Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mumbering of the depressed....

I like the title. It fits my mood. There is a lot of things going on lately and unfortunately none for the best. So far I have been offered two jobs. None of which has any field work and only one in which has an offer for anything related T_T so I've been forced to start again from scratch which makes for a long hard road. I feel like the commercial of the guy wishing upon a star for a job, but unlike the guy I've been putting my resume into places with little or no effect. Lame.
The other part of my life has been equally as lame as there was a snowfall last night, well I guess it would be two nights ago technically now. Brought with high winds and rain and snow and other bunches of nasty. I hate the wind. Except on really really hot days that I am not going into the pool, then wind is good. But it's neither hot nor sunny and its windier than shit. Lame.
I hate my doctor. Isn't doctors getting paid in some way through Alberta Health? Then why would he spend more than three minutes with me? Is it because I have the very rare disease now known as Jenitis? Doubtful. By the way Jenitis is when a person hiccups only once or twice during an eight hour time frame. I'm infectious. Beware of the hiccups. By the way, hiccups are Lame.
I think my relationship with Ben is going down the crapper. Both of us has a dark cloud over top of both of us in which neither of us can escape from. We are in the prime of life, and here we are both spinning our wheels, digging ourselves further into the hole of despair. Nothing changes and its doubtful that anything will. Unless I pull up my socks even more will anything change and I'm not sure if I can or should do it for two. After thinking about it the whole situation is Lame.
Anyways I should be heading off to bed for I have to get up tomorrow early to go out and put out some more resumes. Lame.


Avaelyn said...

Awww Jen, that sucks. How come you're going to the doctor? Still for your eye thing? Anyway, I'm sure that things will start to get better.

Kami Akai said...

Yeah I finally got a new perscription for my glasses but I'm not sure if that will be the fix or more money than usual.