Monday, June 25, 2007

On clicks...

I would like to extend many words of thanks to those around the world who read this little life every once in a while. I have recently looked up on my cluster maps and counted 42 dots from around the world! I'm quite impressed. I rarely have something that is up and running on the internet that has even half of the people either a. interested and/or bored enough to read some of the items. Or b. mis click on a link so that it registers up. Either way it makes me happy.
Sad and pathetic no?
I wanted to have some sort of artwork posted for this occasion that is to happen soon, (when there is 50 different dots on my map or 500 people visited) but I am unsure if there is enough healing time in between. Having so many dots does not mean that there was only that many people visiting the blog here, I would like to thank those who are doubling up on the dots, for I know that the numbers really should be higher.

Previews for blogs ahead:
100 questions: oh goodness yes, someone emailed them to me and I have yet to get through them all.
Wii's Rayman Raving rabbits review: I want to be able to check out some of the extras before posting it.
Band Names: Oh yes, very good.
Other crap about my day: As par usual.
The attack of the surveys: I think I might bring back my surveys, unfortunatly I don't know what about yet. Ideas appreciated.
Return of the Story Blog: I have to relate this to everyone, I have put the story on hold for a undetermined amount of time, hopefully there will be some preview panels posted as well as the story line. So far it has stopped at Chapter 13. For the complete story (sorry the pun) click here.
Movie Reviews: There is a bunch of blockbusters that are coming/ has came to theaters. Unfortunately with all that has happened I haven't seen any of them. I am planning to do so asap, so this may or may not happen, depending on cash flow and availability. And don't forget some of the forgotten blockbusters that are gathering dust on my shelf.
Weather: If no one talked about the weather 86% of us would have nothing to say to cashiers/ strangers/ family / other. I think I'm one of them.
Random news: Not often. I don't catch the news that often right now.
I think this is now a significant length of a post now.
Have a good time out there.

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