Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Moose is on the loose AND From the Offices of my mental Grralh

Mark Messier is being celebrated in the city over the last few days. Ceremonies are being put up around both Edmonton and St. Albert to honor yet another great hockey superstar. There is even going to be a section of St. Albert Trail going to be renamed in his honor. Now let me see, It goes from St. Albert crossing to Messier drive to St. Albert trail to Grout Road. Ummm I hated that road because of the 17 trillian names it went with before, because the GPS also gives it a street number and a highway number. Also there is a lot of businesses and homes along that road. It's going to cost the people a lot of money during the switchover here as well as a lot of confusion to travellers. But that is what the city wished to do.
A reasonable thing is to name a new road or a bridge that didn't have a collective namesake. There is a new road going to extend up into St. Albert from the Anthony Henday (sp?) Why they couldn't name the part of the road extending past HWY 16 north to St. Albert is beyond me. They could've made it another excuse to bring Messier back into town and sell off a bunch more murchandise as they open the new road bearing his name. Even the radio guy said why not name the high/low level bridge Messier Crossing (I like the name BTW) so that people wouldn't have to change their business cards, mailing addresses, etc. to accomidate the road change. He was even willing to pay for the new name plate that they could screw to the bridge. It makes sence. True it may cause some confusion as people change from one name of the bridge to the other but it wouldn't confuse travellers as much. Many travellers wouldn't care if they are crossing a bridge with one name or another as long as it is the right bridge! Personally I get confused when someone gives me the street road number for Stony Plain Road, or the Whitemud.
But I will give my woot woot to the moose. We the public, who watch hockey, will miss you and thanks for the many great years.

Okay as for my grralh who has sat very patiently on the sidelines as I got my Messier rant out of the way. &^#$@)*&^ #)*&^# GRAWL #*^&% WASBIK *pfft*
Translation: I've been trying to get a new look to the blog and it isn't working. I can't get it look how I want to and it's frustrating on dial up due to the fact that it takes two hours to upload a picture that took me less than half an hour to create with photoshop. *blows raspberry*
Seeing that I might have to download a patch for the blog to make it look how I want to it might take me a few days to repair it, because I can't do that here at work. *soothes the grralh with some manga* In other words I'll be in not a favorable mood with blogger til it is complete, but whenever am I happy with blogger right now since switching to beta?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ha! Another Poll and this weeks pictures!

<><>If you had to be a vegetable what would you be?
<>Sweet Potato
Brussel Sprout
Some other Veggie
I rather be a fruit!
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Yep pretty tired today. I'm being lazy and leave a blog with no substance.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrity Newspoints Commentary

Okay I haven't been really paying attention to the news as much as I would like to but I have noticed one or two that I have to comment about and the internet makes the perfect shoebox.

1. Anna Nicole: Okay there is celebrities that die of OD often. I really don't blame her for doing drugs. The last few months of her life was nothing but stress and public humiliation. She had a little girl that birthed nothing but controversy and hassle. Personally I wouldn't like to have pictures begraded of myself after giving birth. Everyone probably looks like hell too.
Then her son dies. Probably the most horrific thing to happen to a mother, especially one that was as close as they were. In the mists of this there was fights in the background about the daughter, the reporters flooding and following her around all over the place. It wouldn't surprise me if through all this ANYONE wouldn't resort to something to escape. Then she dies and the people around her cannot leave her alone! Even in death there is fights around her, to even where to bury her, where her child should go. It's all so stupid! And the sad part of the whole thing is if the little girl stays quiet for the rest of her life and doesn;t go and be an actress or model, Anna Nicole will never be mentioned again.

