Monday, November 01, 2010

The month of insanity begins...

Deadlines for assignments, report writing, powerpoint presentations all due within the next four months, and I stupidly decide that yes, I need more on my plate.
NaNoWriMo is back on us once more and I signed up once again rewriting my monster Twin Earth. This will be like the fourteenth time I've rewritten it, but I'm going to cheat a bit and keep the beginning I had last year and continuing from where I hate it onwards. Give me a break, I have already tons to write this month without killing myself thinking of new ideas.
Oh wells, back to writing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hell I've known that for years!!!

I heard on the readio that there was a study out where they interveiwed a collection of drivers and found out that 64% of them had NO IDEA what the hell they were doing.
I've been saying this for years.

A bit of housekeeping:
Decepticon has come back from the shop. He cost me a pretty penny and is louder now but it still was cheaper than buying a new one.
Optimus Prime has become a powerhouse for me. Since Kim has officially taken over Decepticon, I'm stuck with this one.
Sinclair comic has hit a wall at full speed. I haven't been able to scan anything yet and we can't find the driver for it.
Nanowrimo is coming up. I'm excited. I'm taking another shot at Twin Earth.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

'Twas week before Bellrose

"Twas a week before Bellrose,
Not a creature was stressing, not even a Jen,
The sewing machine was abandoned with zen,
In hopes that it will work better then most men.

The drawings were heated with laminate,
Some have things we just have ate,
And Kim with out a computer,
Has decided to make nothing more.

When the week shall end,
There will be some injuries to mend,
But bandaids will be plenty,
Until we need any.

And there shall be smiling,
Unless Jen's dying,
Then she'll be going "Mine!"
To the next comic of "Princess of Time"

And there will be stupid artists
That their float will be a miss
And ask poor Jen
For the change for a yen

It will be no fun
Until the next Mon
Then she will declare
Next year I shall be there!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Douchebag, Am I a Douchebag?

To: Worldly Douchebags
From: One possibly joining your ranks
Date: September (late)
Re: Am I a Douchebag?

Dear Douchebag:

Driving along yesterday I came across an accident on the road coming from school. I immediately entered the lane that was needed in order to avoid the accident and since there was no one behind me, I refrained from cutting anyone off. I did signal and moved promptly when everything is clear. However I am one of those people who do not let people in front of me if they zoomed past me only to try to cut line further up. If someone was in front of me and signaled I usually let them in, but am I a douchebag for not letting one of these people who passed me butt in in line?
This matter concerns me. I usually make comment about people doing stupid things on the roadways and otherwise, however, not allowing the curtesy of allowing those who pass myself not to enter the line may in fact be classed as douchebag behavior. I will allow the readers to have their opinion on this matter.
Kami Akai.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The return of Arrr!

I have to laugh at this being the day after talk like a pirate day when the soreness in the left eye gotten so bad that I had to bring out the sporting of the eye patch. This is also arrr-grevating...LOL But it makes me answer some weird questions, yet again...
I wish I remembered about pirate day. Makes me sad.
Instead I got a minivan. A 2001? Either way it is one of the newest vehciles I have ever drove. It needs some work but what doesn't? All I'm hoping that it still starts on halloween for trick or treating.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Feature! Dear Douchebag:

To: All the Douchebags of the world
From: Me.
Date: Sometime today
Re: Youuuuu piss me off!

Dear Douchebag:
This is a formal notice to those people who decided that they will have the gawl to piss me off. All of those who I have decided to rant about I have to write a formal letter to each of the stupid people who decide that for whatever reason made me mad for that day.

So Douchebags beware. I am watching...and writing.

Kami Akai

Monday, September 13, 2010

Decepticon Died!

For those who do not know who or what Decepticon is, it is my tower computer. So I have it in the shop and they tell me that the motherboard is fried only at the point that the harddrives connect. So right now I have no home computer that will attach to the internets. I just bought a little netbook, but it doesn't have a dial-up modem in it, so doing anything that requires an internet connection is fail. Now it's a prayer that they can find another compact motherboard or if they can stuff my harddrives into another computer asap.
Meanwhile I got myself a little laptop. hehehe
It's bright blue and I have matching mouse. All I need to do now is get a case for it so that I can carry it around for a short time before I put scratches on it. It wouldn't change much of my onlineness because I can get online during school hours.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a rant posting...Nothing really important.

