Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a tuesday...

Hello people out there.
I wouldn't be looking up the results of the poll until the end of the week so vote and I think you can chose more than one choice. I will do whatever the poll dictates plus add more polls in the future.
Just a note saying I got a new job, and it seems to be something I can handle. Also I posted part of the next chapter. I am going to cut the chapters up a little so that they can be read quicker and it doesn't go on and on and on. Just remember that they are in reverse order! Have a good night.


Avaelyn said...

Hey, new job? SWEET. What are you doing now?

Kami Akai said...

Yeah just working at a small paper. Still working at the other place but at least I am getting a real paycheque not one that dreams of being big.