2. Britney Spears: So what! She shaved her head big freaking whoop! Stop shoving her drunken fat face on my screen every time she decides to go out and have a drink or do something that seems silly! Millions of women around the world go out to the bars with their friends and sometimes over do it. No one is making a point of it all. As for shaving her head, I think it makes her look better, and it allows her to have more freedom over her looks. Wigs (in comparision of the money she brings in off her royaltys) is pretty inexpensive and allows her to go from a punky redhead to a long straight burnette in the matter of minutes. And in having long hair myself I thought to shave it all off once or twice, but 1. It would make my hairstylist cry, and 2. I probably have a really dented head with the amount of times I hit it over the years.

3. Prince Harry: The eyes of people have been on you for all your life, you should know better than to do stupid stuff that will get you into trouble. But that isn't why I put him on my list today. It is the military releasing that they are sending him to iraq. Umm. Wow... If I was a terrorist I would know where to find him alone in my country. Why they couldn't say that they were deploying his unit ONLY and not WHERE they were deploying it TO is beyond me. True most of the Kings have been in the military in their lives and known combat, but there is something to state it in your own country a hundred years ago and today. A hundred years ago the ability to spread news was slower and in some cases that was why some major things were able to happen. But in today's world news like that is spread instantly, not only to people who are on the pro parties or the neutral parties but to the against parties as well. To release something like that is potentially dangerous. But maybe I'm talking out of my butt too... I donno.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha Book review.

Okay I have had barely any time to actually read a book in the last while as I have been reading tech manuals for the last few weeks and reviews on all of those are BORING.... But in the mists of reading manuals and all that goes on in my life I was able to pick up this book and read it to the end.
There was a few things that made this book extremly hard for me to read. It has nothing to do with the way the book was worded or anything like that. For the first part the writer made it as if the person in the novel was a real person, however it conflicted with what was on the spine of the novel, which declared it to be fiction. Personally I have a mental issue with things like that and it bothered me all the way to the end of the novel.
Secondly I already watched the movie, which I'm glad I did before reading the book. I was already aware of some of the disappointing parts of the book which made me almost pull back and fling this book into some wall. The first is that the author was an american male and was writing as such, and it came through in the underlaying features of the book. It seemed through most of the book there was some sort of sexual reference and revolence, that it made it almost seemed that a geshia was a whore in pretty make-up. Meanwhile the movie had a more subdued tone of that in it by quickly skimming over all the sexual rig-more-all that the book conveyed.
Thirdly if there was people out there who liked this book they really should read Geisha of Gion (Geisha; A life) and get a more real aspect of how the life of Geisha was like by a woman who was one. Unfortunatly for my enjoyment I read the autobiography first and that was what I based this story upon for reality and truth. -_- Bad me.
Anyways the story of Sakamoto Chiyo is an interesting read, but the reality it paints should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is some truths beyond the words. There were girls "taken" or "sold" from their families, but in that time it was one of the better financial occupations for women. Many girls wouldn't be able to be financially indepentant any other way. It's quite interesting if one goes into the full depth of the matter.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Titles titles rah rah rah titles titles ha ha ha Mmmmn I love titles...

Yep have the Turtles song stuck in my head. But I asked Kim if it would make a good title and she thought so.

You people are evil. I warned you that I was going to do whatever was voted most popular in previous web poll. Therefore get killed by the cuteness whahahaha!

Yeah I haven't read many books and I really am tired so as it will take a bit to load this blog onto the internet (foul dial - up!)
But in stating that I have decided that Fridays will be the up-load date of the story blog, except on long weekends, when I have to lay paper on Fridays, then it shall be on either Thursdays or Tuesdays. So whatever you do DON'T CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Okay for those who want to know why Valentines is something I have been putting an emphasis on over the last few days it is because of the following...

Every year on Valentines Boston Pizza makes these heart shaped pizzas as well as sell heart shaped "Valentines" that they stick up around the restuarant. A dollar from every sale of these pizzas and Valentines fo to the heart and stroke foundation. I congradulate BPs on making such a thing as a fundraiser that they are essentially giving away to, because the heart pizzas are no more expensive than the regular pizzas. True there is more romantic ways to spend Valentines but I think this is a more worthy cause than roses, wine, and a more expensive meal that is just a marketing ploy. I hate marketing ploys.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's the Tuesday before Valentines...

