Monday, March 08, 2010

Even though I was told not to worry about my health....I do.

Okay so I went to see a fortune teller that did palmastry while I was at the taste of Animethon and she knew a lot of me from looking at my hands. She commented that I shouldn't worry too much about my health.

Well now I'm not sure that is the best advice.

Ever wake up not being able to see?
I did. Well kinda.
Thankfully I was able to roll over and close my eyes and fall back asleep and when I woke again it was better, but today I'm having a rocking headache combined with stiffness and soreness.

Life sucks big time.

Edit: 15.36 - Also I was in the most awkward grouping EVER. Note to myself and others do NOT find yourself in a grouping of people that are lovey-dovey but are not trying to outwardly show it too much. It's very awkward in being in that category of people.....Thirdwheelish.

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