Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrity Newspoints Commentary

Okay I haven't been really paying attention to the news as much as I would like to but I have noticed one or two that I have to comment about and the internet makes the perfect shoebox.

1. Anna Nicole: Okay there is celebrities that die of OD often. I really don't blame her for doing drugs. The last few months of her life was nothing but stress and public humiliation. She had a little girl that birthed nothing but controversy and hassle. Personally I wouldn't like to have pictures begraded of myself after giving birth. Everyone probably looks like hell too.
Then her son dies. Probably the most horrific thing to happen to a mother, especially one that was as close as they were. In the mists of this there was fights in the background about the daughter, the reporters flooding and following her around all over the place. It wouldn't surprise me if through all this ANYONE wouldn't resort to something to escape. Then she dies and the people around her cannot leave her alone! Even in death there is fights around her, to even where to bury her, where her child should go. It's all so stupid! And the sad part of the whole thing is if the little girl stays quiet for the rest of her life and doesn;t go and be an actress or model, Anna Nicole will never be mentioned again.

2. Britney Spears: So what! She shaved her head big freaking whoop! Stop shoving her drunken fat face on my screen every time she decides to go out and have a drink or do something that seems silly! Millions of women around the world go out to the bars with their friends and sometimes over do it. No one is making a point of it all. As for shaving her head, I think it makes her look better, and it allows her to have more freedom over her looks. Wigs (in comparision of the money she brings in off her royaltys) is pretty inexpensive and allows her to go from a punky redhead to a long straight burnette in the matter of minutes. And in having long hair myself I thought to shave it all off once or twice, but 1. It would make my hairstylist cry, and 2. I probably have a really dented head with the amount of times I hit it over the years.

3. Prince Harry: The eyes of people have been on you for all your life, you should know better than to do stupid stuff that will get you into trouble. But that isn't why I put him on my list today. It is the military releasing that they are sending him to iraq. Umm. Wow... If I was a terrorist I would know where to find him alone in my country. Why they couldn't say that they were deploying his unit ONLY and not WHERE they were deploying it TO is beyond me. True most of the Kings have been in the military in their lives and known combat, but there is something to state it in your own country a hundred years ago and today. A hundred years ago the ability to spread news was slower and in some cases that was why some major things were able to happen. But in today's world news like that is spread instantly, not only to people who are on the pro parties or the neutral parties but to the against parties as well. To release something like that is potentially dangerous. But maybe I'm talking out of my butt too... I donno.

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