Well it's the first week of school. Out of the 32 students that we started out with at the beginning of year one, we are down to a whopping 17 people. Now it may be that since it wasn't actually September that some would Skip the first week, or since the school didn't send out it's paperwork that they were unaware, or the fact that if you are on the Government Works program, you still have yet to see a cheque for books, tuition or living allowances. I fall into the last criteria. So here I am trying to stretch every penny and make it until that day in which I KNOW that I have money, but the car needs fuel and occasionally I like having a lunch not made of sandwiches.

Talking about sandwiches we now have an oven. Two weeks without one made our house go through a lot of bread and peanut butter.

The floor is almost replaced and we have an enclosed bathroom now...Laundry room has been sheeted and mudded and painted with primer. Nothing is finished however. The laundry room has an unfinished wall in which will remain unfinished until the shower in the main bathroom is installed.

I found out that my car door does indeed lock, but it's on the outside...with a key. It took another runner on us the other day. Dad moved it but failed to put it fully in gear, so it popped out and went down the driveway. Thankfully the railroad ties that we line our driveway with stopped it because it was on a b-line towards a tree. Also thankfully it didn't hit the heavy machinery that it was parked near. The bad news is that it totaled my muffler. Stupid car.

I have been made Treasurer of my class as well. Not sure of what it all entails but I know that I have to plan out the end of year gala. Not sure what to do yet, but I want it enjoyable for everybody...Non-drinkers included.

As for the other things in life, haven't seen much of friends, of either gender. Have another con that I have to get ready for but I have no motivation. Haven't had motivation to do much of anything really. Probably why I haven't seen much of my friends. And haven't been able to make up another comic page, even though it's scanned in, most of the text is inserted, just got to make the panel breaks. I have taken out most of my research material for my English class but haven't really gone through them much other than referencing. Even with that it took me three hours to reference six books and two web-sites. Hells, even writing has become a bore. I have three different stories that require attention but I'm letting the characters wait, but some of them will evade me if I leave them too long. Perhaps I'm depressed, perhaps I'm in a slump, perhaps it's just seems like I'm falling further and further behind the pack of life...Either way its what it is. Whatever it is.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So....It's now the end of August...

School is going to be back in soon. Halloween stuff is in stores and I have the feeling that christmas carols are soon to be next. Shame shame shame. Oh wells. It's been more than a month since I was unofficially "fired". Fired as in they have no work for me and haven't called me back. Since I'm not sure if I am still on payroll or not I will still work a day or two as long as am not into school. Talking about school, the government has yet to process all the people that have applied for funding. So, in other words, I don't have any money to go to school with. I just spent all my remaining cash on parking so I have to figure out how to make my dollar really stretch until it finally comes through. *sigh*
Animethon was really great! Being in the Artist Alley really made me appreciate how much time and effort many people DO NOT put into it. I think most of the tables for the amount of stock and time into presentation I could've done it in about thirty seconds. A binder of prints and my drawing stuffs. I could grab that stuff and go. Overall we made about $300 but after paying out my artists and dinners for the two nights I personally walked away with only $40. I don't mind that I didn't do all that well financially. It was a good experience and I'm willing to do it again. However this year Artist Alley (AA) wasn't as busy as it usually is. Before I continue I shall explain how AA works at Animethon. The customers buy tickets for $1.25 at the tables. Of that 1.25 the artist gets $1 and Animethon gets $.25. Animethon gives us the table space, basic supplies, pass to the event and water free. Overall it's over $50 per Artist loss at the event, until the ticket prices start to roll in. Now alot of artists hate this. I am NOT one of these. The controversy is that the better and higher paid artists have to give up a larger share of their profits to Animethon. Now I may agree that there may be an artist cap but really...If you are making thousands of dollars then perhaps the AA is not the right place to be. I like the system. I like the ability to place how much I want in the manner of tickets instead of dollars and there is NO FREAKING CHANGE!!!! There was a few artists in the taste of Animethon that didn't bring enough change and had to beg off of others (ex. ME) who brought enough change to exchange for. Now I didn't mind since it was an one day affair but when it is two days and there is no banks open after a certain hour of Saturday, it makes things difficult. *Ends rants*
As for everything else, I will be happier to be on a regular schedule again after this week so I can hole up in the computer commons and actually get back into conversing with my internet peeps. Anyways I'm out of time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is a post in which I cannot think of a name for....

