Saturday, June 27, 2009

People effects other people.

I make that as a statement and nothing more...Perhaps it is because it is more than not true to everyone. A universal truth. As narcastic as our society becomes the more this hold true. The effect that one person in a day could change the mental drive for the rest of the day. Those who don't think so probably haven't worked in retail, where you will meet some of the most wonderful and horrible people in the world. The more society looks upon itself as a "Me" driven world the more crappy days people will have.
For example if there was a neutral day, people will come buy their goods and continue on their way without any worry to the ripple effect that they carry along the way. I think that I try to go along with this middle of the line or slightly above the line in order to have the people who have served me not have a terrible day due to my courses of action. Sometimes this backfires and some people may think I was acting snobbish or rude but I try not to rock the boat too much.
However if there was a day that started neutral it usually can be changed from the actions of ONE individual, weither they were horrid or extremely nice could change the viewpoint of the rest of the day. Usually to the crappier with bad minded people. I have figured through my many years as working as a cashier that there is about one nice person, I mean REALLY nice, to about seven crappy people. I think this is due to the fact that the passing of a bad mood is more catagious than that of a happy mood. It takes people so long to get out of a depression and only a moment to fall into it. This could be from another individual or from a situation that cannot be avoided.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another edition of is that wrong and things you can't look cool doing...

I have noticed some things over the last few weeks that makes me wonder if is it wrong:
Is it wrong to hate a person who has a handicapped sticker who is parked in a regular spot when there are at least four to six empty parking stalls that are reserved for those who have the privilege?
Is it wrong to build a house around a mobile home?
Is it wrong that a smart car is almost a third in length to the car I used to drive?
Is it wrong to request a vehicle without airbags? Seat belts? Rear-view mirror? Old cars were like this and sometimes a new idea isn't always better.
Is it wrong to be really creeped out by a person (customer) that touched you on the shoulder as a nice, thanking gesture of old?
Is it wrong to be interested in the lives of the dead? Especially if you didn't know them?
Is it wrong of fast food restaurants that have drive thrus to have things on their menus that the driver has no way in all hell of eating while driving?

And that brings me to something you can't look cool doing. Garner Andrews, a morning host on a local radio, came up with this segment on his show. I came up the ultimate. No matter what you do you can't look cool eating a banana split while driving down the road. Think about it. I did it. Took half an hour. But the whole thing I say to this is that I was at DQ drive thru intent on only getting a milkshake or something of the sort, but instead of listing their milkshakes etc that you can't eat without the use of both hands, also one of the more cheaper items (their blizzards really went up in price!) was a banana split. I thought, "Hey, I haven't had one of those for a while, and it's cheap too!"
So I bought it and tried to find a parking place to munch on my new prize only to find that the DQ and neighbouring Boston Pizza was both full. Not really wanting to park a black vehicle in the sun that had no A/C I decided to try to make it home, only to see it melt only a few minutes down the road. So, yeah, being a pig, I ate it, with a bunch of strife and hiding it away from sight of people I passed and passed me, because I thought that, after trying to poke my eye out with a halved banana (that's why wearing glasses is cool...To save your eyes from the incoming bananas)...It didn't look cool...But it is humorous enough to share.