Monday, August 28, 2006

More Crap to do online

Found where one can chat with 3D avs... It's called IMVU...Pretty funny actually as one can beat up people there..Major stress relief.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

About Weddings...

Well I did survive the wedding that I went to last week. I thought it appropriate that I made a note about it a full week after that way my thoughts and opinions are that of my own and have had the time to be swayed either way.

But I have to say this. That wedding was a complete and utter show.

First off it was a Catholic wedding. (If all Catholic wedding ceremonies are like this I appologize to those who are Catholic at this moment. And appologize that there is no way that I will go through another one.) Well it started off nice, with the classic walking of the bride but not in the lengths that television goes through. All the wedding party was already up by the priest(?) and was waiting for her. No introduction, to envy the other party's dresses, I didn't see a flowergirl nor ring bearer...But there is no real children of that age and maturity right now in either family so I can understand. Then everyone sits down. And the priest reads five verses that the bridge and groom chose and how it partians on how they should live their marriage. Okay fine and dandy...Everyone stands for a song, everyone sits for a speech, everyone stands in prayer, everyone sits, and yet another song by the organist and priest. I must admit that the priest had a wonderful voice, but I really could've shot the organist. She ruined the songs for me. Shill and loud eck. Finally to the classic ceremony with blessing the rings, then the vows (extended version), then blessing and signing of the marriage documents...hehehe I can see it now with me, I'll probably be so nervous that I will spell my name wrong.

So then after all was said and done it was te thanks for coming to the ceremony line. Oh goddess, being in a hot dress and black high heels and combine it with red hair and fine skin made me almost pass out with the heat, since people kept on butting in. Thankfully Ben's cousin (?) ((Way too big of family)) is huge and i stole him for a shade maker...Ben's way too small for the job. Past that I was given the cousin's baby and Ben thought that I looked quite natural. I still could hurt him for that comment. It's not my fault that she likes my sparkly necklace I had on. At least she wasn't like Kim, there was almost no drool! Hehahaha.

And then it was time to burn off...Geez with the other wedding that I was at there was pictures that the family wanted almost everyone that was dressed nice at the wedding in. Here the wedding party took off in the limo and wasn't seen until almost seven at the hotel. Fine it was okay, it made it so that I got to know a little more of Ben's extended family on one side. But after an hour or so it was getting a little long of a wait. The wedding ceremony was at noon and the dinner is at 6. Crap that was a long time. Good thing there was food where we went or I would've been whining for a burger, which would've been all over the front of my dress, I know it.

So to the dinner, which was held in the top suite of the delta inn. Half of the lights were burnt out, which really didn't matter because they were blinking anyways. The view was nice, seeing the city from high up is wonderful. I love that view, no matter which city I am in. If I get the chance to live up on the top floor of some building I would go for it, even if it is one of the small highrises here in Spruce. Living in the country has been nice all of my life, but I like change. Anyways studies say that on average, the bigger city you live in the thinner the population is. But I wonder if that study includes homeless peoples as well, but I have noticed people who are in town are in general thinner than the country counterparts.
Anyways I degress, the meal was okay, unfortunatle there was not much that I liked, oh well salad and roast beef with gravy: yum! AND FOR ONCE a dessert tray that had more than cheesecake. Every single CT christmas party that I have been in has had it so that there was chocolate, strawberry and cheery cheesecake. Hmmm now wouldn't you figure that there might be people at a buffet that don't like cheesecake, but might like the cheaper and easier to make white and chocolate cakes? A little warning to those out there in cyberland, to get foodpoisioning from cheeesecake go to the Grove Motor Inn. I hear that that case of food poisioning was published in a book.

Yeah and I'm bad at guess that tune, our table was one of the last one's to eat...*Sigh*
Anyways the dance went from 9-12...Quite a rip but most of her family was gone anyways so what the difference anyways right?

Anyways at the end of the day it cost $30,000. I can think of a lot better uses for that amount of money, no matter how much I have in the pocketbook.

Friday, August 25, 2006


After such a long absence I finally had put Chapter three on the blog. I keep on losing that darned notebook and with everything going on at the same time it seems like I never get any time to put new stories and such online.

As for work why on earth will no one pick up theoir stuff?!?? I have done three typing and design jobs for people this week and they needed it priority one and yet still the proofs go and sit so long on my desk, sooner or later my boss is going to go nuts and complain that it looks like a tornato hit it. Well in fact that it is only like five orders sitting with their printable counterparts as well as the toners to send out. But how can I complain? Without the typing jobs there will be no work to do. With the store going into a slow and ugly death there really isn't much keeping me between a pink slip. I was hoping against hope that people would start to actually go and start giving this store a fighting chance but it seems like the work here is needed but people are not buying. Smitty's here is now closed at 4pm. Why? Lack of staff. There is more and more stores going in but there is less and less staff to run these stores and with the housing market going nuts there is few that can afford to work at some of these places for just above minimum wage. Mom hates it that I haven't found a better job, she isn't one to complain she isn't making much better than myself. Honestly if I could take the heat I would be out there in the construction trade and making the 18.00 an hour or more.

Still owners are still having to put in their time into their stores. Good to see that they are no longer hiding in the back corners as much piling the paperwork so high that they say that they are too busy to assist people. Too bad the cost of living is not going down with all this prosperity.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Dancing all alone

It has been a long time since I blogged. I was a perverbial blog-a-holic. Perhaps I will go back to my blogging again when I have the time.

