Friday, July 06, 2007

The grrness part something

I know that I rant and rave about stupid drivers, even though I may on occasion be one myself but I beg and plead with people not to blow through construction, and pay attention to the people working on the site as well. Lately I have seen a construction worker dive off to the side as a motor vechile blew by going the regular speed limit which was a full 60 km over the posted construction zone signage. And not that long ago a car was almost crushed by a semi that was coming out of a pit because the driver chose to ignore the worker holding the stop sign. Now, they have the speeding fines doubled in construction sights which work well in the cities due to the fact they have photo radar and the punch by the drivers will be felt eventually but without police presence in these areas, there is a percentage of people who will go through as if there is nothing the matter, and many more who passed the majority of the construction will speed up and go through the "safe zone" of the construction at unsafe speeds.
But I must admit some of those construction zones are far larger than they need and that is a fault that some motorists are getting impatient with them. However over the last two years since they did the double the speeding fines I have noticed that they are no longer miles and miles of construction that one doesn't see much less a shovel or other being of life.
But I have noticed that the pace of life for people has increased tremendiously around Spruce Grove and Area. I never used to see anyone run red lights, leap frog in front of someone for no apparent reason or other rude behavior. Over the course of this certain boom there has been an influx of people who are a. unknowing where they are going and not paying attention b. not caring about others c. getting to be lazy drivers. For instance I almost got into another accident last night due to the use of two other drivers. I was about to go onto the highway when I notice a little red car and a white truck in the slow lane. I started to go but then the white truck peeked around the red car and so I thought it might change lanes without signaling so I hit the brakes and decided to let them pass just in case, when some deeb in a Ford Focus almost ate my ass cause they didn't realize that I stopped.
If that car is in long production it will be the death of me.


Mel said...


Thanks so much for lending them to me! Haroo! So, what are you up to this weekend? Maybe we can hang out?

Danie G said...

Ya, I totally agree - people in vehicles suck! Nobody cares that everyone else has somewhere to be too and breaking the traffic rules doesn't make it go any faster. Stony/Spruce is worse than ever especially along the highway.