Saturday, November 26, 2011

What was that I tripped on? Oh it was the internet!

Eeep! I didn't realize how long it really has been since I last blogged. I guess life has become far too busy to stop, take a coffee and write on my favorite site to express words of blahness.

I have been busy with Random Array and the events that it represents. If you do not know what Random Array is I strongly urge you to search it on Facebook and become a "like". My sister is far marred in it and is trying to keep it growing. Perhaps our advertising will help us in our ever growing expansion. Eventually we might have to take over more than our homes. LOL

Well I have done something dumb again. I have entered myself into NaNoWriMo. That also takes up all my time. If it isn't running around doing conventions or working an average of 11 out of 14 days THAT is taking up my time. This year I am handwriting it so that nightmare will attack me soon. The nightmare of actually physically counting each word that I have written and cursing the world for it all. I have my late NaNo sitting with a friend whom is editting it, but I went to a few publishers and each one of them said the same thing; "We do not print books with only 50,000 words. We need 50% more before we will look at you." Boo.

Anyways I wanted to make sure I made some appearance here because I've been NA for so long. Hopefully I will soon find more time to write something here but all signs point to no. Boo once more.