I hear that bad things happen in threes but I never truly believe it. I'm not going to say much tonight but would like to submit yet another pet into the warm hearts of the afterlife. Bailey (BayBay as I called her) passed away this afternoon after filling my boyfriends' heart for 17 faithful years. All I have to say is that she will be received warmly by past comrades of both of us and if she meets up with Buddy she must use him for a blanket at least once.

Sorry. I will post all the other stuff that has happened over the summer at a later time. Thank you all my readers for your understanding and patience that I demand so often with you.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sorry for ignoring peps of blogger for so long but life has kinda taken over a lot and I just had to find my own two feet again.
First off - Go over to my twin earth blog and investigate my newest post.
Second - I got a job. Paid well and had some overtime but now I barely get any hours in the week so it's just as bad as having no job at all.
Third - It has rained. A LOT. Not like Calgary but close, this is not helping me keep my job and has kept us from doing laundry (See fifth news)
Fourth - I would like to say congrats to the two of my friends (whom will stay nameless here but you know who you are) who got married earlier in the month. Sorry for not making an appearance but Love the photos
Fifth - We are now officially hillbillies. We have more cars than we all could possibly own out on our front lawn and we do our laundry outside...All of it. The washer is outside and we have to line dry everything...Therefore if it doesn't stop raining the household will no longer have any clean clothes.
Sixth - I'm going back to school in September. So I'm on the prowl for used textbooks and signing up for funding.
Seventh - Animethon is way too close for comfort. Starting Aug 6 I'm not ready for the Artist Alley coming way short of the goals I had set up in April. Oh well. We still have twice as much inventory as the rest of the artists there. I'm excited!
Eighth - My internet and I are starting to have a full on war. Most of the time it logs in at 20Kbps or less. For those who don't see why this is a problem I'll state it this way. At that speed, even with all my cookies etc, Google will not load within its tolerance for time out.

All right well there is much more for me to do so I hope everyone is in good health and I hope to post again shortly.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now what the F&*K???

Okay I've had better weeks than these few.

First off the first job I was offered by the federal government only paid $13.44! I'm going that the government are being stingy bastards since a mid sized county will pay a similar starting position over $20 an hour. Also the job was downtown with no parking pass. By the time I got to work, paid for either a bus pass or parking I have already lost four hours out of an eight hour day with an additional two hours per day of drive time. Sorry but if you weren't stingy bastards I might've thought about it for a while longer. Also it was a computer job. No outside work. Not so great on the old eyesight. I'm getting tired of this problem with no repairs in sight. Sucks big time.

Secondly dad found a fox cub in a pile hole. Poor thing was almost finished with mud caked on him and blinding him. Thankfully the boys went down to the nearby lake to help the poor thing out, but it was weak. Hopefully it found it's mother. But with the good news came sad news. They found it's twin. There was no saving that one, being already dead in the mud when they found it. I'm glad that the one that came up to our deck was still alive and I watch him try to sneak by the cat, but sometimes failing ^-^ I can tell that it's not the dad by the daily path it follows. The golden father came over the hill and down the driveway, never wanting to come close to the house. I haven't seen him but we no longer have Healy for him to tease so there is no more fun here for him. The kit on the other hand always walks up the railroad ties and up on the front concrete pad. However I think I saw the cubs brother killed on the highway. It's difficult for wildlife to survive in the middle of subdivisions.

