Friday, August 25, 2006


After such a long absence I finally had put Chapter three on the blog. I keep on losing that darned notebook and with everything going on at the same time it seems like I never get any time to put new stories and such online.

As for work why on earth will no one pick up theoir stuff?!?? I have done three typing and design jobs for people this week and they needed it priority one and yet still the proofs go and sit so long on my desk, sooner or later my boss is going to go nuts and complain that it looks like a tornato hit it. Well in fact that it is only like five orders sitting with their printable counterparts as well as the toners to send out. But how can I complain? Without the typing jobs there will be no work to do. With the store going into a slow and ugly death there really isn't much keeping me between a pink slip. I was hoping against hope that people would start to actually go and start giving this store a fighting chance but it seems like the work here is needed but people are not buying. Smitty's here is now closed at 4pm. Why? Lack of staff. There is more and more stores going in but there is less and less staff to run these stores and with the housing market going nuts there is few that can afford to work at some of these places for just above minimum wage. Mom hates it that I haven't found a better job, she isn't one to complain she isn't making much better than myself. Honestly if I could take the heat I would be out there in the construction trade and making the 18.00 an hour or more.

Still owners are still having to put in their time into their stores. Good to see that they are no longer hiding in the back corners as much piling the paperwork so high that they say that they are too busy to assist people. Too bad the cost of living is not going down with all this prosperity.

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