Friday, February 16, 2007

Titles titles rah rah rah titles titles ha ha ha Mmmmn I love titles...

Yep have the Turtles song stuck in my head. But I asked Kim if it would make a good title and she thought so.

You people are evil. I warned you that I was going to do whatever was voted most popular in previous web poll. Therefore get killed by the cuteness whahahaha!

Yeah I haven't read many books and I really am tired so as it will take a bit to load this blog onto the internet (foul dial - up!)
But in stating that I have decided that Fridays will be the up-load date of the story blog, except on long weekends, when I have to lay paper on Fridays, then it shall be on either Thursdays or Tuesdays. So whatever you do DON'T CLICK HERE!

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