Monday, June 25, 2007

On clicks...

I would like to extend many words of thanks to those around the world who read this little life every once in a while. I have recently looked up on my cluster maps and counted 42 dots from around the world! I'm quite impressed. I rarely have something that is up and running on the internet that has even half of the people either a. interested and/or bored enough to read some of the items. Or b. mis click on a link so that it registers up. Either way it makes me happy.
Sad and pathetic no?
I wanted to have some sort of artwork posted for this occasion that is to happen soon, (when there is 50 different dots on my map or 500 people visited) but I am unsure if there is enough healing time in between. Having so many dots does not mean that there was only that many people visiting the blog here, I would like to thank those who are doubling up on the dots, for I know that the numbers really should be higher.

Previews for blogs ahead:
100 questions: oh goodness yes, someone emailed them to me and I have yet to get through them all.
Wii's Rayman Raving rabbits review: I want to be able to check out some of the extras before posting it.
Band Names: Oh yes, very good.
Other crap about my day: As par usual.
The attack of the surveys: I think I might bring back my surveys, unfortunatly I don't know what about yet. Ideas appreciated.
Return of the Story Blog: I have to relate this to everyone, I have put the story on hold for a undetermined amount of time, hopefully there will be some preview panels posted as well as the story line. So far it has stopped at Chapter 13. For the complete story (sorry the pun) click here.
Movie Reviews: There is a bunch of blockbusters that are coming/ has came to theaters. Unfortunately with all that has happened I haven't seen any of them. I am planning to do so asap, so this may or may not happen, depending on cash flow and availability. And don't forget some of the forgotten blockbusters that are gathering dust on my shelf.
Weather: If no one talked about the weather 86% of us would have nothing to say to cashiers/ strangers/ family / other. I think I'm one of them.
Random news: Not often. I don't catch the news that often right now.
I think this is now a significant length of a post now.
Have a good time out there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arrrr, me mateys...

I have to laugh. I've gone from dinosaurs to pirates in one fail swoop. As one might have read earlier in my postings I have some weird ass problem going on with my left eye. Up to this point I've been using 3M bandaids as a temp patch. Some days these are entertaining as I have been known to color an eye on them, or have someone do it for me, for without the patch my drawing is extremely crappy. The problem with the bandaids is that it didn't totally keep the light out so occassionally one has the weird flickers of light through the patch. Truely annoying. Another thing that was annoying that one never realizes how much covered skin sweats, and I'm a bad one for I run my eyes a bunch. Think about this for a moment, I'm sure you'll get it.
But I have been running around with these bandaids for a month now because stores like Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart do not carry the pirate patches. I haven't had the ability to drive nor the wanting to shop anywhere else. Finally stepped into WalMart. There were the pirate patches, so now everyone is making fun of me in the fashion of "Where's your crew" and "arrr." So now I have to go find a hook or something.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I think I have fallen behind everyone else in the coolness rating. While people are lining up for tickets to linken park or Bon Jovi I'm saving my pennies up for this:

Now don't get me wrong if the Bon Jovi tickets were a hell of a lot cheaper I would go, unfortunatly I really don't have anyone to go with anyways.
But this Dinosaur thing I was bouncing in my chair when I heard about it. It's kinda sad really but it's something that really captures my attention. Meanwhile others around me sigh and hang their heads, dealing with a 23 year old child who wants to see the big dinos. No one wants to take me to museums for they will be stuck in the prehistoric rooms for a few hours and the rest of modern times will be skipped in a quick precession. But with the costs for everything and still looking for a replacement vechile it seems like my dream of seeing this will be out the door. *Cry*
Meanwhile I've been playing T-Rex at home which is entertaining on itself.
I think I'm going crazy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

People are nuts!

First off there was some flooding action happening in Spruce/Stony last week. I had some pictures but unfortunatly my internet ate it.
It was nuts over the period of 1/2 hour it went from bone ass dry to the Safeway in Stony getting flooded. Even to the point that they had to close because they couldn't keep the water out. Drains and ditches were overflowing, and in that chaos people were driving like idiots. If one's windshield wipers aren't working properly enough to keep at a decent speed then pull off to the side of the road and stay there, not jump out infront of someone who is going three times as fast as you are. It's frustrating because no one has the patience to wait something like that out. Of course if one waited too long their car was flooded. Myself I was one of those crazy drivers who was trying to run and get out of the storm. I did not want to get stuck in that type of weather, and I know the limits I will take a vechile to. It is interesting to hear the stories from other people who were caught in worse spots than I was. One of my bosses was picking up her kid and was stuck in her job site. Meanwhile people were trying to protect their vechies from the hail and slashing rain by parking under the business' eaves. Some people got out of their cars and ran inside, only to be soaked by the rainbefore taking three steps out of their car. Personally I was fortunate to be able to be inside the truck before the rain hit and waited for it to pass. But I was hearing worse and worse on the radio before I decided it would be best to try to make it home. I was dry all the way. It had stopped raining by the time I was able to get home. Yay for me.
That was a tuesday.

Insaneness on this guys part. Rubix cube in a few seconds each. Holy Smokers!