Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Moose is on the loose AND From the Offices of my mental Grralh

Mark Messier is being celebrated in the city over the last few days. Ceremonies are being put up around both Edmonton and St. Albert to honor yet another great hockey superstar. There is even going to be a section of St. Albert Trail going to be renamed in his honor. Now let me see, It goes from St. Albert crossing to Messier drive to St. Albert trail to Grout Road. Ummm I hated that road because of the 17 trillian names it went with before, because the GPS also gives it a street number and a highway number. Also there is a lot of businesses and homes along that road. It's going to cost the people a lot of money during the switchover here as well as a lot of confusion to travellers. But that is what the city wished to do.
A reasonable thing is to name a new road or a bridge that didn't have a collective namesake. There is a new road going to extend up into St. Albert from the Anthony Henday (sp?) Why they couldn't name the part of the road extending past HWY 16 north to St. Albert is beyond me. They could've made it another excuse to bring Messier back into town and sell off a bunch more murchandise as they open the new road bearing his name. Even the radio guy said why not name the high/low level bridge Messier Crossing (I like the name BTW) so that people wouldn't have to change their business cards, mailing addresses, etc. to accomidate the road change. He was even willing to pay for the new name plate that they could screw to the bridge. It makes sence. True it may cause some confusion as people change from one name of the bridge to the other but it wouldn't confuse travellers as much. Many travellers wouldn't care if they are crossing a bridge with one name or another as long as it is the right bridge! Personally I get confused when someone gives me the street road number for Stony Plain Road, or the Whitemud.
But I will give my woot woot to the moose. We the public, who watch hockey, will miss you and thanks for the many great years.

Okay as for my grralh who has sat very patiently on the sidelines as I got my Messier rant out of the way. &^#$@)*&^ #)*&^# GRAWL #*^&% WASBIK *pfft*
Translation: I've been trying to get a new look to the blog and it isn't working. I can't get it look how I want to and it's frustrating on dial up due to the fact that it takes two hours to upload a picture that took me less than half an hour to create with photoshop. *blows raspberry*
Seeing that I might have to download a patch for the blog to make it look how I want to it might take me a few days to repair it, because I can't do that here at work. *soothes the grralh with some manga* In other words I'll be in not a favorable mood with blogger til it is complete, but whenever am I happy with blogger right now since switching to beta?

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