Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh for the love of grrness.

I will complain here because even though the people of Animethon are inconsistent bastards, I rather be there again...So I wouldn't complain on my Deviant Art page. The next few paragraphs will dictate how the con went:
Advertising: EPIC FAILURE
Bookmarks: Failure
Mousepads: Partial Failure
Hello Kitty Figurines: EPIC SUCCESS
YuGiOh Cards: Surprise success!
Costumes: (Was expecting failure) Met expectations but there was a few people who wanted them and I may have sale in the future with them.
Hair Clips: Expected Success.
Earrings: Failure

What I learned:
1. Stickers have to be bigger and cuter or more depressing.
2. The more you make people go down memory lane the more you can sell things that are a blast from the past.
3. Don't listen to the event people of animethon they are idiots. This idiocy will not pay out for you in the end.
4. If school security is standing by your booth for long periods of time advise them to buy something or shift.
5. Do NOT go into Artist Alley as long as the person next to us will be there for it will suck the life out of the event. (She complained about the music being too loud when I was just being able to get into it. Made me hold back on my sales pitch and made me very sad. T_T )
6. Do NOT go into the Artist Alley if I have costumes to sell.
7. Your personal opinions don't mean shit.
8. Smack anyone who looks bored.
9. Smack anyone who look at stuff and doesn't buy any of it.
10. Smack the person who said it was a bad day because she only sold $300 worth of stuff.
11. Smack people for the fun of it. ^_^ Okay the last three I already knew and are just a jest.
12. Don't take all the food that the parents gave you, you will only drag it back home.
13. Even though they say don't tape stuff onto the table tape stuff to the table because everyone else will do it anyways.
14. Smaller containers work best.
15. Be prepared to have one more trip out than you had coming in. Somehow stuff expands.
16. Gotta find new adhesives or some other way on making certain things.
17. Figure out new displays for almost everything.

Well that's all I have to say about this experience. I'm really looking towards becoming a vendor and chatting to my friends to see if they have some stuff to go towards the sale and sell it with a commission or something like that. I also found that I was having problems having enough room on my table for everything and it was annoying, and it contributed to the failure of this con. I must admit that I was thankful to my cards bringing in the dough and crowds or else I would definitely have a bad taste in my mouth after this event. I've also decided that I'm going to look into opening an ebay shop for my earrings. I had a few comments on them but in the end only sold three pairs.

Finally I will have to see how the paypal things work. I would've had most of the costumes sold if I accepted credit cards, which I think there will be more of an issue if I sell more pricier objects at the main shows.

In the end I had fun and I didn't have the temptation to buy everything I was looking at when I was stuck behind the counter, nor had time to go through everything with a fine toothed comb when I was allowed out on a walk about.

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King Ashura said...

The important thing is: you had FUN! Which is what matters first. You want to go back and do things right the next time. Even if things didn't work out perfectly this first time around, at least you've learned loads. I'm happy for you! ^__^

Lots of luck for next time!