Saturday, February 10, 2007

An exciting Friday!

As for those who may not know but I live within driving distance of WEM (west edmonton mall). I was going to dinner when we were driving down one of the ramps and smelt smoke. We thought maybe something got stuck in one of the vents and was burning. No such thing! When we stopped at the stop sign flashing lights and an orange glow took my attention. There under Silver City someone/thing caught fire in the dumpster under the pedway. It's already difficult enough to get a parking spot forget when the security car and fire truck is in the way. There was still a bit of smoke coming out of the dumpster when I clicked this photo. Couldn't get any closer though... Stupid police tape. Pretty exciting for being a normal Friday. Hmmm and Tony Romas had their ribs on sale too... Gives me something to Blog about. Oh and Oilers won last night yay!


Blair said...

hahaha! I know exactly where that is! Burn Silver City! Burn! Your prices are too high!!!

***disclaimer*** All statements to which said writer claims to burn something are clearly fictional and satirical. By reading this you agree to the above disclaimer.

Kami Akai said...

My feelings exactly. They charge way to much to sit in crammed, hard seats to watch a movie that will be out on video in a few months that one could sit in their Lay-Z-Boy and be comfortable.

Oh and the new 52" plasma that they bought by not going to Silver City ^-^