Thirdly, I will open a can of whoopass on the people who come into the school and say, "Yes we are hiring, there should be no reason for you to not have work in the summer." Yeah. Sure. Right. That's All I have to say about that. The long and the short of the whole tale is that I'm going to apply at Pizza Hut tomorrow for a waitress. I'm still be applying for positions in my field but I'm no longer going to hold my breath for a position. I went for an interview and the people were very nice but at the first second that he saw me I knew he wasn't going to hire me. I think that my physical size will be a detriment to me once more, but I don't think it should. Many of the people I went to school with gave me glowing remarks on my field classes and I never was complained about...((Well twice I was complained about by the worst people in class, once because I wanted to complete the field task and the other said I was a bitch))

Finally, the house has been eating our stuff. It has eaten cheques, glassescases and library books. You wouldn't believe that Kim and I had worked a full day in the back room. There is too much stuff for so little room. Bonus I found my comic and I will be working on that once more. Soon it will be published. I am abandoning the novel of the comic for now. It's a good point of starting for it but I'm not sure of my output. I'm fully on production mode whenever I am not job hunting. I have cross stitch mario brothers 3 and final fantasy 1 magnets as well as pokemon cell phone charms and working on plushies with stress balls in them. I love the concept of having something soft and cuddly to squeeze the crap out of as duel stress relief. I'm hoping the patterns that I made work out well 8^-^8 Well I'm out of music so I'll be signing off now. I try to reply to your guys comments so please look back to previous posts that you commented on if I don't address the comments in the next post. Night All d-_-b

Monday, May 10, 2010

There are some things that I should never see.

I thought that the removal of the security posts at canadian tire to let a lets say a very large person through the doors. well she either got larger or OMG fat people are breeding! Seriously I was in WalMart the other day and this very large person came in, almost filling the double electric doors that allow people to enter and exit. Now being a lerge person myself and having problems going into WalMart and finding anything that fits properly, how can she even imagine to get anything to fit, nor walk down any eilses properly? Which brings me to this point: Fat persons out there in cyber land where do you buy most of your clothes? Serious. I have yet to find something that fits properly for about six months and my cloths are really showing their age.
Onto the next topic
They are doing an online survey on high broadband internet in my area. Having such crappy service I clicked on it to do the survey. Hours pass... ... ... ... it wouldn't load. My service connection is so bad that it cannot load a page in which I can complain about the crappiness of my connection.
On other things I should never see:
Someone doing a spraypaint paint job on a new mustang. Ummm it was bad. The guy probably grabbed some random paint and had his kids fingerpaint his car. I internally cried a bit then.
Anyways no luck on the job field just yet, but with a new resume it is possible that I can get a job soon, hopefully. Anyways I better go and try to catch some of this awesome weather we are having here.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mumbering of the depressed....

I like the title. It fits my mood. There is a lot of things going on lately and unfortunately none for the best. So far I have been offered two jobs. None of which has any field work and only one in which has an offer for anything related T_T so I've been forced to start again from scratch which makes for a long hard road. I feel like the commercial of the guy wishing upon a star for a job, but unlike the guy I've been putting my resume into places with little or no effect. Lame.
The other part of my life has been equally as lame as there was a snowfall last night, well I guess it would be two nights ago technically now. Brought with high winds and rain and snow and other bunches of nasty. I hate the wind. Except on really really hot days that I am not going into the pool, then wind is good. But it's neither hot nor sunny and its windier than shit. Lame.
I hate my doctor. Isn't doctors getting paid in some way through Alberta Health? Then why would he spend more than three minutes with me? Is it because I have the very rare disease now known as Jenitis? Doubtful. By the way Jenitis is when a person hiccups only once or twice during an eight hour time frame. I'm infectious. Beware of the hiccups. By the way, hiccups are Lame.
I think my relationship with Ben is going down the crapper. Both of us has a dark cloud over top of both of us in which neither of us can escape from. We are in the prime of life, and here we are both spinning our wheels, digging ourselves further into the hole of despair. Nothing changes and its doubtful that anything will. Unless I pull up my socks even more will anything change and I'm not sure if I can or should do it for two. After thinking about it the whole situation is Lame.
Anyways I should be heading off to bed for I have to get up tomorrow early to go out and put out some more resumes. Lame.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay sorry but this is a quick note as I only have about three minutes left on the computer here...
*I'm almost done school only four more days to go.
*I epically failed on one of my mid terms. I never got so bad of grade in my life.
*I am working hard to find a job and now I have to wait until monday for anything
*Animethon is going to be awesome! I have quite a few things to make and I will see how well it all goes.
*I promise to have pictures!
*I found my camera but lost my calculator. Major bummer.
*I won a few scholorships but credit card ate both of them. Oh the grrness, so no new computer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a Monday...

