Monday, July 26, 2010


Sorry for ignoring peps of blogger for so long but life has kinda taken over a lot and I just had to find my own two feet again.
First off - Go over to my twin earth blog and investigate my newest post.
Second - I got a job. Paid well and had some overtime but now I barely get any hours in the week so it's just as bad as having no job at all.
Third - It has rained. A LOT. Not like Calgary but close, this is not helping me keep my job and has kept us from doing laundry (See fifth news)
Fourth - I would like to say congrats to the two of my friends (whom will stay nameless here but you know who you are) who got married earlier in the month. Sorry for not making an appearance but Love the photos
Fifth - We are now officially hillbillies. We have more cars than we all could possibly own out on our front lawn and we do our laundry outside...All of it. The washer is outside and we have to line dry everything...Therefore if it doesn't stop raining the household will no longer have any clean clothes.
Sixth - I'm going back to school in September. So I'm on the prowl for used textbooks and signing up for funding.
Seventh - Animethon is way too close for comfort. Starting Aug 6 I'm not ready for the Artist Alley coming way short of the goals I had set up in April. Oh well. We still have twice as much inventory as the rest of the artists there. I'm excited!
Eighth - My internet and I are starting to have a full on war. Most of the time it logs in at 20Kbps or less. For those who don't see why this is a problem I'll state it this way. At that speed, even with all my cookies etc, Google will not load within its tolerance for time out.

All right well there is much more for me to do so I hope everyone is in good health and I hope to post again shortly.