Sunday, August 26, 2012

So angry that I could kick a puppy

I mean a really fluffy puppy.  One that sweeks when you come near and chases it tail and has huge watery eyes.  Yeah that one.

Now a lot of times when I come on and write a blog I sound angry, but most of the time this anger stems up from a deep resent for humanity.  Since the people who read this blog is part of this group of individuals this could be caused by you.  However this is only because there is a few people who really get me angry.  1. People who lie to my face. 2. People who owe me money. 3. People who treat others like shit for helping them. 4. People who question my integrity.  There is a bunch more but these are the few things that get me fairly angry, almost to the stage of mad-like angry.  I don't show this often, for my anger really scares people so most of the time I'm gruff and moody, which in most people's worlds mean I'm angry.  Not so.

Either way discussing the terms on an equal scale usually anger takes up too much of my time and energy and being of one that energy and time is a few things I lack, take great offence when they are wasted.

OK background placement is laid out on my personality for those who may or may not know me very well.

When it comes to matters of money and business break-ups are often the worst, generally because both parties are consumed with greed and want more than was dictated.  Often if both sides are happy then one side doesn't know the whole truth.  If one side is happy and the other is not then there is some money swindling going on.  If both sides are unhappy then the deal is fair.

I'm often one that tries to be fair and asks how things should be handled for I usually calculate three different ways of how one could look at how much could be divided up in any transaction.  I'm the one who looks at a bill and can calculate everyone's share and take the larger portion for myself to pay.  I can't count how many times I have shafted myself so that others could take a break.  So whenever someone questions my integrity for whatever reason it really offends me.  But I don't think I'm the only one that is like this that thinks that there is a bit of bias out there.  There is more than enough people who are trying to steal the bigger piece of the pie so that whenever you have pie people are taking out their micrometers to divy it up.  Forgetting that there is some pie that is crushed by the knife as it cuts into it.

Anyways the anger is faded somewhat and I now get to look towards the still dimly lit future.  Especially since my health is still in the garbage and there is no viable employment on the horizon.  Boo.