Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now what the F&*K???

Okay I've had better weeks than these few.

First off the first job I was offered by the federal government only paid $13.44! I'm going that the government are being stingy bastards since a mid sized county will pay a similar starting position over $20 an hour. Also the job was downtown with no parking pass. By the time I got to work, paid for either a bus pass or parking I have already lost four hours out of an eight hour day with an additional two hours per day of drive time. Sorry but if you weren't stingy bastards I might've thought about it for a while longer. Also it was a computer job. No outside work. Not so great on the old eyesight. I'm getting tired of this problem with no repairs in sight. Sucks big time.

Secondly dad found a fox cub in a pile hole. Poor thing was almost finished with mud caked on him and blinding him. Thankfully the boys went down to the nearby lake to help the poor thing out, but it was weak. Hopefully it found it's mother. But with the good news came sad news. They found it's twin. There was no saving that one, being already dead in the mud when they found it. I'm glad that the one that came up to our deck was still alive and I watch him try to sneak by the cat, but sometimes failing ^-^ I can tell that it's not the dad by the daily path it follows. The golden father came over the hill and down the driveway, never wanting to come close to the house. I haven't seen him but we no longer have Healy for him to tease so there is no more fun here for him. The kit on the other hand always walks up the railroad ties and up on the front concrete pad. However I think I saw the cubs brother killed on the highway. It's difficult for wildlife to survive in the middle of subdivisions.

Thirdly, I will open a can of whoopass on the people who come into the school and say, "Yes we are hiring, there should be no reason for you to not have work in the summer." Yeah. Sure. Right. That's All I have to say about that. The long and the short of the whole tale is that I'm going to apply at Pizza Hut tomorrow for a waitress. I'm still be applying for positions in my field but I'm no longer going to hold my breath for a position. I went for an interview and the people were very nice but at the first second that he saw me I knew he wasn't going to hire me. I think that my physical size will be a detriment to me once more, but I don't think it should. Many of the people I went to school with gave me glowing remarks on my field classes and I never was complained about...((Well twice I was complained about by the worst people in class, once because I wanted to complete the field task and the other said I was a bitch))

Finally, the house has been eating our stuff. It has eaten cheques, glassescases and library books. You wouldn't believe that Kim and I had worked a full day in the back room. There is too much stuff for so little room. Bonus I found my comic and I will be working on that once more. Soon it will be published. I am abandoning the novel of the comic for now. It's a good point of starting for it but I'm not sure of my output. I'm fully on production mode whenever I am not job hunting. I have cross stitch mario brothers 3 and final fantasy 1 magnets as well as pokemon cell phone charms and working on plushies with stress balls in them. I love the concept of having something soft and cuddly to squeeze the crap out of as duel stress relief. I'm hoping the patterns that I made work out well 8^-^8 Well I'm out of music so I'll be signing off now. I try to reply to your guys comments so please look back to previous posts that you commented on if I don't address the comments in the next post. Night All d-_-b

Monday, May 10, 2010

There are some things that I should never see.

I thought that the removal of the security posts at canadian tire to let a lets say a very large person through the doors. well she either got larger or OMG fat people are breeding! Seriously I was in WalMart the other day and this very large person came in, almost filling the double electric doors that allow people to enter and exit. Now being a lerge person myself and having problems going into WalMart and finding anything that fits properly, how can she even imagine to get anything to fit, nor walk down any eilses properly? Which brings me to this point: Fat persons out there in cyber land where do you buy most of your clothes? Serious. I have yet to find something that fits properly for about six months and my cloths are really showing their age.
Onto the next topic
They are doing an online survey on high broadband internet in my area. Having such crappy service I clicked on it to do the survey. Hours pass... ... ... ... it wouldn't load. My service connection is so bad that it cannot load a page in which I can complain about the crappiness of my connection.
On other things I should never see:
Someone doing a spraypaint paint job on a new mustang. Ummm it was bad. The guy probably grabbed some random paint and had his kids fingerpaint his car. I internally cried a bit then.
Anyways no luck on the job field just yet, but with a new resume it is possible that I can get a job soon, hopefully. Anyways I better go and try to catch some of this awesome weather we are having here.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mumbering of the depressed....

I like the title. It fits my mood. There is a lot of things going on lately and unfortunately none for the best. So far I have been offered two jobs. None of which has any field work and only one in which has an offer for anything related T_T so I've been forced to start again from scratch which makes for a long hard road. I feel like the commercial of the guy wishing upon a star for a job, but unlike the guy I've been putting my resume into places with little or no effect. Lame.
The other part of my life has been equally as lame as there was a snowfall last night, well I guess it would be two nights ago technically now. Brought with high winds and rain and snow and other bunches of nasty. I hate the wind. Except on really really hot days that I am not going into the pool, then wind is good. But it's neither hot nor sunny and its windier than shit. Lame.
I hate my doctor. Isn't doctors getting paid in some way through Alberta Health? Then why would he spend more than three minutes with me? Is it because I have the very rare disease now known as Jenitis? Doubtful. By the way Jenitis is when a person hiccups only once or twice during an eight hour time frame. I'm infectious. Beware of the hiccups. By the way, hiccups are Lame.
I think my relationship with Ben is going down the crapper. Both of us has a dark cloud over top of both of us in which neither of us can escape from. We are in the prime of life, and here we are both spinning our wheels, digging ourselves further into the hole of despair. Nothing changes and its doubtful that anything will. Unless I pull up my socks even more will anything change and I'm not sure if I can or should do it for two. After thinking about it the whole situation is Lame.
Anyways I should be heading off to bed for I have to get up tomorrow early to go out and put out some more resumes. Lame.