Today is going to be a day.
This morning there was an accident on the main route that I take into school. This has to be the latest that I have ever been to anything. It took two hours to drive an one hour drive. Oh my. Then I forgot but there are two tests today, oh yay. I have no idea what the test is about but I've been lucky doing tests lately.

I have to admit that I am a bit discouraged. The fellow students had been getting interviews and jobs for the summer and I have yet to get a call back from anything. I got to keep a stiff upper lip and keep applying at stuff.

I have to admit that I've been busy doing other stuff as well. I am now making hand sewn plushies and my earrings. I'm trying to buy a button maker but been failing in finding a button maker in my price range so I'm resorting down to having a toy button maker...I'm not sure how that will work. I wish I lived in Toronto because there is a shop there that either rents the machines or sells used machines.

Oh well.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Even though I was told not to worry about my health....I do.

Okay so I went to see a fortune teller that did palmastry while I was at the taste of Animethon and she knew a lot of me from looking at my hands. She commented that I shouldn't worry too much about my health.

Well now I'm not sure that is the best advice.

Ever wake up not being able to see?
I did. Well kinda.
Thankfully I was able to roll over and close my eyes and fall back asleep and when I woke again it was better, but today I'm having a rocking headache combined with stiffness and soreness.

Life sucks big time.

Edit: 15.36 - Also I was in the most awkward grouping EVER. Note to myself and others do NOT find yourself in a grouping of people that are lovey-dovey but are not trying to outwardly show it too much. It's very awkward in being in that category of people.....Thirdwheelish.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh for the love of grrness.

I will complain here because even though the people of Animethon are inconsistent bastards, I rather be there again...So I wouldn't complain on my Deviant Art page. The next few paragraphs will dictate how the con went:
Advertising: EPIC FAILURE
Bookmarks: Failure
Mousepads: Partial Failure
Hello Kitty Figurines: EPIC SUCCESS
YuGiOh Cards: Surprise success!
Costumes: (Was expecting failure) Met expectations but there was a few people who wanted them and I may have sale in the future with them.
Hair Clips: Expected Success.
Earrings: Failure

What I learned:
1. Stickers have to be bigger and cuter or more depressing.
2. The more you make people go down memory lane the more you can sell things that are a blast from the past.
3. Don't listen to the event people of animethon they are idiots. This idiocy will not pay out for you in the end.
4. If school security is standing by your booth for long periods of time advise them to buy something or shift.
5. Do NOT go into Artist Alley as long as the person next to us will be there for it will suck the life out of the event. (She complained about the music being too loud when I was just being able to get into it. Made me hold back on my sales pitch and made me very sad. T_T )
6. Do NOT go into the Artist Alley if I have costumes to sell.
7. Your personal opinions don't mean shit.
8. Smack anyone who looks bored.
9. Smack anyone who look at stuff and doesn't buy any of it.
10. Smack the person who said it was a bad day because she only sold $300 worth of stuff.
11. Smack people for the fun of it. ^_^ Okay the last three I already knew and are just a jest.
12. Don't take all the food that the parents gave you, you will only drag it back home.
13. Even though they say don't tape stuff onto the table tape stuff to the table because everyone else will do it anyways.
14. Smaller containers work best.
15. Be prepared to have one more trip out than you had coming in. Somehow stuff expands.
16. Gotta find new adhesives or some other way on making certain things.
17. Figure out new displays for almost everything.

