Friday, September 28, 2007

The boredum of blogger

With every craze out there it has its hayday then gets thrown to the dogs. It seems like the people I used to follow their blogs to find out their everyday lives have posted less and less and even one of the links no longer work. With the multiple interactiveness of facebook it is hard to imagine that something so text heavy like blogger has a chance. Some people may not like the simpleness of pure text and pictures, but it is easily pulled by the multitude of apps like Warbook, Pirates, (fluff)Friends, Ilike and more. Also it seems easier to find people of past and present in order to make more interaction in the day to day lives.
Of course I really cannot say much on that for this own blog may be one of the most simplest, boring blogs out there, visually speaking, and in some ways intellectually speaking as well. It's not as if I'm highly educated and debate physics, economics or other subjects in a precise manner that makes this a blog of interest with multiple hits per day with readers all over the world. Unfortunately all my readers are pretty much repeats or ones that accidentally click here and never return.
Oh well I'm blathering again.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It seems I have no luck these days

All in all my luck has been just horrific. Especially when it comes to vehicles and coming to work on time. I've had everything from break downs to battery failure to the mother of all falling crap that happened today, a freaking road closure. I'm not talking a minor road I'm talking main artery Hwy 16! I thought hey I could be at work early and everything. Man I'm wrong again. *sigh* If anyone out there knows what it was this morning that why the police closed down two lanes of traffic can they tell me for nothing more than interests sake.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dollar at Par

Well it's the day that online Canadian shoppers will rejoice, the Loonie is at Par with the Yankie Greenback. This will make the shopping experience cheaper for Canadians online, but it will probably not effect those who are living further north of the border or do not shop online. Why you may ask? I shall give an example: Over the next few days I doubt that the price of the dollar will effect my buying power in the local market, like buying a loaf of bread.
But I shall pass on that issue, for the one that I wish to ask and look up is that is the Canadian Dollar really gaining speed with the rest of the world or is it that we are staying the same and the yank falling in the world scale. I have noticed this more in the imported and translated text. For instance when I was first buying my manga comics, they listed 1000yen = $12.88USD since then it dropped to 1000yen = $10.00 to 1000 yen = $9.88. This may be a mistake in the translation, but what if it is not? I thought at first reading they went to the 1000 yen = $10.00USD for ease for mental conversion for the younger readers but slowly I have noticed that it is becoming out of proportion with this easy conversion.

(A few research moments later)
As of this second 1000 yen = 8.65776USD. I only used the yen for it is a conversion that I have gotten used to using every day due to my manga addiction. If memory serves me correctly, however, a few years ago the euro was very simular to the American dollar and that has pulled away to almost $1.50USD = 1 Euro.

All in stating it is food for thought,
or I might be speaking from my ass again.

Friday, September 14, 2007

If I had the drive...

I would personally rob my computer technician here at work of his very soul. Then eat it.
Why I say something so bizarre even for me? Well with the comings and goings of a new computer system, while trying to get a paper out has made it quite interesting, none the less. First of all I would like to say that we are still down one designer and I still cannot see all the greatest, even to the point in trying to catch things are not there. Honestly. Second, I was stalled for an extra few days due to the fact that it does take a few days to switch over the servers and the computers and squash a few bugs that are taking over the systems, one of which is in the fonts database. Anyone who works with the great number of fonts out there should know that there is a billion and one fonts out there and one can use each and everyone of them for a matter of a million projects. The problem with all these fonts, especially in a database that spans years and multiple programs that it could become a huge headache if even one of those fonts would so happen to disappear. Unfortunatly for me a few has gone AWOL. It is almost an impossible task to wonder the internet and find the fonts again, especially when I didn't load them in the first place. So with the computers giving me grief I'm sitting around thinking "Two days Sunday, No computers tomorrow, Two Days Sunday..."
Unfortunate for the people around me and you dear reader, is that in the mists of all of this, is the multiple whinings of myself, which is usually compounds to one thing. The techy is getting paid way too much to be holding up people who only dream of making even half of what he is charging.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Is it not funny that when one has the time to actually get the rest and sleep one really needs one cannot sleep worth a hoot? I am saying this due to the fact this weekend was set aside for sleeping. Yes now I actually have to schedule sleep. In the end even though I stayed in bed for almost half the day in most cases I have not gotten more sleep than I usually do. Life is funny in that way, when I have no time for sleep or I'm bone ass tired I sleep like the dead, unfortunately times like that I have no time to actually have a long, deep sleep.
Oh well me go to sleep now... ... ...