Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Update

Okay I've been offline for a while but that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. In fact I've been more busy than I have been in almost ever!

Work wise: Got a new job being a survey assistant. I've had it now for more than 2 months and even though I have more stamina than I have had in a long while, but pants are not fitting any better nor has my weight dropped since starting the job. Grr. I'm still working at the stationery store twice a month. With Animethon coming up I've been filling in my spare time with working on stuff for that...

Life Wise: My sister finished grade 12 so we had her grad. My Nana and uncle came out and stayed for three weeks. Between work and trying to visit there hasn't been much me time so that taxed my mental state. Also during this time my medication failed and I missed a day of work due to a 7-8/10 headache. Not fun.

Projects Wise: I now have three pages of Majic Lessons with Iggy and Scotty done. Way cute. I have also pieced together a more condenced page to link the art that I have already done for Sinclair of Twin Earth and the next few I want to do. Stupid story always want to go in a different direction than I want it to go. Always a problem with new projects. Meanwhile I have the first three chapters of the next book of Twin Earth sketched out. I know it's cheating for NaNoWriMo to be doing this but if I don't do it now and think it out it will not be able to get anywhere and I will fail at 10,000 words as the story and characters go down the wrong path to a different ending than I want it to go. (i.e. like what happened with Sinclair of Twin Earth on my other blog)

Anyways that is all. Hope all in internet world is doing well and I will be able to contact you all through my various different outlets.