Friday, September 11, 2009

Help I lost myself and my car!!!

Okay it isn't as bad as the title states, but it's pretty bad. For those who do not know I have started school and it is a pretty bad situation for me. Starters we have the most retarded building layout in the whole of ALL of the campuses. There is weird corners in which there may be a classroom hiding right in the corner so that you don't see the door until you are right on top of it, or in my case, walked right by. Also the fact that the campus is downtown is another thing I dislike. I already live an hour from the city and to travel down there. However I have noticed that there is no real prediction in traffic. Before going to school I have noticed traffic patterns going to work, and there was some things that were very predictable given the seasons and time of day. For example I have switched roads to go to work due to the fact that people avoid school zones while school is in, but that makes the traffic around that area decreases. I have yet to find any real routes that will decrease my time. In fact, I have yet to find a route into school that DOES NOT have construction. Thankfully that will decrease by October but it does create headaches in the short term.

As for the other stuff that I have been doing since my last post can be summed down to one word; Animethon! I have prepared a new set set of costumes and since I had no sewing machine I had to hand sew everything! Thankfully I just got the costumes done in time. I will post a picture as soon as possible.

The other thing I have been working on is a home renovation. To recap I had been living in a home that was built around a mobile home. Finally we have gone through the mobile and started to pull down the walls and it looks really REALLY different. Now we are going through the planning stages to the form of our "new" home. With the walls of the mobile down we have completely revolutionized our plans for the areas. In the original it was simular to the trailer's original footplan, but now there has been a large difference. We have the three bathrooms centralized as well as with the laundry room. This is adding another bathroom from the original plan with increased space for the bedrooms. I'm pretty excited, especially since we have gotten used to having a two bathroom home and we have gone down to one bathroom. It's also an addition to our heated floor so we are just waiting for the concrete but that should happen within the next few weeks. I have photos if there is interest.

So that is all for today...Hopefully I will post more often but it still is shotty. I finally got Decepticon back from the computer shop so I might be able to post more often...