Monday, May 10, 2010

There are some things that I should never see.

I thought that the removal of the security posts at canadian tire to let a lets say a very large person through the doors. well she either got larger or OMG fat people are breeding! Seriously I was in WalMart the other day and this very large person came in, almost filling the double electric doors that allow people to enter and exit. Now being a lerge person myself and having problems going into WalMart and finding anything that fits properly, how can she even imagine to get anything to fit, nor walk down any eilses properly? Which brings me to this point: Fat persons out there in cyber land where do you buy most of your clothes? Serious. I have yet to find something that fits properly for about six months and my cloths are really showing their age.
Onto the next topic
They are doing an online survey on high broadband internet in my area. Having such crappy service I clicked on it to do the survey. Hours pass... ... ... ... it wouldn't load. My service connection is so bad that it cannot load a page in which I can complain about the crappiness of my connection.
On other things I should never see:
Someone doing a spraypaint paint job on a new mustang. Ummm it was bad. The guy probably grabbed some random paint and had his kids fingerpaint his car. I internally cried a bit then.
Anyways no luck on the job field just yet, but with a new resume it is possible that I can get a job soon, hopefully. Anyways I better go and try to catch some of this awesome weather we are having here.

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