But today has been a bad day.
I am forced into going to a wedding tomarrow. That blows. For one it is someone that I do not know. Two this will make people wonder when Ben and I are going to get married, and we are going through a rough time, which it is questionable if we are EVER going to get married. Three everything that I was looking for has mysteriously disappeared. For instance; my promise ring, specially bought bra straps, tuxedo coat, earrings...I have my make-up, necklace, and dress. Unfortunatly the coat that was made for the dress is too small (I don't think it ever really fit me it is almost too small for kim)
Also last night I couldn't sleep so I did down my nails and now they are cracking and tearing. Good thing I didn't paint them or I would be trying to touch them up tonight. But I might have to paint my nails anyways cause they are now spotty and such...Yuck. I like the top part white and the lower pink. I just hate painting or doing anything with them due to the fact that it just weakens the nail and that I have to do something to them, rather than letting them grow cause if I haven't mentioned it anywhere else I AM LAZY!!!!
The other fact that I couldn't sleep is that I'm nervous about going to this wedding. Ben goes, "We just love our family get togethers" meanwhile his girlfriend is going I want to go home and I haven't even got there yet. I have gone to the yearly family get togethers at Christmas time and with so many people there I wanted to crawl underr the table and hide in a dark corner away from everyone. I know that it is kind've childish to go and do such a thing but that is my way. I don't handle people well. I guess that might be one of the reasons that I don't want to marry Ben. There is too much family at once and not enough of it in between. It isn't like there is a big family dinner every weekend nor a immediate family dinner every night. What is the point of having this types of things when the family is close and it seems like it is too much work for one to visit Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents when they are only less than an hour away?
Perhaps that's just me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Google Searchs

I have noticed how much of a pain in the ass it is anymore to find anything on the internet these days without a pay - to - use site blocking your way to find what you want. Latly I have been trying to find some emulators to download due to the falling amount of money I have due to fuel. Anyways it seems like no matter where you turn there was sites who wanted up to $50 to download a game that doesn't cost that much on the original platform, that I am not forced to play in a terrible computer screen. Finally after much hosing and searching I finally found what I was looking for and some more. It seems as if Nintendo is screwing over the public once more with the protecting and sueing of people who put out copies of their mario games, even though they are expired, and almost impossible to get anymore. For example; Mario brothers 3. Originally made for the NES, was placed under the protection thingy due to the fact that it was released in the GBA platform. However once you go looking for the game in the real world they are asking for more than $45 for the damned thing that they figured that people whould really enjoy it on a 2" screen. Bah. Now that I finally broke down and let Bennett buy a gamecube (even though I thought of buying it after paying off the credit card bill) I find out that those butt wipes of nintendo has discontinued the gameboy pplayer adaption so that one can play the gameboy games on screen to make room for their new hardware. Unless that new hardware features the fact that you can play gameboy games on the television screen why on gamers green earth would they discontinue such an item on a console that is still on the market? (Ever seen the gamecube games? They are small)
I am sick and tired of seeing things I want and they never come to fruit. Like the revolution. Some say that it is the wii, others say they discontinued it before it came out due to lack of interest. I'm not sure which is true but I have something to say for both. 1. Renamed to wii: Nintendo already spent huge mony in advertising of the revolution. Why would they change the name to wii? Already I have seen the wii controller and the revolution controller, they do not look even remotly the same. 2. Disinterest from the public: There is millions upon millions of old nintendo games without a platform to be played upon due to hardware crashes accidents and other things that life sends our ways. Many of us would still buy the old nintendo cartridges if there was something that we could play these pieces of nastalgia. Personally I am still looking for consoles and will forever be on the hunt, for there are games out there that I would love to play. The revolution sounded like the cheapest and most easiest way for that to happen, also would allow nintendo to produce some of their older cartridge games once more and they would be brand new to the new generation of gamers. I gave Kim a emulated version of Mario Kart and she played for hours, since it was a new game for her, never seen before. It would make the company more than enough money without producing any r&d into their games. History was the R&D! True one has to minus the already game sales but some of those who were produced has crashed and therefore not usable and if people bought them then and played them until they died due to wear I think they might buy them again, wouldn't you?

Either way I am still waiting and watching. I saw a brand new NES system never out of the box with the gray gun at the Otafest last year. Maybe sometime soon I might be able to get my hands on the things I want and then I would have to have a house with a custom game room that will have enough power so that I don't blow breakers, switch power cords or anything like that to run my multiple vcrs, betas, nintendos, n64s, gamecube, television, stereo equipment, dvd players, dvd burner, ps, ps2s....Yes there is multiples of the ones with s's behind them....So sue me I like stuff, and I'm a good shopper so most of the stuff came to me almost or free...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More things...

I hate mice on the loose. I think they are so cute, especially when they are small and are sitting around chewing on something, but they like to chew and squeek at you in the middle of the night. I have one ccocky mouse (I hate cocky mice) who has effectivly evaded all the traps so far. I woke up the other night to find him SITTING on the ultrasound mouse shooer thing a ma gig....ummm yeah. So the proceeding was me chasing the poor thing all around with one of the old small fish tanks trying not to squish the stupid thing... Also it has set off three of the stick traps and ate all the peanut butter. I think this one is a NIMH mouse. Either than that it's luckier than it's other dead counterparts.

Why am I writing about mice that has done their yearly invasion of my home? Because unlike every year, I got this god damned cocky mouse. And two cats that have no interest in killing it. Even though one is making my mom pissed off at it due to the fact that it kills all the birds that come to the feeders, save for the hummingbirds.

Also I'm running on about three hours of sleep a night and I'm burnt. I'm going to get that damned mouse or die trying! LOL