Sunday, February 08, 2009

New year, New bitch

Lately I've been ignoring my emails, due to the fact that every time I open them there is a huge pile of sorting just waiting to spring upon me with hungry time-wasting jaws. Everything from real truly important emails to the time wasting moronic speed dating ones...Oh we can't forget about the Viagra emails that have interesting short paragraphs at the top that if one puts them all together makes a pretty funny romance novel. gah. Either way who on earth has the innitive or time to go around making these emails that waste time for everybody else to clear out their accounts and delete them in the end? Also I would love to find out how they get my email accounts in the first place. I bet random hackers go around and investigate one's computer and if they don't find anything interesting they grab all your email accounts and sell them off to spammers! Stupid spammers. I've ranted about them before to various people but after a while they left me alone but now they are back stuffing my obscenely huge email folder full of the daily pills, scams and other useless information that I have to (slowly) file through and delete.

On other rants we bought a new snowracer to replace the snowfox that was demolished last year in a spectacular fall off of mount grindy. I shoulda got that one on film, oh well. In it's primer run the snowracer broke it's handle, throwing Kim off of it. Simply to say that the older technology lasted almost 20 years versus maybe 20 minutes (set-up time included) and it wasn't as if we lauched her off the huge snowbank that we had last year...It was only off the snow covered hill and not a built up snowpile. There goes any of our hopes of making a run that came off the house roof.

Stupid skates. I wanted to go skating this year and see if I could handle it with a failing knee and if I could we could build a rink in the backyard. Why not it was really good weather for it with it dipping into the neg 30s. So went looking for them. Never found them. Neither did we find Ben's skates. Betting dollars to doughnuts we'll find them in the summer when it's plus 30 out. I could almost guarantee that.

I've finally resigned myself to going back to school. If that happens then I will have NO outside life for the next 2 years. However I'm OK with that. Kim on the other hand isn't as welcome to the idea. She wants to a bunch of cons over the next year and I'm not sure if I could afford to go, but I do go I already have most of my next costume ready unless I think of a new idea for cosplay.

So it's on the job hunt again. Even though many people are crying out recession and such I think it's only a cry made out by the journalists that is causing most of this downfall here in Canada. To think it through there is a lot of help wanted signs all over the place and it's not as if the people are responding to it. The people out there is just getting too greedy for their own good and wouldn't take the lower paid jobs even though they are offered. On the other hand large companies are looking at their pocketbooks and not the desires of their customers to increase their profits. An example of which is the American Car Companies. Their cars are now riddled with expansive repairs that could only be done with their technicians and their designs are ugly. This isn't only my point of view but many of the people who I've talked to. Face it cars out there right now are dangerous, unreliable and downright UGLY. I'm not talking like the fat girl with braces I'm talking beaten with an ugly stick until it has hair only in patches, 700 hundred pounds with one tooth, cross eyed, puke and three day old food on its chest and no discernible language ugly.
*Clears throat* so back to the main topic of this part of the rant I'm off job begging once more. I really hate to do that but face it with tumbling debt and desire to go back to school I cannot afford to stay at the job that I'm at. There is also a little more to that but I'm going to hold back today with it.
Well I'm done and this will take long enough to make into a blog *shakes a fist* stupid dialup.