Well that's all I have to say about this experience. I'm really looking towards becoming a vendor and chatting to my friends to see if they have some stuff to go towards the sale and sell it with a commission or something like that. I also found that I was having problems having enough room on my table for everything and it was annoying, and it contributed to the failure of this con. I must admit that I was thankful to my cards bringing in the dough and crowds or else I would definitely have a bad taste in my mouth after this event. I've also decided that I'm going to look into opening an ebay shop for my earrings. I had a few comments on them but in the end only sold three pairs.

Finally I will have to see how the paypal things work. I would've had most of the costumes sold if I accepted credit cards, which I think there will be more of an issue if I sell more pricier objects at the main shows.

In the end I had fun and I didn't have the temptation to buy everything I was looking at when I was stuck behind the counter, nor had time to go through everything with a fine toothed comb when I was allowed out on a walk about.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Taste of Animethon This Weekend!

Why should I be concerned about a Taste of Animethon? It is simple: I am a vendor! I have all sorts of things for sale from Costumes to bookmarks. Unfortunatly I am not bringing any Sinclair stuff but I am bringing a dragon painting for sale! I'll tell all when I get back from it ^^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six years of Bennifer

News: Today is the anniversary of Ben and I. It's been fun.

Old News: Yay for Canada and the games! Two Golds so far. I was fortunate to be able to watch some of the games on the tele. Unfortunately I haven't been able to watch it at home for some reason there is something that is blocking the station and I cannot pull it up.

Old News: We have walls! We are dry-walling and taping so now the walls at least stopped looking like a forest of timber and like the few rooms that it was planned to be.

Old News: Welcome to A Taste of Animethon! I've been working hard over projects that will be up for sale. Items include bookmarks, cell phone charms, earrings, stickers and drawings. I'm now begging for people to come buy my stuff!

New News: I am looking for a laptop. I need some advice: Which one should I get? A 15+ in screen laptop or a small notebook? Both I would get an armor shell so i can toss it into my bag for school.

No News: Yet to have any news for my health so once more I go plugging along in the dark. Stupid doctors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"The doctor didn't want to tell my mother this but she was impregnated by a tainted tomato"

My god that was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Thank goodness that there is bad bad BAD Canadian movies or where would we come up with the most ingenious lines like that?

Lia: Thanks for the encouragment on the earrings and I'm hoping to have better pics. My sister has a new camera and it's far superior than mine to capture fine shiny things.

Other news:
English teacher has now become the least of my worries. Although I have a lot of major things due all at once I'm sure it will be alright in that fashion I have a new disgruntled miff: AutoCad and Calc programming.

I used to have no use for the calculator when I was in public school and therefore made me lacking in that area. Combined with a dislike of programming any computer device made me not the most responsive person in the world when I was handed a $130 super computer that was in the body of a calculator. It was a bit daunting. I have had the temptation to throw the thing out of a moving bus getting driven off a tall bridge...But breathe...Haven't done it yet. Mind it temps me by getting the wrong answer about 40% of the time.

So when I came into a teacher who is a genious in programming I thought "Yay!" instead it has become a nightmare. I have become so confused that I'm now only looking to do the minimalist amount in the class. Scary. Combined that he has now lost my assignment twice and I'm now afraid of handing it into his inbox. So in the last thought I've been throwing around the idea of confronting him about it and going that the printing is costing me money that could be better used for say,fuel? Why does someone need to have both a hard copy and a digital copy? So far since the loss of paperwork I've been facing zeroland.

Sorry that is a rant but I really wanted to say that line from the movie...I wish I didn't have school and watched the rest of it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Wrap-Up!

Well Happy New Year! This is the first time I have done something like this but I think it is time that I try to do something more creative with the end of year report. Also there was a lot of requests for pictures and I would like to try to comply with everyone who commented that this blog is very impersonal and doesn't have very many pictures therefore makes it more like a diary than a blog. Even though many people think that their blogs should be equatable to an online diary.

Either way sorry I am going to shove all the pictures onto one blog post and make this into one massive post.

