Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Many many things

It's been a while, and I'm sorry I said I wouldn't leave things so long but I've been avoiding things again.

The following movie is from late February... and the snow pile is still almost that high.

And after that the snowfox had an unfortunate accident, so if anyone has one (a snowfox or snowracer) that they are no longer using and that they are willing to sell to me, and they aren't on the other side of the country and could hook me up please let me know! I'm still looking forelornly at an awesome run out there and it's not melted away yet. ^_^

What else. Provincial elections has come and gone. The PC's have been re-elected. What a big surprise. A lot of people where falling into the commercials that were airing on the tele that there was going to be a big uprising and overthrowing of government but I couldn't believe it. Unfortunatly, if there is any large change with oil monies now they may thumb their noses at us and pull stakes. Alberta is not the only province with oil and other provinces have expressed their interest in rubbing elbows with the large companies, I may be wrong due to being fed wrong information, but that is my impression. At least in the end of it all there might be some changes: I hear that they may do something about health care premiums so that's good.

I have noticed that I have been in the work force for almost seven years now, and during that time minimum wage went from $5.60 to $8.00 and during that time I noticed things roll up in price. For instance I noticed that a 4L of milk jumped in price from $2.99 to $3.99 to finally last week $4.29. Bread went from $.99 to $1.29. True that this may be counting pennies when dollars are to blame, but this is becoming stupid. Rent doubled. Fuel went up a third, food went up almost a third (more if you try to eat healthier), every utility wants to ding their customer before they even use their services, cellular phone companies deciding that "evenings" begin at 9pm and anyone who says anything about it is just whining. I think that they are ripping people off because they can and because people can't do anything about it because evey other company out there is doing it too.

Oh we had a lunar eclispe. I found a picture of it on my camera. Very cool. When was it? A while ago. If you want a exact date, umm, geek of freak, leave a comment and I will look that up for you. It was neat though.

Oh my gosh! I will be making a post on my story blog! I promise it WILL NOT BE AS LONG AS THIS ONE!!!

And just for interest sakes and he's such a nice guy and I leave the best thing for last. I gots this on Monday. Yeah a crappy picture but what can I say I have a crappy camera for really close up sparkily stuff, this will keep me happy for another two years. Actually I'm happy about the crappy photo because I've already started to "accidently" marr the left gold bead and you can't notice it as badly in this photo *insert bad laughter here*