Good morning peoples of the internet.
Once again I was chatting with random people on the internet. My MSN seems to always have random people added to it every day. Anyways we were talking about how the cartoons Disney is producing is falling in quality and the storylines are falling to the tank. I'm not meaning the new movies but the rehashed versions of old stories that should've been ended. Not meaning that I don't love that I get to see some of the old characters again but I think that if they do bring back the characters again that it should be of the same calibre as the original.
Now some you can't get the voices back, as in Simba off of Lion King. But that doesn't mean that the animation should suffer, nor does the story. So what do you think? Disney probably will drag these characters out once more and kill any respect we had once for them.

Animated Disney Movies
Which one of these Disney titles is likely to have another cheesy sequal added to the name? (You can pick more than one)
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
Lady & the Tramp
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Robin Hood
The Great Mouse Detective
The Lion King
Treasure Planet
Chicken Little
Home on the Range
Brother Bear
Lilo And Stitch
The Rescuers
The Little Mermaid
A Bug's Life
Finding Nemo
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

An exciting Friday!

As for those who may not know but I live within driving distance of WEM (west edmonton mall). I was going to dinner when we were driving down one of the ramps and smelt smoke. We thought maybe something got stuck in one of the vents and was burning. No such thing! When we stopped at the stop sign flashing lights and an orange glow took my attention. There under Silver City someone/thing caught fire in the dumpster under the pedway. It's already difficult enough to get a parking spot forget when the security car and fire truck is in the way. There was still a bit of smoke coming out of the dumpster when I clicked this photo. Couldn't get any closer though... Stupid police tape. Pretty exciting for being a normal Friday. Hmmm and Tony Romas had their ribs on sale too... Gives me something to Blog about. Oh and Oilers won last night yay!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Well it's the Friday before Valentines

I must admit that it is kinda interesting to see where it has gone over the last year. Last year I was going through Real Estate school to be an agent, Ben was semi living at my house and so was my Uncle. Now I am working at a small paper, still living at home, pretty much given up going for Real Estate *sigh*. But to tell truth it is nice to earn 2 paycheques, since I'm working at Island still for a while yet. Yay I'm gonna be outta debt pretty quickly!

And it's gonna be me and Ben's anniversary next Saturday...I'm excited for him. It's only the thrid anniversary, it's not as if it's my longest relationship or anything, but it's his longest and he still gets excited over every little milestone. As for me I more enjoy poking fun at his age, seeing that it is going to be his 10th reunion next year. On the other hand my own is in 4 years. It's funny how quick time has flown by and how far apart we all have moved. I wonder how many of us will be there in 4 years time, how many of us will be successful, how many of us married, divorced, with kids? I saw in the paper the other day a pair of classmates, married and had a little girl. Many more with ads showing them getting married or engaged and I have to be happy for them. Life is marching along for them, even though there is some days that I think I am still back in high school, sleeping in some dirty hallway, waiting for everyone to arrive, but have a feeling I have arrived too late and everyone is already walked past and going ahead.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a tuesday...

Hello people out there.
I wouldn't be looking up the results of the poll until the end of the week so vote and I think you can chose more than one choice. I will do whatever the poll dictates plus add more polls in the future.
Just a note saying I got a new job, and it seems to be something I can handle. Also I posted part of the next chapter. I am going to cut the chapters up a little so that they can be read quicker and it doesn't go on and on and on. Just remember that they are in reverse order! Have a good night.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ooo ooo oo oh hehehe

Yeah if no one noticed I'm starting to get into really build some stuff into my blog here so I introduce a new feature, POLLS! Lets see if I can get it to work right...

Poll #1
What would you like to see/read more of on this blog?
Animals with items on their heads
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Interesting and intellegent websites
Shorter blogs
Longer blogs
About right but more pictures
Nothing has to change
I don't care, get off the internet!
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