Friday, September 14, 2007

If I had the drive...

I would personally rob my computer technician here at work of his very soul. Then eat it.
Why I say something so bizarre even for me? Well with the comings and goings of a new computer system, while trying to get a paper out has made it quite interesting, none the less. First of all I would like to say that we are still down one designer and I still cannot see all the greatest, even to the point in trying to catch things are not there. Honestly. Second, I was stalled for an extra few days due to the fact that it does take a few days to switch over the servers and the computers and squash a few bugs that are taking over the systems, one of which is in the fonts database. Anyone who works with the great number of fonts out there should know that there is a billion and one fonts out there and one can use each and everyone of them for a matter of a million projects. The problem with all these fonts, especially in a database that spans years and multiple programs that it could become a huge headache if even one of those fonts would so happen to disappear. Unfortunatly for me a few has gone AWOL. It is almost an impossible task to wonder the internet and find the fonts again, especially when I didn't load them in the first place. So with the computers giving me grief I'm sitting around thinking "Two days Sunday, No computers tomorrow, Two Days Sunday..."
Unfortunate for the people around me and you dear reader, is that in the mists of all of this, is the multiple whinings of myself, which is usually compounds to one thing. The techy is getting paid way too much to be holding up people who only dream of making even half of what he is charging.

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