was out in select spots. If I remember correctly, power didn't completely come back on for a couple of days.
Another hit with mother nature kinda walked right under our noses. We have a pair of fox living in our neighbourhood and I've seen them with a pair of kits. We've been still feeding our outside cat on the deck for a while. I came home from physio one night and saw that the mother and two kits were lazing and hunting in our front yard. I stopped near the end of the driveway for a turn and watched them for a while. Then I started back up the Bronco and drove up. Kim was waiting for me outside and generally watching the foxes but one disappeared from our view. It had come up the hill and was skirting around the vehicles. I played a bit of peek a boo with it before I lost sight of it. I thought I must've spooked it and it took off towards it's mother, when it popped out from behind one of the cars. It was no further than 3 meters away, and casually walked up onto the deck to steal food. I waves my parents out and they walked out the door with the thing on the deck no further than eight feet away! I know it's young but it has learned that there's food + no danger = opportunity to get closer to a fox kit than one would think. It's still stealing food and we feed it, but the little whelp keeps crapping near the food bowl! The internet has been of little to no help in this matter due to the info that I keep pulling up has very little on the day to day runnings of a fox, nor what their barks mean or what the percentage of the population has the colors that we are seeing. To think that to find info on more dangerous creatures is simple they should have more info on the creatures that we've been with for more than a millennium.

And on to my miff. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that have had problems with a hairstylist. Usually a lot of the ones I have seen have had problems getting a back profile on the cut I desire. So this time I went out of my way to find a few pictures of the cut I wanted PLUS described all the specifications that anyone could've followed. NOT THIS HOSEBAG! Now that I look back on the picture it's no where near what I wanted, plus I said three times that I wanted the front long (to my shoulders) and the back short and spiky. She said no problem in doing it, looked at the picture and agreed that it could be done. I couldn't see what she was doing because my glasses were off and I can't distinguish my own mother without my glasses at five feet. I have to admit, she was the first person to mention that my hair was thin. -__- Also she was kinda pissy when I asked for her to keep the cut offs of hair so that I could make them into costume props. (It's way cheaper and nicer to work with real hair than fake plastic hair) In the end, this perhaps was the first time I almost cried coming out of the stylists chair, and I had some really bad cuts in my day. Also the cut off hair she bunched together so it formed a few good knots so I'm now not sure if I can use them at all, but it doesn't even really matter because it produced only a third of what I got last time even though I got more cut off. There goes my idea of me and Kim going as Link off of the Zelda games...I don't think I'll have enough to do the blonde bangs inside the hats, and I think everyone will kill me if I dye me hair blonde.

Oh well that was the life. Hair grows back but I still want that woman's license pulled. Unfortunately for me I found out that one of my co-workers had the same woman for her and her friends cuts. She has a few strands of hair that she has to hide because they were cut really really badly, and her friend had the same problem as I did, the stylist had cut her hair far too short. Almost five inches shorter than she wanted. They both paid even though it was not what they wanted. Thankfully I didn't have to pay, but now I'm trying out ways to hide a pudgy face behind a short hair cut. It doesn't work.