Friday, February 09, 2007

Well it's the Friday before Valentines

I must admit that it is kinda interesting to see where it has gone over the last year. Last year I was going through Real Estate school to be an agent, Ben was semi living at my house and so was my Uncle. Now I am working at a small paper, still living at home, pretty much given up going for Real Estate *sigh*. But to tell truth it is nice to earn 2 paycheques, since I'm working at Island still for a while yet. Yay I'm gonna be outta debt pretty quickly!

And it's gonna be me and Ben's anniversary next Saturday...I'm excited for him. It's only the thrid anniversary, it's not as if it's my longest relationship or anything, but it's his longest and he still gets excited over every little milestone. As for me I more enjoy poking fun at his age, seeing that it is going to be his 10th reunion next year. On the other hand my own is in 4 years. It's funny how quick time has flown by and how far apart we all have moved. I wonder how many of us will be there in 4 years time, how many of us will be successful, how many of us married, divorced, with kids? I saw in the paper the other day a pair of classmates, married and had a little girl. Many more with ads showing them getting married or engaged and I have to be happy for them. Life is marching along for them, even though there is some days that I think I am still back in high school, sleeping in some dirty hallway, waiting for everyone to arrive, but have a feeling I have arrived too late and everyone is already walked past and going ahead.

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Blair said...

Ah! Too kind! Arigato!