Alright here we go...

My sister is afraid of robotic toys. I find it funny and even though it was given to her on Christmas 2008 we tormented her with it until it started to get clogged with hair and no longer moved. Also the sounds that it made started to die.

I think she hid it into a dark forgotten corner so that I wouldn't take it apart and make it work again. ^^ I will find it to torment her once more.

For those who know (and those who don't) my birthday is in January and like every year I have to have my DQ icecream cake. If I have to go though the inconvenience of growing a year older at least I have some sort of comfort food for me.

And of course I made my boyfriend wear the bows from my gifts. Sooper sexy :P

Onto Spring. This year we didn't have a Snowfox due to the last accident that was a year previous, so there is no awesome pictures of our regular run but we went outside and made a snow begging cat with kitty worshipers. Yes I know I'm strange but they are sooo cute.

My sisters birthday. She is just awesome. She had to have the bolt cake that had a plastic dog and cat on it so we could play with them after the cake was eatten. Too bad that there is so many candles on it that you couldn't tell what was on the cake.

I found this on my way through one of my favorite food stores for not that much so I bought it and now I love the little metal boxes so much I really don't want to eat the candy. I'm horribad.

And of course there is a cake that I wanted to put on a different post but I couldn't get my camera to work...Now I'm too lazy to retype it all but it goes in the same ideas of "How to catch a Daddy Bear" ^^ Basically make a cake and keep it where one would catch the infamous daddy bear.

Construction Photos!
Now I have to explain that we built a shell of a house around a mobile home. For those who think this is a good idea should go out and shoot that idea at once. Burn it, bury it and for the love of everything sane burn it once more. This is the metal roof coming down off the top of the trailer.

More removal of walls.

We went to another wedding and I caught the bouchet again. I think this means something... I'm getting better at catching stuff!

Ornate Cake Indeed! But I want to know why do they cover a yummy cake with chewy icing? I mean most of the wedding cakes I have had over the last six years all were chewy on top of yummy, very bad combination.

Foxy comes to town! We had a family of foxes that made our front yard their playground! This little guy came to raid our cat food dish at least once a day and had very little fear of us. However our cat Snookums would chase those foxes out of the yard whenever she had the chance. It was a very entertaining summer for wildlife versus cat.

And I cut my hair. It was this long and unfortunately the hair stylist didn't do a good job and messed up the hair lengths so I couldn't donate it nor use it for making hair pieces. I was pissed.

Animethon! Yay!

We went out on Friday and came home to no kitchen. So we slunk back to Animethon asap!

There was yet another Wedding this time it was September. Boyfriend and I went to Jasper to watch one of his cousins get married. It would've been a better time except that the elevation gave my joints a lot of trouble and in the end I thought that it was a waste of time and money but it was a beautiful wedding. AND this time I didn't catch the bouquet. If I had then I'm not sure what we would have to do... ^////^

Wired with Dew! A special picture for dee-chan off of AD...

A picture with the new couple, a crossing deer that we were only a few meters away from and a closing scene of the mountains as we drove out of the park.

As most people on AD knows I did a project on how to make comics for my english class. I have to admit that there is a lot of sketch books in my possession and a lot of them are full of half drawn pictures. There is one that doesn't have any use yet but that is okay. I will get to them soon.

Which now brings me to halloween. Yes I went trick or treating because its way too fun, especially since we make it into a full contact sport! For one I was the one that came home uninjured. Also I carved this awesome Pikachu pumpkin. It was the first time at trying to peel off the skin and I may do it again but definely I have to go deeper and make him glow even better.

Around Christmas I began to make some earrings for all of the family and co-worker gifts that I had to take care of. Being a student with no money sucks major time. I think I may register the name and make a company that makes jewellery on my spare time. However I'm not sure since the innitial yayness has already faded and no one makes any comments on my asking if I should continue to do so.

And finally the last word, on new years eve I took a picture of the forest of 2X4s that line the walls of the new bathroom to demonstrate that if my dad thinks something should only take a few months that one should add a year to the projects.